Disclaimer:This is a fan fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.
Title:The Ark Attacks
Original Author
Re-Written By

Chronos Arizona – 14/10/2005

Ten of the twelve zoalords of Chronos meet in the command chamber at the bottom of the base called the Celestial Sphere. It has being two years since the event at Mount Minakami and the death of Zoalord Guyot who betrayed Chronos. Since that night they have had to reveal their existence to the world. Thanks to the Guyvers though there take over did not go as planned.

“The Guyvers have being troublesome, giving the human forces time to build up and hold off our advance into the USA,” said Zoalord Shin.

“It is our turn to act,” said Alkanphel entering the room. “Let me introduce the 13th Zoalord Imakarum Mirabilis.”

Anchorage Alaska – 01/09/2010 – One Month after the battle of World’s Government Island

Being a Guyver involved a lot of responsibilities and pressure to be there and be the hero and save as many people as possible from Chronos. But tonight was finally a chance for the Guyvers to relax. Even Agito the most demanding of the Guyvers needed a break and a chance to relax. Anchorage was the largest and closest City in Alaska to them was their favourite place to go and let lose. Compared to most places it never had seen a zoanoid due to the Guyvers and the largest Worlds Government Army base in the world being close by. Hopefully tonight all they have to worry about is finding their way back to their hotel.

“It’s time to get shit faced!” shouted Sean as he walked ahead of the team towards Cassidy’s Irish Bar.

“What does that mean Ira?” asked Philip turning down to the short red haired woman.

“It’s time to get drunk,” she responded as she stepped back a step to be beside her sister Jessica.

“Well little sister. What shall we do?” asked Ira looking up at her taller though younger sister Jessica.

“Let’s get laid!” said Jessica says smiling.

Ira laughed at her comment. They haven’t had time for love or anything else in so long it wasn’t even funny. But even so the last thing she wanted to risk at this moment in time was a relationship “Not me, I need to party,” said Ira.

 “Well, getting fucked is one way. I remember that other boyfriend had years ago. You need to loosen up,” said Jessica as she entered Cassidy’s Bar.

“Well, I wasn’t a slut like you!” said Ira.

“I not a slut, just a sexual explorer,” said Jessica as she walked into the bar looking for Sean and Philp who she quickly finds at the bar and Ira joins her there.

Moments later Megan, Agito, Sho, Shizu and Mizuki join the others at the bar to collect their drinks. After a moment they find a table and chairs where they can all sit down together.

“Hey Agito! I didn’t expect you to join us?”

“Why is that Sean?”

“Well you’re like Mr Perfect Guyver. You train like no one else and I doubt you’ve ever being in an Irish Bar before?”

“Sean your powers of observation are as good as your ability to find a good pint of Guinness in Anchorage!” said a smiling Agito as he took a drink of his larger.

“You got me there Agito, this stuff is muck compared to the proper black stuff back home!” Agito and Sean laughed at that and continued to wind down and relax with the others. They all deserved this time.

Later that night Megan is walking on the streets with Sean. He was explaining how the plane wreck changed his life. The Guyver unit was a gift and a curse for him.

“Yeah, I bought my Guyver unit at a novelty store,” said Megan.

“What?” asked Sean laughing, “You bought it?

“Yeah seriously I did back when I lived in Australia. It was in a pawn shop and they thought it was a shiny rock. I didn’t think so as I went to college to study Zoology and Geology. It didn’t fit anything I knew so I thought why not buy it. So I brought it home and chipped the rock which turned out to be a hardened crust to a gel and under that I found the Dormant Unit. It bonded the moment I picked it up in my hands. Thankfully I was alone in my house so I didn’t go on a rampage,” said Megan smiling as she remembered the early days of being a Guyver.

“You were lucky there darling, for me the day I activated by Guyver Unit was already a fucking disaster!”

“What do you mean Sean?”

“It was before X-Day, there a Bowing 747 airplane crashed in Washington DC and my brother I were fire fighters for different Units in the city. But the destruction the plane cased when it crashed down in the suburbs meant everyone was there to help.  It was chaos, there were so many people dead or needing help trapped in their homes in danger of it collapsing or choking to death because of the smoke. I eventually made my way to the plane to help look for survivors and in the rubble I came across a smashed opened case and a few feet away from it was a dormant Unit-G. It bonded with me as I picked it up and turned me into a Guyver as golden as my hair!”

“What happened after that?”

