This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

TitleDark Tides: Part 3
AuthorAndre Harmon

In an isolated district of Beijing China,

Syn and Lynn casually walked into the town that Zeus had brought them to, quickly noticing that this town seemed to be doing pretty well. Something that they found strange as there were a lot of people in this town, where others they had recently passed through had been either deserted or captured by Chronos. This caused them to both wonder if they where in a Chronos free zone. A thought that made them both smile as they watched some of the towns children at play, but they knew they had to be careful and cautiously watched the townspeople as the two made their way to a restaurant and found a free table, they both ordered some food and waited for it to come. The restaurant wasn’t busy and it had a nice atmosphere to it.

“So Syn, how do we go about finding your old group?” Lynn asks her as he sipped at his hot tea, the waitress had just brought to their table.

“I don’t know, they were very good at hiding themselves, but I think I may know how to find them.” She said with a smile.

Lynn just nodded his head as a group of people walked into the restaurant, they took a table a bit towards the back of the restaurant, Syn looked them over as they entered and thought she recognized one of them but she wasn’t sure. A waitress walked to the groups table and took their orders. The waitress quickly finished up their orders and left the groups table. Lynn then followed Syn’s gaze to the table where the big groups table was, then he looked back to Syn a bit puzzled.

He leans close to Syn, “I take it you know those people?” he asked her as she turned back to face him. She simply, slightly, nodded her head once in acknowledgment, at the same time their food was placed on table. The two started to eat and were done about fifteen minutes later. Syn paid the waitress and the two left out of the restaurant. But just as they were leaving, one of the men at the other table quickly turned and watched them intently as they left. He then quickly went to the rest room and took out a cell phone.

“Hey I think we just found her, not sure but I will have a few of our people keep their eyes on her and a guy that she is with.” The man finished and hung up his phone, he walks out of the bathroom and back over to where the other group of people were, he sat down and they all look to him. One of the women in the group leans forward.

“So what’s up Gorman, do we got a job or what?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I think we do, I want you and Shyann to tail those two that just left out of here. I’m not sure yet but I think that woman looked like Syn.” Gorman told them, everyone at that table went quiet.

“What the hell, I thought she was captured and killed by Chronos, her and Mei Lynn both?” Mai asked. Gorman just shook his head and looked to the group.

“You don’t get it do you, Syn and Mei Lynn were the best in our organization, they always completed their missions to the letter and then some. They were the two most deadliest agents we ever had. If there was a way to survive, one or both of them would have found it. Now that lady reminded me of Syn, that’s why I want you and Shara to follow them and keep me posted on what you find. Now move.” He told her and Shara. The two women bowed their heads slightly and left the table.

The two women then rushed out of the restaurant but after a quick survey of the area, realized that they had already lost their quarry and decided to head back to base and started to walk down the street, but what they didn’t know was that they were being watched. Syn and Lynn were in a nearby alleyway, they watched as the two women walked down the street, and went across another, going to another alley. Syn gestured for Lynn to follow her, obviously she knew what she was doing. The two followed the two women until the two women came to a dumpster at a dead end in the alley. Syn and Lynn quickly hid in the shadows as the two women looked around cautiously but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Assured that they where not being observed, Shara then pulled a lever, hidden behind a brick in a wall, and the dumpster moved out from the wall. Mai then pulled up a now revealed sewer cover, hidden behind the dumpster, from the ground. Syn watched the two women, but when Lynn tried to move a bit closer he accidentally kicked a can and it hit the corner of the dumpster. Mai and Shara both turned around and looked out the alleyway, Syn shook her head and walked out so that the two women could see her, Lynn did as well.

“What the fuck, how the hell you find us?” Shara asked, as she quickly took up a defensive stance.

“Well if you followed protocol you would have made sure you weren’t being followed, secondly you two seem new at your job.” Syn smirked.

Mai studied the female and male, she then pulled out two ten millimeter pistols, “Well then you must know, if found, we fight our way out.” Mai commented. Shara pulled out her gun as well.

“Hold on, we don’t wish to fight you!” Lynn hollered out, but it was too late. Syn was already on both the females, she kicked the guns out of both women hands and then she did an elbow strike to Shara’s chest, followed up by a back hand strike to Mai’s face. Both the women fell to the ground and at the same time Syn picked up two of the guns and held them on the two women. The ladies laid there stunned and Lynn ran up to Syn.

“Put the guns down, we don’t need this, not right now.” He told her.

“I will after I get what I need.” She tells him. Syn looked at the two women, “Now you will tell me what I need to know.” She told them. Mai looked at Syn defiantly, but Shara nodded her head slowly.

“Good, take me to your base of operations now, and don’t try any of that delay your pursuer crap, I know that technique pretty well.”

The two women then stood up and pulled up the sewer manhole, they all went down it and covered up the hole again. Shara then pulled a lever by the ladder that moved the dumpster back into place. They then walked down a few corridors and climbed down a few ladders here and there. Mai was leading the group and she didn’t like this one bit.

“So who are you and how do you know our protocols?” Mai asked Syn. Syn smiled and didn’t say anything, this pissed Mai off, Lynn was behind Shara and she didn’t like this either but there was nothing they could do, they didn’t even see Syn move when she attacked them, this played at Shara’s mind for a bit.

“How the hell were you able to get the drop on us, there was no way you could have gotten to us from the distance you were at.” She stated.

Syn didn’t say anything, nor did Lynn, this made Shara feel really uncomfortable, they walked down another corridor, but this one was different from the others. It was really dim, Mai knew where she was going and knew that if she didn’t try something soon that the location of their base would be jeopardized. Mai stepped forward and then suddenly back kicked Syn in the stomach, but to Mai’s dismay Syn easily caught her foot and pushed Mai forward, sending her crashing to the floor.

“Try that again bitch and I will kill you. Look we don’t have much time before Chronos tries to attack again, okay. I need to speak with Anwynn as soon as possible.” Syn says to Mai.

Mai, a bit shocked at this lady knowing who Anwynn was, “How do you know that name?” Mai asked then remembered that Gorman said he recognized her, “Syn?” she asks.

“Who told you my name?” she asked stepping forward, “I don’t know who you are and from your lack of skill you must have just recently joined.” Syn says to her.

“Yeah, we did.” She glances nervously at Shara, “We both joined four months ago, and Gorman was the one….” She was cut off.

