Subject : Warrior Gigantic Enhanced Warrior Guyver UnitCode Name : ANDROMEDA

Host Name : Fiona O’Conner

Sex : Female

Hair : Blonde

Eyes : Blue

Age : 24

Height of Host Unit : 207 cm (~6.8 Feet)

Height as Andromeda : 355 cm (~11.65 Feet)

Weight of Host Unit : 328 kg (~723 Pounds)

Weight as Andromeda : 1591 kg (~1.75 Tons)

Previous Status : Declared enemy of Chronos, and agent of the ACTF

Present Status : Declared enemy of Chronos, rogue former agent of the ACTF

Description: Subject is from an alternate reality where it was Jason O’Conner and not his fiancée Fiona that died on their wedding day. After encountering our reality’s Warrior Guyver, subject acquired that reality’s counterpart to the prototype Warrior Class Unit. Both then proceeded to eliminate the zoalords of Chronos from that world before our Warrior Guyver convinced her to come back with him to this world. Now married to this world’s Jason O’Conner, the subject fights along side him as the Female Warrior Guyver, helping to assure that Chronos would never achieve the level of world domination that they had achieved in her world.The Female Warrior Guyver has also demonstrated the ability to merge with the Warrior Gigantic Unit to transform herself into a powerhouse code named ANDROMEDA, though lacking any Matrix enhancements the subject’s power and abilities are still significantly enhanced by the Warrior Gigantic Unit. Though it is unknown how often she will manifest this form since the Warrior Gigantic Unit is primarily used by the now Matrix Enhanced Warrior Guyver to become the being code named DREADNOUGHT.
Special Note: Jason O’Conner has gone rogue, details of incident are classified, and is no longer an agent of ACTF. However, he is still a declared enemy of Chronos and may still assist ACTF forces when our goals are the same. This subject who is married to Jason O’Conner may also offer assistance to our forces but due to the huge power levels of her husband should only be an option worth consideration if there is a great need.
Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: The Warrior Gigantic Unit increases host Unit strength to ~1,200 men.

-Triple HSL Power System: The Warrior Gigantic Unit adds two additional HSL power systems to the host’s, granting the subject with a total of three separate HSL power systems. The three systems work together to enhance host Bio Boost to far greater than normal levels and is only limited by host/unit tolerance levels. Granting subject with virtually unlimited stamina.

-Durability: The Warrior Gigantic Unit significantly increases armor durability and body shield strength to the point the subject can withstand anything up to a 1 kiloton blast with no additional shielding, and even if damaged subject can Regenerate at a rate of 30 to 50, depending on how HSL energy is being channeled, times normal for a Guyver. While activating the blast field and a Gigantic’s omni-directional shields allows the subject to withstand up to a 6 kiloton blast. The subject can also focus all her shield energy and gravitational power into a directed shield, via subject’s Power Wave ability, that can withstand anything up to a 12 kiloton scale attack. Though use of the Gravity Shield can rapidly allow the subject to withstand even megaton scale attacks.  

-Speed: Running=0- 2,250 MPH and Flying=0-12,000 MPH with a max. of ~15,000 with units’ back thrusters. Reflex speed is 120 to 600 times normal. In space, the subject can use her gravity shield to allow her to travel at faster than light speeds by creating wormholes or warping space-time for short speed bursts of up to several times the speed of light. Though that later ability is rarely used since the subject can usually just teleport any long distance but it can be used in situations in which teleporting is not an option such as to get beyond the range of a teleport block.

-Teleportion: Subject has the standard ability to perform hyper space jumps that both the Warrior and Gigantic class Guyvers possess. Additionally the use of the Gravity Shield allows for the creation of worm holes.

-Gravity Shield: The Subject’s Ultimate ability has been further enhanced by the Warrior Gigantic’s enhancement and additional gravity control orbs, which all together grants her five times the normal level of gravitational energy generation. Thus making this ability all that more effective.

-Infrared Beam Orbs: These powerful Infrared Laser weapons can generate a beam with up to 50 times the power of a normal Guyvers head beam. Subject has three of these orbs, one in place of the normal Guyver head beam orb and two smaller orbs on either side of subjects Control Medal that have half the power of the main orb. Subject can also channel additional power from unit’s power wave attack to boost the orbs power output for a combined fire power equivalent to a single Mega Smasher level beam attack. Though use of the Power Wave is more efficient when used directly but this method allows for pin point fire concentration for sniping opponents.