“As you know Guyver Units don’t respond well to dangerous situations dear. I’ll leave it as that,” said Sean holding back a tear. He didn’t want to tell her how he made things worse not better that day and his about his brother’s death.

“Yeah you’re not alone with being a Guyver and bad situations. My home was destroyed because I accidently set off a mega-smasher and it destroyed my house and good portion of the neighbourhood!”

“Shite.., that must have caused you to be popular?”

“Oh it did, from that point on I was on the run from Chronos. Their zoanoids killed my friends and I killed them. Luckily I found Philip afterward. He helped me cope with being a Guyver and what it meant.” said Megan.

“It means shitty luck; I can’t imagine anyone who would willingly want to be one.”

“Agito?” said Megan.

“He’s a head case!” said Sean laughing.

“He’s just focused!” said Megan.

“That lad wants to rule the world,” said Sean. Megan stayed quiet at that. There was a sting of truth there in what she too suspected about Agito and his wishes.

Worlds Government Island – Alaskan coast – 02/09/2010

The eight Guyver Hosts were all recovering from their night out when an alert rung through the base. They all knew what it meant, something bad involving Chronos was happening and they’d to get to the War Room immediately.

Minutes later GIG Guyver 1 stepped into the War Room with the rest of the rest of the Guyvers. On the screen is a still video on screen of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge off in the desistance. General Helsing standing in the middle of the room waits for them to all walk in.

“Hello Guyvers,” said the General moving so he is not in the way of the Guyvers line of site and what’s on screen.

“Hello General, what did you call us for?” asked GIG Gold scratching his head wondering why he’s looking at a still of San Francisco for.

 “Watch,” said the General pointing at the screen with a pointer stick. The picture starts moving and cars are moving along the street when suddenly the sound is overwhelmed on the video with a large rumbling and the camera swings around in time to see a giant beam coming from the sky destroying an entire block before moving through the bay and slicing through the Golden Gate Bridge. The camera then focuses on where the beam came from and it is clearly the Ark flying above the city. Seconds later the there is a light that blocks out the Ark and the video ends.

 “The Ark is attacking San Francisco. It has already destroyed our most advanced and major Armour Processing and laboratory centre. That building designed weapons for Anti-Zoanoid purposes and has knocked back our research five years. Outside that the costs in lives to the populous we cannot let this go unanswered,” said the General.

“We agree totally General, what do you want us to do?” asked GIG Guyver 1.

“I want you all to destroy it. With it so close to San Francisco we can’t use nuclear weapons without causing more death and destruction on our own people. Simply put you eight are the only counter attack for us. It is not for me to tell you all how to use your Guyver Units, you know your capabilities now far better than I do. The only thing I can tell you is what our analysts have said about the Ark. It has 12 Command nodes all around the ship. Destroy them and it will lose control and crash to the Earth,” said General Helsing.

“Thank you General, we’ll take it from here,” said Black Guyver 3. The General left the room leaving the Guyvers looking at a large display screen of the Ark.

“Ira, what are the chances of big Blue joining us?” asked GIG Gold?

“You guys continue to plan and I’ll contact him,” said Assassin Guyver.

<“Greg, are you there?”> she asked.

<“Huh, what do you want Ira? I only just got to sleep!”> he said, Ira could sense his anger at being disturbed.

<“The Ark attacked San Francisco; we are going to battle it. Will you help us?”>

<“No, I need to rest. Even with my power basic needs are still essential. I haven’t slept in almost a week…”> he said pausing for a moment. <“If you work together with the other weak Guyvers you can win without me. The Ark has normally only a Zoalord inside it but which one of the 12 it will be is impossible to say. But the zoanoids inside it are useless for outer space battle. But either way, be careful and run rings around that Zoalord and you’ll win.”>.

< “I understand Greg. We will”>.

<“I know, good night Ira,”> said Greg as he drifted off to sleep.”>

“Ok then,” said Assassin Guyver turning to GIG Gold. He could tell by her tone even through the distortion of the Unit that it was not good.

“He’s not coming?” asked GIG Gold.

“No he is not,” said Assassin Guyver.

“That’s a pity, I hoped he could come, his mega-smasher would destroy the entire ship. It would be no problem for him,” said GIG Guyver 1.

“I remember Gregory. I just didn’t know he was a Guyver. But he is probably doing this to test us. He is that type,” said Black Guyver.