“GORMAN!?” Syn hollers. “Where the fuck is he!?!” she shouts at Mai.

“He’s back at that restaurant.” She tells them, too nervous to even think of a lie, but at the same time a door opens up on both sides of them, Syn gets in a fighting stance, and so does Lynn. Five men on each side of the group had M-16’s drawn on Syn and Lynn.

“Sergeant, we got a call from Gorman that you might have been followed.” One of the guards said to her.

“Yes we were, thanks for getting here quick, but next time be faster.” Mai says, then turns around and faces Syn, “Well, looks like we have some Chronos spies. Private take her and her friend here to lock up, I will be there shortly.” She says smiling. A soldier walked up and grabbed Syn by her arm, and before she could attack.

“No Syn, not now, this isn’t yet the time.” Lynn tells her, just before one of the soldiers used the back of his riffle and hit Lynn on the back of the head, knocking him out, Syn saw this and was about to attack but she too was hit on the back of the head. Though this had little effect on her, she knew that Lynn was right and let herself fall to the ground, pretending to be knocked out, but their captors didn’t know she was playing possum. She needed to discover what was going on, she knew Gorman was the one who sent her, and Mei Ling, out on that mission, but there had to be much more behind that.

The soldiers then picked up both Lynn and Syn and took them into the base. After about an hour, Syn detected Lynn’s heartbeat increasing and pretended to wake up as he came to. Lynn looked around, there was only one cot in their cell, a toilet and some metal bars. Lynn stood up and looked over to Syn. She looked like she was okay and seemed to be deciding her next move. Lynn stood up and walked over to the bars, he touch them, they were cold and smooth. There were two guards standing out in front of their cell, one of the guards happened to turn around and see Lynn, the guard had tapped his partner on the shoulder and pointed at Lynn, they walked over and looked at him and Syn.

“So you fucking Chronos bastards tried to take our two girls hostage huh.” One of them spoke.

“No we….” Lynn was cut off, one of the guards had pushed him from the bars. The guards started to laugh. Syn jumped up but Lynn grabbed her. “This will not work, we need to talk with their superior.” He tells her. Syn nods and they both sit down.

After sitting in their cell for a couple hours, a man came down and opened the cell. Syn recognized the man, he was the one at the restaurant. He looked at the two, “So we finally meet again agent Syn.” He says to her with a smile.

“Fuck you, why are we locked up and where is my Commander?” she asked.

“We don’t know, we think she was captured. She may have been taken to a small Chronos base about 16 kilometers from here. Assuming she was captured, we sent a group to try to get her back but that failed.” Gorman told her.

“Well, where is this Chronos base? Me, and my friend here, will go find her, it’s important for me to talk to her.” She said, knowing full well that Gorman was lying, but she wanted to know which one of his scapegoats got captured.

“Follow me.” He told the two.

Syn and Lynn stood up and walked out of the cell, they followed Gorman down a hall and to a command center that is the size of a small military base. There were computers everywhere, there were people shuffling around all around the place. An older man with some grey hair, he wears a white scientist lab coat, rushes up to Gorman.

“We got them, and they are like nothing we have ever seen before.” The scientist says excitedly. Lynn looked to the man curiously as to what he was talking about.

“Good, continue your testing on them and give me a full report on all your findings, then we will go to phase 3 of our plan.” Gorman said to the scientist.

“What is he talking about Gorman?” Syn asked as the scientist quickly ran out of the command center.

“Well, we just recently acquired some new type of weapons, and after we study them we will see what they can do.” Gorman said to her.

Lynn looks to Gorman and his expression turns to that of upset, he sensed what was there, but he changed the subject so as to not to draw attention to himself.

“So where is this Anwynn lady at? So we can get her back and so Syn can talk to her.”

Gorman didn’t like Lynn or Syn but sending them out on this mission would buy him time to find out what those units could do and after finding that out, he could start devising a plan to destroy Chronos and take over China with him as the ruler. He walks over to a computer and punches up a map grid, he quickly clicks on an area on the outskirts of the city, as he does, he points out a structure located about 16 kilometers from there present location.

“As best as we can tell, she is being kept there!” Gorman states to them.

Syn eyes it for a moment, then the map changes, the structure that came up changes to red, identifying that it is an enemy.

“Ok, this is where the small Chronos base is. Anwynn may or may not be there, but it is very important that we get her out of there if she is there. I don’t want her to become a zoanoid, because if she does, everything we have been doing would be compromised.” He says to them.

Syn and Lynn nod their heads. Gorman then turns around to them, “Okay, I will have Mai escort you two there, you will be able to get there through the sewers. She will lead you up to the outskirts of the Chronos base and then stay there until you come back. You have until midnight to complete this mission.” he says to them both.

A few minutes later and Mai, Syn and Lynn were walking through the sewers, traversing the labyrinth of corridors and conduits that led to their destination. They soon reached the area where they were supposed to be. Syn and Lynn both climbed out of the sewers, the two looked around and saw that they were behind a huge rock. Syn peered around the rock and saw a medium sized warehouse, there were three Chronos guards standing near the front door, but that was all she saw. Lynn looked to Mai as she was about to leave.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be staying nearby, where are you going?” He questioned her in a whisper. But instead of an answer Mai just smiled, and put the manhole cover back over the hole and she went back to base. Lynn turned to Syn, who just shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

“Fuck them, they’re up to something, but first lets lay waste to this base, then we will deal with them.” Syn said to Lynn.

“Yes, I agree, but that Gorman fellow was lying, I will tell you the rest after we finish this.” He said to her. Syn nodded her head and they both were getting ready for their attack.

Washington D.C.

Sai sat in the training area, meditating, for almost an hour. He sat contemplating about all the things that have been going on. Chronos has now started to renew their fight, Alkanphel has become a Guyver like being and he has many zoanoids, new ones even, of great power. He knew that they all needed to become better fighters in the shortest amount of time. After about an hour of meditating, Stephen walked in alone. He stood at the door for a few moments, until Sai felt the presence of someone enter and he stood up and turned around. He wasn’t surprised to see Stephen, Sai remained calm. Stephen walked up to Sai and the two stood facing each other in silence.

“We must have one more fight Sai, this fight will end our feud against each other and your sister. I know what I’ve done and how I mistreated you, but this fight will end that. Do you understand?” Stephen says to Sai.