-Gravity Control Orbs: Subject has 3, each 20 times more powerful than a normal Guyver’s. This allows subject to fire pressure cannons up to 60 times the power of a normal Guyver’s. The Unit’s total power can also be combined to produce a single massive pressure cannon with up to 100 times the power of a normal Guyver’s. Additionally, the unit can combine its gravitational energy with its bio-energy, allowing subject to double the power of it’s attacks. The Warrior Gigantic also grants the subject increased control which combined with the subject’s gravity shield allows the subject to create a zoalord type black hole attack as well as gravity bullets.

-Hyper Smashers: Similar to standard Gigantic Hyper Smashers, but can produce a blast with up to 4 times the power of a normal Gigantic’s Hyper Smashers and can be maintained for a full ten seconds. The radius of the beam is the same as a normal Gigantic Guyver’s, giving it a much greater range and penetrating power than its power alone would normally provide. When combined with the energy focusing power of subject’s power wave attack, the energy output of these weapons increase to 5 times the power of a Gigantic Guyver’s Hyper Smashers.

-Power Wave: Subject can channel the total power of her gravitational, energy shields, bio-energy, and blast field power into a directed blast that can be either fired two handedly, at two different targets, delivering up to the destructive power of a normal Gigantic’s Hyper Smashers to each target, or into a single beam equal to twice that destructive power. This attack can also be used to temporarily super boost the subject’s Hyper Smashers to six times the power of a Gigantic’s Hyper Smashers. The only downside to this ability is that it draws its power from the subject’s defensive systems and so makes subject more vulnerable to attacks when used.

-Power Punch: The Warrior Gigantic grants the subject the ability to throw a power punch similar to a normal Gigantic’s but rate of acceleration is up to 100 G’s and subject can channel immense power into a single punch with the equivalent destructive power of a Gigantic’s full double Hyper Smash and can throw two at a time for double the effect.

-Power Wave Punch: Subject’s Power Punch is enhanced by additional energy from the Power Wave to produce up to a single 4 to 5 kiloton blow.

-Hyper Swords: Subject has two pairs of elbow and forearm vibrational swords, composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at the users will, which have superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other known vibrational weapon. Additionally, these weapons benefit from subject’s rapid adaptability and energy channeling ability. Swords can thus counter even the more powerful plasma swords of super beings such as the W’Kar and/or to help subject to penetrate a target’s defenses. Also, like other Gigantics, subject can extend swords into tendril like whips for long range attacks of up to a hundred feet. Additionally, aside from the normal upper chest vibrational spike, the subject also has additional vibrational sword located in the lower chest area, as well as two additional pairs located above and below the knee area.

-Hyper Sonic Busters: Subject’s sound weapon emitters have a 5 to 160 degree radius of attack, covering the full spectrum of sound, and can produce a white sound blast 12 times more powerful than a normal Guyver’s. Allowing Subject to easily kill anything up to a hyper class zoanoid. The subject can also augment this weapon with energy from the power wave to produce plasma energy pulses for either additional destructive power or for use in the vacuum of space in which sonic weapons would normally not work.

-Hyper Sensors: The Warrior Gigantic grants the subject with three additional sensory orbs which combined with the others increases the subject’s range to around ~2.5 kilometers (~1.5 Miles). This combined with an advance multi-sensory HUD type system, the Control Medal’s A.I. capacity, and overall enhancements of all of the subjects’ natural senses, with Creator like telepathy added, allows subject to have an extremely high level of awareness of her environment. 

-Control Medal: In her Gigantic form, subject’s control medal is a larger, 3 layered, version of her normal Warrior Unit Control Medal. Each layer is composed of 4 partial C-Units that have been combined to produce a more powerful parallel processing Unit. Granting the subject greatly enhanced power since the unit can more efficiently handle higher than normal power levels. Additionally the Warrior CM technology allows the subject to work in unison with other Warrior Guyvers to form an extremely efficient fighting force. 

-Stealth Systems: Unit can turn invisible or appear to be just about anything, like a chameleon, with an advance cloaking system integrated with Unit’s Body Shield system. Unit can also project immaterial holograms but the Warrior Gigantic can enhance this ability to produce solid holograms through the careful manipulation of the power wave, though the range of the solid holograms are limited to about a hundred meters from subject, and can make at least solid hologram about as powerful as a standard Guyver. The Unit’s ability to enter Hyper space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle, even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized, is also integrated into the Unit stealth system to prevent its detection until host is ready for combat once again. 

-Psionics: Subject possesses limited Creator like telepathy that allows the subject to communicate with beings she would not otherwise understand. The power of the Warrior Gigantic also grants the subject limited telekinetic ability, though this is primarily due to the careful manipulation of the power wave ability and thus not entirely psionic in nature.

-Other abilities: Subject has a strong psychic link with her husband that allows each of them to sense the physical state of the other even if normal telepathic communication is being blocked.

Subject’s Normal Armored Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.