“You’re correct there Jessica! He did give me advice saying that together we could all win the battle. Most importantly that the Ark normally only has the one Zoalord commanding it and that whomever he would be would be the problem as in his opinion zoanoids were useless at space combat,” said Assassin Guyver.

“Ok then, here’s what I propose,” said Black Guyver 3.

The Battle

The Guyvers raced along the sky the Black Guyvers and Dark Assassin holding onto the hands of the GIG’s as they used their back boosters to quickly get through the atmosphere. Arsenal Guyver and Assassin Guyver who was using the Stealth Upgrade also had access to a similar system of the GIG’s back boosters and were able to keep up. Soon they were out of the atmosphere following the coastline down towards San-Francisco. It wouldn’t be long before they got there without the atmosphere to slow them down.

Dark Assassin and Assassin Guyver then suddenly disappeared from the rest of the team as they used their faster than light system to move on ahead to scout the Ark.

 10 Minutes Later

<“Hey Philip”> the Dark Assassin hears over his organisms. <“Hey can you hear me?”> He recognises the voice it is that of GIG Gold.

<“Yes I can.”> responds Dark Assassin.

<“We’re closing in on you Assassin Guyver, what’s the situation?”> asks GIG Gold.

<“Well  the  Ark is below us and hovering high in the atmosphere above San Fran it’s doing nothing at the moment, they stopped there assault of the city before we arrived. Ira is scouting south of the city at the moment”> said Dark Assassin.

<“Guys, it’s not good. They’ve a huge army of zoanoids gathering in Mexico. I think the Ark is there to soften the city up before they attack.”> said Assassin Guyver.

<“Alright, we’re a only a couple minutes away. Prepare to attack!”> said GIG Gold.

Inside the Ark

Zoalord Cabral Kahn looked at the display screens in the Main Monitor Room of the Ark. Large biological screens filled the room with the centre screen giving a readout of the status of the Ark. That though did not interest Cabral. What did was the screen that showed what one of the sensors had detected. It was that of Dark Assassin looking down on the Ark hiding behind a satellite. Below him was a read out, there were seven other signals converging on him.

“At last the Guyvers come to face me,” said Cabral as his zoacrystal glowed and he changed form to that of a giant brain. All around the ship the zoanoid and hyper zoanoids stopped what they were doing and started to walk towards Cabral.

High above the Ark which was effectively in space the Dark Assassin noticed the Ark getting larger and turning towards him. It was leaving Earth’s atmosphere and coming straight towards him!

<“I hope you all get here soon! The Ark is flying towards me!”> said a worried Dark Assassin. “Fuck me, the Ark is huge,” was the thought going through his head as what was previously something he had to use his enhanced vision to see properly was now quickly filling up the view below him. Moments later Assassin Guyver and the other Guyver arrived around him.

<“Um what’s that on top of the ship?”> asked Assassin Guyver.

<“It looks like a fucking Godzilla rip off!”> said Dark Assassin Guyver as both Assassin Units had better enhanced eyesight than the other Guyvers. But it wasn’t long as the Ark exited Earth’s atmosphere that they all could make out the giant creature standing on top of the forty mile long Ark.

<“Shit, it’s Cabral Kahn in his Dragon Lord form,” said GIG Guyver 1.

<“The Zoalord who was responsible for the fall of the Middle East to Chronos? Who they couldn’t even Nuke to death?”> asked GIG Gold.

<“Yes him, I was there he was huge and even when I mega-smashed him it did nothing as he regenerated. His Firepower is immense and is capable of firing a beam stronger and wider than my mega-smasher,”> said GIG Guyver 1.

<“This changes nothing. GIG’s you all work with me and Black Guyver use as much speed as you can and keep that Zoalord distracted. Arsenal you and the Assassin Guyvers move as fast as you can blast apart the control points!”> ordered Black Guyver 3. All the other Guyvers agreed, it was time to act and stay focused. If they couldn’t they would be dead!

GIG Cerise opened fire first with her Mega Smasher. Given the distance between the Guyvers and the Ark she’s impressively on target with the beam hitting the Dragon Lord. But like GIG Guyver 1 described the blast burned a hold through the Dragon Lord only for it to regenerate seconds later. The giant neck split into three to form a giant mouth and a ball of light collected there. Due to their distance away only the Assassin Guyvers realised just how powerful that ball was becoming dwarfing that even the GIG Guyvers were capable of. They only just alerted the other Guyvers in time to scatter as the giant creature returned fire with the Wales Purgatorium. The beam that fired from the Dragon Lord as ten times that of a GIG enhanced Guyver and ten times as wide. If for the warnings of the Assassin Guyvers it would have consumed the three GIG Guyvers who we close to each other at the time.