“Yes, this fight will end all feuding, this is an honorable way to do this, but we mustn’t fight here, I say we go to Area 51 and battle there, we mustn’t stay away too long though, because of what has been happening, we must be back to help the others.” Sai replied.

“Well, currently your sister and the others are all with Faye and keeping an eye out on her. So if we’re going to do this, it must be now.”

The two looked around for a moment, so to make sure there was no one watching them, they then called upon their armors and WG2 teleported them off to Area 51.

Washington D.C ACTF Base

Without knowing that Sai and Stephen had left the base, General Carter had called for Dr. Redmond and Dr. Drake. The three had been talking about the last couple of fights, dealing with the Mercenary Guyvers. They had been causing a lot of problems for Chronos, which had started an increase in aggression between the ACTF and Chronos that they were not yet ready for but after Jason’s death at the hands of the now almost Guyver like Alkanphel, there wasn’t much they could do about it. They had to get ready and soon, but for right now they were going over all the resources they had. General Carter was not too pleased but there wasn’t much they could do, it just meant that the Guyvers will have to do more fighting. Dr. Drake had pulled up records of all the Guyvers and told the General that they still needed more info on both the Nova Guyvers, because their information is still incomplete. The General understood this but now wasn’t the time, he went to a comm system.

“Jenny, Faye, and Keilynn, please come to my office, ASAP.”, he says and within a few minutes the three women had walked into his office.

“Yes sir, you called for us.” Jenny states.

The General nodded his head and gestured for them to step in front of his desk, the women stepped forward and stood silent, wondering why they were called, they knew that the Mercenary Guyvers have been causing problems but they didn’t know what the General wanted to do about them.

“Well, I really wanted to ask Keilynn about a few things before we start up on what I need from you three.” The general said.

“Yes general?”

“What can you tell me of the status of Chronos in China at this moment?”

“Well, from what my brother and I can gather, once we destroyed Chronos China, we thought we defeated them as a whole, but for some reason we still kept on encountering zoanoids. That’s when we figured there had to be another base. So far, since being here, we haven’t had the chance to find out where it is. But we will find out once we hear from one of our friends.” She smiles at the General. He looked at her sternly.

“Who is this friend?” he asked, “Can they be trusted?” he questions her again.

Now this had Keilynn narrow her eyes at the General, “Yes, she helped us destroy that damn Chronos base. Anything else you want to know?” she snaps at him. The General stands up.

“Don’t get that tone of voice with me, I’m only trying to make sure we have no more leaks on our hands.”, he is quickly cut off by Keilynn who gets up in his face.

“Well this isn’t the only time you questioned me or my brother, we did your dirty work in Texas, now you question our friends.”, she growls. Jenny moves to Keilynn’s side and rests her hand on her shoulder. Jenny gently moved Keilynn back, but she wasn’t backing down. “I won’t tell you her name, but don’t go looking for her because she will only talk to my brother and I.” She finishes.

“Fine then.” The General sits down, and shakes his head. The trio then leaves, as they do, Dr. Redmond waited then looked to the General, who was now deep in thought. “Your thinking about who Keilynn and Sai’s friend is, who helped them destroy that base aren’t you?” he asks. The general just nodded his head and leaned back in his chair.

“I want to find out who this so called friend is, but first we have to wait, I don’t want either of the twins knowing I’m going to send someone there. But now is not the right time.”

Area 51

Deep in the new reinforced training area that Dr. Redmond and Dr. Drake created for the ACTF Guyvers training. Nova Blaze and Warrior Guyver 2 both stared each other up and down, measuring each other up, while the chamber powered up it shields to protect it from any stray blasts. This was one of the few places the Guyvers could really let loose with their power and not worry about damaging the base. <“Well mostly.”> thought the Warrior Guyver 2 but he wasn’t going to hold back this time, this time is for keeps. Nova Blaze has seen Warrior Guyver 2 fight and knows what he must do. Warrior Guyver 2 then starts the battle with a quick but powerful pressure cannon blast that Nova Blaze barely dodged. The two then charged in at each other. Warrior Guyver 2 threw a punch at Nova Blaze’s Control Medal, but Nova Blaze quickly blocked the attack and he stepped inward just a bit, he then countered with an elbow jab to Warrior Guyver 2’s chest, which was blocked but he instantly followed up by focusing his gravitational power and slammed into his opponent with a quick double knee blow to Warrior Guyver 2’s chest, forcing him back. Warrior Guyver 2 remembered his last fight with Nova Blaze and knew he had to keep him at a distance, so he quickly switched tactics and fired a volley of Pressure Cannon Blasts but Nova Blaze focused his gravity power into his hands and created a Pressure Cannon shield that barely blocked the blasts, as the force of the impacts knocked Nova Blaze back a few feet. He then focused his energy and blurred out of view, as he used a burst of super speed to come up behind Warrior Guyver 2, who had already extended his vibrational swords, he turned and quickly swung them at Nova Blaze, who in turn quickly ducked under them and did a one handed thrust kick, utilizing his gravity controller on his waist to keep himself balanced as he delivered the powerful blow. Warrior Guyver 2 didn’t expect this and was kicked high into the air. Stunned by Nova Blaze’s attack, but he quickly got control of himself and blocked a hard kick that was aimed for his head by Nova Blaze, who rolled with the block and flipped over him and then focused his power to give him a burst of super speed as he started to pummel Warrior Guyver 2, kicking and punching so quickly that only whip like sonic booms noted their passing. After a few second of this, Nova Blaze quickly refocused his energy and fire a powerful plasma/pressure cannon blast that slammed into Warrior Guyver 2’s body shield, which absorbed the attack but still sent him flying backwards, flipping head over heals towards the other end of the chamber. Nova Blaze then used a quick burst of super speed to shoot past Warrior Guyver 2 and came up behind him as he was preparing to deliver his next attack when Warrior Guyver 2, using his CPM’s to give himself a burst of super speed, turned around with a back hand strike to Nova Blaze’s head, knocking him back before he could react, he then quickly advanced on Nova Blaze and did a front side kick that was blocked at the last instant by Nova Blaze, who then spun around and spin kicked Warrior Guyver 2 in the side of his head. Sending him spinning, but he quickly activated his gravity control orb and flew back as he started firing head laser shots at Nova Blaze, having no intention to let his opponent get the upper hand again but to his surprise, Nova Blaze was dodging each attack with quick bursts of super speed. Warrior Guyver 2 was surprised to see how well Nova Blaze was doing, but decided to turn up the heat as he then started to use all of his lasers on Nova Blaze and started to score a few hits but the Nova Guyvers natural resistance to heat prevented any of the hits from doing any real damage. Nova Blaze then got within a few feet of the Warrior Guyver 2 and did a double axe kick, catching Warrior Guyver 2 in the face again, but he quickly flew back and started charging up a Cyclone attack, which he quickly fired.

“Dodge this!” yelled Warrior Guyver 2 but Nova Blaze didn’t back down, despite the fact he was already feeling the strain of the battle on his energy reserves, he did not even hesitate as he quickly powered up his own plasma/pressure cannon attack, simultaneously activating his fiery blast field and focused its power into his attack. Countering the Warrior Guyver 2’s Cyclone blast beam just a split second before it would have hit him. The two then battled each others raw firepower, though Warrior Guyver 2 knew his beam was stronger and that it was slowly overwhelming Nova Blaze’s, but Nova Blaze wasn’t going to give up, he started taking power from his shoulder pulsar cannon and focused them into his beam, which was already boosted by his fiery blast field and started to make it hotter and more intense as he focused all the power at his command into the beam, Warrior Guyver 2 now put everything he had into his Cyclone blasts, but as he did so, the power from Nova Blaze’s plasma/pressure beam blast attack started to grow hotter and hotter with each second. The two were now in deadlock and they knew they had to finish the fight.

<“This kid really got guts, he’s not going to let up even if it kills him.”>Thought Warrior Guyver 2 before saying, “Sai, that’s enough, you can’t beat me like this. Power down before you get yourself killed, we’ll settle this some other way.”

“N-no, won’t give up.” Nova Blaze says just before he willed open his chest plates and fired his Mega Smashers. The powerful blast added itself to the already enormous energies between them and within seconds caused the enormously destructive energies between to explode. The blast slamming into both combatants and sending them flying into the walls behind them.

Warrior Guyver 2 soon got up and looked over to Nova Blaze, who lay face down and motionless on the opposite side of the chamber. He quickly went over to him and turned him over on his back.

“Sai, are you alright?” questioned a now concerned Warrior Guyver 2.

“Uh, did I win?” said Nova Blaze weakly.

<“Damn this kid got heart”> Warrior Guyver 2 thought before laughing and saying, “You can say that. Okay, fight over, Sai I think we both have each others respect. That was quite a move you pulled their, remind me to never play poker with you.”

Nova Blaze just nodded and then both deactivated their armors. The two then shake hands before Stephen goes and gets Sai some emergency food rations, not great on taste but many of the normal Guyvers found it helped them recover from battle a lot more quickly and Sai didn’t want to alarm his sister when they got back. Honor had been satisfied and it was time to concentrate their energies on their true enemy, Chronos. Stephen then asked Sai if he was ready to head back. Sai nods and both activate their armors. Warrior Guyver 2 then teleports them back to the ACTF base, once there they deactivate their armors and go to the mess hall, where they happen to see Jenny, Faye and Keilynn heading towards the rec room.

“Hey you guys, what’s up?” Sai asked.

“Oh nothing, pretty bored and was heading to the rec room, seeing that there aren’t many things for us to do right now, but with Chronos back and all we need to keep our wits.” Jenny chimes in. The trio of girls smile and nod their heads together.

“That’s cool, mind if we join you guys?” Sai asked.

“I guess so.” Jenny laughs, as she realizes the two must have settled their differences. That was good she thought as things were bad enough without Jason around before she and the girls headed to the rec room with Sai and Stephen following them.

Chronos Resistance Task Force (CRTF) Base

After Ninja and crew defeated the Chronos force that came to find out what happened to a batch of punk zoanoids they had patrolling the area near an abandoned barn. Ninja, Merc and the other CRTF group went to the main base of the resistance. Anwynn gave them a quick once around the base and they soon came to the command area for the CRTF base. The area is big and comfortable, there was some members on computers, there were others doing other various tasks. Anwynn took them to a table, where she sat at the head, followed by Jett and Phillip sitting opposite of each other. Jett sighed as he was a bit tired and hungry, he sat patiently and didn’t say anything. Anwynn looked to Phillip and studied the man, then to Jett, who had his arms crossed across his chest, with his head lowered and eyes closed. She frowned and went to wake Jett but Phillip touched her shoulder and shook his head.

“That wouldn’t be such a good idea, having the Guyver units as powerful as ours, it takes a lot out of us and it seem that Jett’s unit is stronger than mine.”

“Oh I see, well I guess we can fill him in on what’s going on later then.” She told Phillip, he nodded his head and looked to her, she was pretty attractive and appealing, but he knew he was here for business and not pleasure, not to mention a certain someone would kill him if he tried anything.

“So what’s going on here in China and how much of your forces do you have left?” Phillip asked her. He watched as Anwynn sat down and took a few reports from one of her soldiers.

“Well we are low on personnel, I would say we have about 350 people left now, we are losing badly to Chronos and we need all the help we can get.” she sighed as she looked to Phillip, “If only……” she trails off. Phillip looks to her wondering what she was going to say so he presses the matter.

“If only what Anwynn?” he questioned her.

“If only we had Syn and Mei Lynn, they were our two best agents in our group, but ever since that last mission they were sent on, we haven’t heard from them since. I just hope they manage to escape and somehow find us.” She said, looking to Phillip.

“Oh, I see.” He paused, “Well, don’t give up hope.” He told her. She smiled faintly and looked down at her paper work.

“Well lets get down to business.” Philip says and then smiled at her.

Chronos Warehouse, outskirts of Beijing


Syn and Lynn waited until nightfall before they would start their attack, Syn saw the point of entry but this shouldn’t take them long to find Anwynn and destroy this base, but Syn felt that this is a diversion somehow and that Gorman got something up his sleeves. She and Lynn had to find out what that was. . . Lynn had sat down and started to meditate, Syn sat and watched, from where they were Chronos soldiers wouldn’t be able to see them. Soon it was time for them to attack, they both watched as the soldiers changed positions. Syn and Lynn started their attack, as the guards had changed, Syn and Lynn both had already reached the warehouse and was entering into a window close to the ground. They entered what seemed to be the basement, and to their surprise, there was a single holding cell sitting in the center. Syn and Lynn both found hiding spots and watched as soldiers were standing around.

“We have to be careful, if that’s where they are keeping her, we want to get in and out with minimum danger to her.” Lynn whispered to Syn.

“No, we take this base down, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Now lets rock.” She said to Lynn. Lynn could do nothing but smile and wonder about Anwynn. They both jumped down from where they were and in a bright flash of white light, Lynn landed as Nova Storm. Nova Storm is whitish gray in color with black organic strands, he has three sets of blades on each arm, and two ankle blades. Syn also had transformed into her Hyper Zoanoid form, the two rush the soldiers, who were caught by surprise by sudden appearance of the intruders. There was a total of ten Chronos Soldiers, there were five soldiers coming from the right, while the other five soldiers were coming from entrance to the basement. Syn heads towards the right while Nova Storm went towards the door. Syn was already on her enemies, one of the zoanoids, which was a Gregole, charged in on her, she dodged to her right and spun around, extending her right forward vibration blade, stabbing the Gregole in the ribs deeply and she quickly pivots on one foot, jumping high into the air, and extending her left forward vibration sword as she brings both swords down in front of her, cutting Gregole down the middle, blood spraying everywhere. Without waiting she charges at a Ramotih and throws a back spinning tornado kick to it’s head, crushing his skull and breaking his neck easily. Then, as she lands, she back flips into the air and fires off an energy shuriken, slicing down two of the other zoanoids. The remaining Ramotith zoanoid was about to run when Syn held out a hand and fired a laser blasts that killed it quickly. Meanwhile, not wanting to waste time Nova Storm was moving fast, he quickly dodged an attack by a Vamore and followed up with rapid fire pressure cannon blasts that destroyed all five of his opponents, he smiled under his armor, but something caught his attention. He looked to his hand and saw silver crystals on the palm of his hands, they flashed a bright silver then dimmed, but then the alarms to the base went off and snapped Nova Storm back into action. Syn was already destroying the door to the cell. Nova Storm ran back to Syn, Syn was inside the cell and found her suspicions were correct, it was one of Gormen’s agents but she was dead already, Syn inspects the body and see’s that her neck was snapped. She walks out and looks to Nova Storm, and shakes her head.

“This was all a fucking set up, lets get the hell out of here, from the lack of security, this base looks like they were moving out. Lynn nods his head and he floats up into the air, Syn runs and jumps to the ledge where they entered. The door at the far end opens and another ten zoanoids come running in. But at this time Syn and Lynn were both charging blasts, the Vamores quickly started to charge but it was already too late. Syn fired off her hand beam attacks, cutting down half the zoanoids, but just as the blast struck a Vamore, blasting it in half, it fired it’s bio-laser off and hit the back of the basement, which contained flammable tanks. Immediately after getting hit, they explode, setting off each of the tanks, Nova Storm fires off an intense gravity blast engulfing the remaining zoanoids, the zoanoids then implodes inside of the gravity blast and both Syn and Nova Strom both quickly get out of the warehouse. The warehouse itself explodes, Syn and Nova Storm don’t stop to watch, as they both ran towards the hidden sewer entrance and quickly entered.

Peking Mountains, near a Chronos Outpost

A group of mercenaries watched as a Chronos supply truck traveled along one of the winding routes that led to the secret Chronos Outpost. For weeks they have scouted the area and were now ready to make their move. The moment the supply truck reached the designated target site, the mercenaries executed there plan. Suddenly a large boulder landed in the path of the truck, causing it to make an emergency stop. Another boulder then landed behind the truck, trapping the vehicle. The driver quickly got out of the truck but was struck down by a sniper before he had a chance to transform. A quick inspection of the truck revealed the driver was the only occupant and his dead body had already started to dissolve. Now it was time for the rest of their plan as the mercenaries pushed the boulders out of the way and all boarded the truck. The truck then continued on its way to the Chronos outpost. . . They soon arrive at the check point and showed the guard the shipment papers. The guard quickly verifies the papers and waves the truck through. The truck soon enters the outpost but is quickly stopped by another guard who wants to inspect the trucks cargo. The mercenaries decide then and there to start their attack and the guard is quickly shot dead as the mercenaries jump out of the truck and start blasting everything in site. Within seconds over half of the outposts twenty or so personnel are shot dead but a few manage to transform into their zoanoid forms. Now the tide turns and it looks like the mercenaries will get massacred when suddenly one of the mercenaries jumps forwards and drops her weapon as she is suddenly surrounded by a blast field and quickly transforms into a black armored Guyver. The zoanoids barely have time to yell out, “It’s a Guyver!” before they all get cut down by the Guyvers head beam. The leader of the mercenaries then walks up to the Guyver.

“Thanks again Mei, that was a close one there. H-“, the mercenary was cut off as the female Guyver raised her hand for silence.

“I’m sensing something below us.”

All the mercenaries quickly group and prepared their weapons. No sooner had they done so when six Bio-Titans exploded out of the ground and immediately blasted the Black female Guyver with their combined fire power, sending her flying backwards and out of the outpost.

“Foolish humans, did you think the help of a single Guyver would save you? You have annoyed Chronos for the last time.” taunted one of the Bio-Titans as the humans fired everything they had at them, including hand grenades and bazooka’s but nothing had any effect on the powerful hyper zoanoids, who were leisurely killing off the mercenaries one by one.

Over half of the mercenaries were dead when suddenly the black female Guyver returned and before the Bio-Titans had a chance to react, two were blown to bits by an incredibly powerful pressure cannon each. The remaining Bio-Titans now realized that they had underestimated the Guyver and now quickly turned all their fire power on the Guyver, who shielded herself from the powerful onslaught. Never before had this Guyver faced such powerful hyper zoanoids and she found herself struggling just to keep herself protected from their blasts, but she had at least distracted them from the remaining mercenaries and yelled at them to make a break for it. Something none of them had to be told twice to do and they all started run for their lives. Unfortunately one of the Bio-Titans took notice and sent a powerful blast their way, killing all but one who was knocked to the ground by the blast.

“NO!” screamed the Guyver as she suddenly redirected her shield energy and created a powerful gravitational wake that smashed into the Bio-Titans and blasted them all back and away from her. The Bio-Titans quickly regrouped as they prepared to finish this battle and started to combine their energies to create a single powerful mega smasher like blast with over eight times the power of a normal Guyvers mega smash. With the remaining mercenary still in danger, the Guyver had no choice but to try to counter the powerful attack. So even as they Bio-Titans charged up their attack, the black female Guyver started charging her own as an enormous charge of gravitational energies started to form around her. This lasted a few seconds until both sides fired simultaneously, their incredibly powerful attacks cancelling each other out in an explosive display of raw power. The Guyver wasn’t sure how long she could keep it up but would be damned if she would let Chronos beat her now and started to focus even more energy into her attack. Just then one of the Bio-Titans was blown to bits by an enormous pressure cannon blast, allowing the black female Guyver to now easily overpower the Bio-Titans power beam and obliterated two more of the Bio-Titans. The last remaining Bio-Titan then attempted to make a break for it when large dark Gigantic like Guyver appeared and opened one of his chest plates and quickly vaporized the fleeing Bio-Titan with a single but extremely powerful hyper smash.

By this time the remaining mercenary had fled the area and the black female Guyver now watched the Gigantic like Guyver warily, as he turned around to face her.

“Hello Black Nova Guyver, you are lucky I got here on time.” said the Gigantic like Guyver.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m glad for the assist but who are you and why did you call me Black Nova?”

“I am known as Zeus and like you I am a Guyver and sworn enemy of Chronos. As to how I know about you, I make it a point to know what Chronos is up to. It is fortunate for you my organization intercepted a Chronos communication about this little ambush.”

“I see, so Black Nova is the name Chronos has given me?”

“Yes and no. It was just a guess but your appearance right after the Nova Guyvers made Chronos suspect that your units were related somehow. Now that I’ve have seen your unit, I must agree with that assessment. Your unit does appear similar but your power seems more gravitational based than fusion.”

“Well thanks for the save, I owe you one but I’ve better get going now.” says Black Nova as she turns to leave.

“Mei Lynn, wait!”

Black Nova suddenly turns back to Zeus and yells, “How the hell do you know my name?”

“Relax, it was just a guess but your escape from that Chronos base coincided too closely with Black Nova’s first appearance to be just coincidence. I believe we can help each other.”

“I’m listening” . . .


Jett awakened in a room, he must have been taken to a room, he sat up in the bed and looked around. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, he stood up and walked over to the door and walked out of the room. He scratches his head, he started down a hallway, he could easily make his way around the base and to where Phillip was. But he ended up at a door, he raised an eyebrow as he heard sounds coming from behind the door, from what they sounded like he smiled and shook his head.

<‘Oh you just couldn’t wait to get her in bed.’> Jett had said through the organisms on his back.

<‘Oh…..what…Oh. Talk to you later.’> Phillip told him between hard breaths.

Jett walked away and as he did he saw a few soldiers talking, he walked over to them and asked where the main control room. They told him where to go and one of them thanked him for killing those zoanoids he and the others encountered a few days ago. Jett nodded his head and thanked them for telling him where to go. Jett made his way to the control room and sat down at a computer console. He pulled up some maps of China and he saw all the areas that were taken down by the CRTF, and also the area’s that are still under Chronos control, but for some reason there were bases scattered about but none of them should not being giving the CRTF this much problem. He leaned back in his seat and thought for a moment. There must be a main base somewhere in China that is calling all the shots, they must be the ones who are giving the CRTF the most problems. They must find out where that base is, there must be a way find this base. There were a few people running back and forth around the command center, but people around the base are relaxing a bit. He sighed to himself and continued to look at the maps, he started to triangulate all the attacks the zoanoids did and from what he could tell there were no specific patterns, this started to make his head hurt. He sighed and just rested in the chair. As he rested Anwynn came up behind him, she tapped his shoulder and Jett turned around and laughed at her.

“What I do?” she asked.

“Weren’t you just with Phillip?” he questioned.

“I wasn’t with him, I just came back with reports on a recon mission.” She then looked to him, “Where is Phillip.” And just as she asked, Phillip and a private with blond hair and a nice body walked into the command center. Anwynn turned around and looked to Phillip and the woman he was with. “Who the hell is she and how she get in here!!” She hollers at Phillip. Phillip looked to the woman and then to Anwynn, “She’s my wife Jackie. Sorry, I had to tell her where I was, I didn’t want her to worry.” she looks to Phillip and his wife and shakes her head. “Look, I like the fact that this base is hidden. Don’t allow no one else to enter this base without my knowledge, you understand me?” she hollers at both of them. Phillip and his wife Jackie nod their heads. Anwynn then leaves to her quarters.

Jackie then turns to Jett and asks, “What did you mean by that just couldn’t wait comment?”

Jett turns a shade of red and stammers, “O-oh that, nothing really, ah gotta go”, before he rushes out of the room and back to his quarters.

But just then alarm claxon range throughout the base and Anwynn quickly ran back and checked the security system, which showed one of her scouting parties had been jumped by a group of Zerebubuths and where now running for their lives. This was bad, but before she even had time to turn around, Jett, Phillip and his wife had already called their units and Ninja Guyver now yelled that he will go on ahead and do what he can until the others caught up and then phased himself as he jumped straight and through the ceiling, like a ghost, as he went straight to the surface and then flew at top speed to where the scouting party was pinned down. He quickly found them and activated his power sword as he descended and landed right next to one of the Zerebubuths as he used his sword to slice it in half. Another Zerebubuth quickly noticed Ninja Guyver and the death of its comrade and roared as he charged down on the Guyver. Ninja simply turned around and punched the charging Zerebubuth as it got within range and within the next instant the Zerebubuth simply exploded. The final remaining Zerebubuth knew he was outmatched but fired all his bio-lasers in defiance. The Ninja Guyver easily shielded this attack but before he could counter attack, the Zerebubuth was struck by several simultaneous lightning bolts and exploded, leaving only scorched earth on the spot it had stood. Ninja Guyvers hyper sensors quickly located the source of the lightning bolts and looked up to see Zeus and Black Nova flying overhead. Ninja then communicated through his organism to Guyver Merc, <“Uh Phillip, threats been dealt with but you’re not going to believe who decided to join the party.”>

<“I believe it, I can see them on the security monitors but we got more urgent concerns, we’ve just been ordered back to the state. That bastard Lorcan has gone rogue and convinced most of our fellow merc’s to join him.”>

<“Shit, when did that happen.”>

<“Dunno but we’ve been ordered to return immediately, I’ve already told Anwynn.”>

<“No, sorry Phillip but I can’t just leave now, Anwynn and her people need at least one of us to stay. You and Jackie go, I’ll hold the fort till you get back.”>

<“Okay buddy, I understand. I’ll keep you updated.”

Both Zeus and Black Nova had overheard this exchange, Zeus then turned to Black Nova and said, “I’ll shall go back with them, you stay here with Ninja Guyver. I’m sure Anwynn will be happy to see you again.”

“Thank you again Agito. If you ever need my help.”

“I will call upon you when the time is right, which I’m afraid will be sooner than I had planned but for now you should try to master the powers of your unit. You will need to be at your best if I do call upon you.”

Zeus then communicated to Guyver Merc and offered to teleport him and his wife back to the states. Zeus then vanished in a flash of light as he teleported away. Leaving Black Nova with Ninja Guyver.


Lynn had called off his armor before going back into the sewer and Syn reverted to her human form, not wanting to let Gorman and his group know what they really are, they traveled through a series of sewer tunnels. As they found the corrider to the base, Lynn grabbed Syn by the arm and quickly jumped back as a laser was fired right where Lynn’s head was. He sensed two Guyvers nearby, he pushed Syn back and called his Guyver as a red Guyver came out charging at him. He side stepped the red female Guyver and as he did, Syn did a double axe kick to the red female Guyver which dropped the female Guyver to her knees. Syn quickly followed up with a front snap kick to the female Guyvers head, knocking her back. Syn stayed in her human form but held out a hand to the Guyvers head, near the control medal, before her hand started glowing.

“Move and you die?” she says wickedly to the female Guyver. The Guyver obviously was very new to this. Meanwhile, Nova Storm sensed the other Guyver.

“Now come out or your friend dies here and now.” He says out loud, within a few seconds a pink female Guyver comes out and she is shaking a bit. “So you must be Shara and that must be Mai. Syn let her up, I got more experience than they do with my Guyver, they try anything and I’ll kill them.” He told her. The red Guyver stood up and moved over to the other Guyver. “I’m tired of all this nonsense. We now know where you all are, we will be leaving now.” He was about to say something when Syn cuts him off.

“Tell Gorman, if you or any of your fucking friends come looking for us, we will kill him. I know he must have a Guyver unit as well. This will be the only warning you get, and if I catch you by yourself.” She smiles sadistically at both females, “I will kill you personally. Also don’t try anything, my friend will know if you try something as we leave.” With that said Lynn picked Syn up and surrounded both of them with his shields as he smashed his way up to the surface. They quickly left the area and started to head for the ruined Shaolin Temple where Lynn found his unit.

New York City

The battle was progressing violently like all major battles, all the ACTF Guyvers were doing their best to turn the tides of the battle, with the powerful help of the Zoalord Zeugma, but with new and improved Alkanphel and Kron combined, things did not look good, but none of them stopped. The battle took its toll on everyone, even after Zeus called in Black Nova, Ninja Guyver and Guyver Merc, but as it progressed, Psi Guyver nearly got blown to bits and Faye was critically wounded, but luckily they were able to get her to a cryo tube back at the base. The fight was over a few minutes later and the remaining Guyvers witnessed the surprise return of the Warrior Guyver.

A few days laters at CRTF Base

Anwynn and Kyria were looking at one of the monitors, which showed them a view of the mountains in the south. On the mountains were three of their infiltrators on snow boards, going down the hill. Kyria smiled as she knew they were having too much fun. Anwynn was a bit annoyed but couldn’t blame them. It was a long time since any of them had any fun. The three then came to a stop on a ridge and looked down. The mountains were rocky and jagged as the three looked, Kyria punched in a few commands on her keyboard and refocused the camera angle to get a better view of the mountain. As she did this, Anwynn pointed to a rather small pile of snow and she had Kyria focus on it, as the picture became focused on the snow, she saw what looked like tracks, zoanoid tracks.

“Infiltrator group, you see those tracks down below?” Anwynn asked.

“Yes, should we follow or leave it be for now?” the Captain asked.

“Follow but be careful. Hold back using weapons down there, I don’t want you to engage the enemy. Even with those new M1L1 triple pulse assault riffles, taking out even one of those monsters is still damn tough and I can’t afford losing any of you.” She said to them.

“Understood!” the captain replied but just as the group of infiltrators were about to head down, three Gregoles jumped out of the ground from about five feet behind the group, and they charged down for the Infiltrators. With just a second to spare, they all jumped off the ridge with their snowboards and all started to race down the rest of the mountain, but what they didn’t know was that there were zoanoids down towards the bottom of the mountain. This quickly changed as the zoanoids jumped into the open and prepared to take down the oncoming Infiltrators. The three Infiltrators took careful aim and fired a volley of shots aimed at the eyes of the Ramotiths, which blinded them a bit. The infiltrators squeezed by them and continued down the mountain, escaping capture and even worse death.

Anwynn shook her head as that was a close call, but just as she was about to go to her chair a proximity alarm went off, and another screen came up, there were two people, one male and one female, they both looked to be coming from the north. Anwynn looked to the female and something clicked and her eyes went wide, Kyria looked to the woman as well and just when she was about to say something.

“Kyria we need to go to the surface and hurry!” she said to her and started to run to the armory. Kyria was right behind Anwynn, she got to the armory and opened up a locker that had some new rifles they had been working on. They resembled the Chinese military M1L1 triple pulse riffles that the Infiltrator team were using but with a grenade launcher added and had digital lcd screens on the side that told them how much ammo and grenades were left in the gun. These where also equipped with armor piercing tip caseless, high explosive, rounds. Similar to the US 20mm anti-zoanoid bullets but closer to 9mm size, granting them a 1000 round capacity per clip. Complete with auto cooling water tight body, this state of the art electric chain gun based weapon was the most effective anti-zoanoid weapon they had at their disposal.

Now fully armed, Anwynn and Kyria took a military jeep and quickly got to where the infiltrators were, they checked the surrounding area and there was no one in sight. The area was near the bottom of the mountains and near a close by wooded area, the trees were tall and full of life. Kyria admired this area a lot and she stood with her riffle ready.

“Report, how close were you before you were spotted?” Anwynn asked the infiltrators as they took off their snow boards and checked the rounds in their weapons. One of them sighed and looked to Anwynn.

“Well we were there for just a few moments then blam they came at us. Sorry chief didn’t see where they came out at. But I know that we were some where close.” Fred said.

“Well if they came out from no where, then they came from somewhere.” Kyria says, “Think about it, you were ambushed. Why would they risk showing themselves at that point in time. We must be close, but for right now, I think we should back off.” She says looking to Anwynn.

Anwynn thinks for a moment, then nods, “Your right, for now we need to find out if Syn is still alive. I have a feeling she is, we know Mei Lynn made it so new mission is I want our people to start looking for them. Before coming here, I saw two people entering this area from the north and one of them looked like Syn. I think we should start near the Shaolin Temple and from there to the base, we might get lucky. I know this is a lost cause and all, but with the destruction of that one base Chronos had here, maybe just maybe she made it too.” Anwynn stresses. The others had read files on Syn and Lei Lynn and knew how close Anwynn was with them and they all understood.

Washington DC, ACTF

General Carter, Jenny, Stephen, Sai, Keilynn, Jett and Mei Lynn were assembled in General Carters office, they all were sitting down and General Carter was looking to Mei Lynn, this is about the third time an unknown Guyver came out from nowhere and he was tired of this. Keilynn saw that this wasn’t good.

“This is Mei Lynn, she is another of our friends.” Keilynn says as she looks to the General and to Mei Lynn.

Mei Lynn looks to Keilynn and Sai and smiles, she then turns to face General Carter, “So I see there is a nice group of Guyvers here fighting Chronos, at least someone is.” She says as if thinking of something else. “Well I must be going, China is in need of help. Chronos is moving all over the place and well so far I haven’t found anyone fighting them besides the twins here.” She said standing up from her chair.

General Carter looked to her and shook his head, “No, if you can, can you stay here and help us here before going to back China. As you already know there is a war and we need all the help we can get right now.” General Carter asked her watching carefully.

Mei Lynn almost smiled then looked to the twins who would hope she would stay, “Fine, but after this fight is over myself, Ninja and the twins have to return to China because of the Chronos threat there. I don’t know if there are others but we must not leave our home undefended for too long.” She said taking her seat again.

“Well then we have another player, well first things first. We have to prepare for Chronos now. I want everyone on guard because we don’t know what to expect from them next.”

After about an hour went by Mei Lynn, Sai, Keilynn, Jenny, Jason, Stephen, and Jett went to the mess hall. As they all had sat down, most of the group looked to Mei Lynn.

“So how did you run across Zeus, and when did you get that unit?” Jenny asked her.

Mei Lynn looked to Jenny and smiled then to the twins, who knew for awhile she was in China. “Well Jenny…..” as she was about to start speaking Jason stands up.

“Look, I don’t give a damn about how you got your damn unit, all I do know is…” he caught himself knowing that he was acting strangely again. So he stormed off, leaving the others to go on with their conversation.

“Well before I was rudely interrupted, I was captured by Chronos along with my best friend and long time partner, Syn. We both were a part of a Chinese Military group who were trying to get rid of Chronos. We both were captured and Syn was put in a processing tank and I was being tested on. I don’t know why they were testing on me but all I know was they only fed me when I was too weak and at times I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even move my body.” As she was speaking, the others could tell that she didn’t like talking about this subject but she continued. “Well one day as I was about to be tested on, the whole building shook violently, which I later found out was because of the twins, the scientist that was testing on me got distracted while trying to put some restraints on me. I got loose and managed to knock him out. I quickly looked around and put on some scuba gear. Reason for the scuba gear was because I was in a underwater area of the base, I managed to get out to the Yellow Sea but was followed by a water type zoanoid. It chased me for a bit and injured me and while I was bleeding there was a great white swimming by. It bit into the zoanoid and killed it quickly, all I could remember was I was losing consciousness and that there was a cave nearby, I swam towards it and fell inside some type of room.” She said as the others seemed to had moved closer to her, liking the tale they were hearing. “All I can remember after that is being Black Nova, I created a worm hole and appeared on the mainland, on a beach. I didn’t know what all to do, all I knew was that I was powerful and that Chronos needed to be stopped. I deactivated my unit and started to look around for a place to lay low. I was able to find a small group of mercenaries who were fighting a group of Zerebubuths. I started to fight them as well, and after the fight I went to the leader of the group. I had to explain what all had happened to me but not much about the unit. They accepted me, but after an hour of talking to them we went somewhere, I don’t recall right now. It was near the Peking mountains. We had set up camp there and started to get plans started for the destruction of Chronos. It took about a few weeks to find the routes some of the zoanoids were taking, and seeing that I was the strongest, I normally did most of the scouting. Well just a few days ago, we found an outpost and decided to destroy it so to see what Chronos would do. What we didn’t know was that Chronos set this base up for it to be destroyed. We destroyed the base but they sent some Bio-Titans down to kill us off, I transformed and started fighting the Bio-Titans, they were pretty strong and there were about 6 of them. They had the jump on me, seeing that I hadn’t had the time to learn more about how to use this unit, but fortunately for me they had underestimated me and I quickly managed to kill two, but the other four started to combine their fire power and were just unbearable.” The twins hung on everyone word she had spoken and Stephen and Jenny looked to each other, then back to Mei Lynn. Jett smiled because he found someone else that’s as strong as he, if not stronger, but for some reason he was stealing glances of Keilynn as she sat next to her brother. Sai on the other hand was sitting really close to Mei Lynn, who seemed not to mind. “That’s when Zeus appeared, and helped me defeat the remaining Bio-Titans. After the fight was over, there was only one of the mercenaries left and so he just bailed on me. But Zeus took me with him and we talked for a long while, during that time we ran across another Guyver.” She looked over at Jett, “He was fighting some Zerebubuths and was beating them easily, one he just simply punched and it blew up. By the way, you’ve got to teach me that move Jett”

“Sorry, trade secret” Jett replies with a smile.

“Oh really, we’ll see about that but anyways, we all talked and Jett said that he will fight with me and help find Syn.” She finishes. “And that’s how I met Zeus and Ninja/Jett, and then you know the rest as I came here. Now, we just have to figure out what Chronos plans to do and focus on getting Chronos out of China.” She said sitting back in her chair. The others also nodded their heads and tried not to think of how Jason was acting so strange since his return.

The End of part 3.

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