Wasting no time the two Assassin Guyvers grab Arsenal Guyver by the arms and raced towards the Ark. Using their faster than light powers they get there so quickly that the Dragon Lord does not see them. Taking aim Arsenal Blasts the first of the command pods apart. The Ark still moving towards the other Guyvers doesn’t stop and with only the one command pod destroyed the Dragon Lord does not notice as he fires a barrage of giant organic missiles at the Guyvers. The missiles are bigger than that of Guyver but thankfully due to the size they make for easy targets as the Guyvers use their head beams which cut through them causing them to explode. The explosions though are huge and would take out a large building reminding the Guyvers not to be complacent and let any get close to them.

Inside his Dragon Lord form Cabral Kahn realised the mistake he’s made as he felt the Ark sway. He looked to the side of the Ark to see Arsenal Guyver quickly take out another of the command nodes of the Ark. Before he can even remotely charge a Wales Purgatorium the three Guyvers have gone and are using the size of the Ark against him by flying back underneath it. Without those Command Nodes he wouldn’t be able to control the Ark and it would soon lose control and crash back down to the Earth below. He quickly fired another barrage of missiles but one of them didn’t fly off to explode near the Guyvers but instead flew around into a chamber below the Ark which opened to allow the missile inside which unravelled to reveal its cargo the Zoalord Cabral Khan.

The Ark was deserted inside as he walked towards the command room of the Ark. Originally this was designed so that all 12 Zoalords would be required to control the Ark. It was instead updated to use the Unit Remover recovered at Relics Point to be the command core. The Ark rocked as another command node was destroyed but it did not matter to Khan he would be long gone before the Ark would crash to the ground. Outside the Dragon Lord form still fought the Guyvers as he remained in control of the bio-brain inside the creature’s core. Once again the Wales Purgatorium fired forcing the Guyvers to scatter but visually you could now see the Ark pointing down as gravity began to take control of the great ship.

Minutes later Cabral Kahn had retrieved the Unit Remover and was inside one of the Arks bio Shuttle Pod’s on his way down to Earth.

London UK – Westminster Bridge overlooking the Palace of Westminster

Since 2003 the UK along with Germany and France are the last counties of Europe to withstand the advance of Chronos. In 2009 the World Government effectively split its forces and the Guyvers from Europe refused to be permanently based in Northern America as the rest of the world’s forces crumbled. Since then many Guyvers have lost their lives against the forces of Chronos from both the US Chronos Free regions and that of Europe’s. The last of Europe’s Guyvers are Guyver Alpha, Guyver Beta and Guyver Gamma. Today before the three Guyvers was a sight of utter destruction as they looked up above the Palace of Westminster to see what looked like a black hole which was destroying everything below it.

“How the fuck, are we going to counter that?” asked Guyver Alpha.

“I’ve a bad feeling about this!” said Guyver Gamma.

“It’s a black hole! It’s gobbling up London in front of you and all you can say is ‘I’ve a bad feeling about this’. It’s a good thing your blond Emma!” said Guyver Beta.

“You’re a prick Jack!” said Guyver Alpha.

“Charles I don’t think it’s time to be arguing with each other,” said Guyver Gamma pointing at the dissipating black hole. Behind it was Zoalord Imakarum and then behind him was five other Zoalords all floating in the air looking down at where the Guyvers stood.

“Oh fuck, it’s the fuckin Zoalords,” said Guyver Alpha.

“If we split up we’re dead, if we stay together we’re equally dead. We’re going to die but let’s take some of those bastards out with us,” said Guyver Gamma.

“It was nice knowing you two.” said Guyver Gamma. There was nowhere to run as the black hole was closed and Imakarum teleported in front of them in his Zoalord mode. Guyver Beta fired his pressure cannon at the Zoalord only for him with a simple wave of his hand to send the gravity ball it fired right back at Guyver Beta hitting the ground in front of him knocking him back. Gamma turned around as she sensed something fast approaching them. It was the Shuttle Pod from the Ark and as it arrived behind Imakarum the other Zoalords surrounded the three Guyvers.

“I’m impressed, six Zoalords arriving in person to kill us!” said Guyver Alpha.

“We’re not here in force to kill you, but to remind you that you do not have a chance against us,” said Zoalord Imakarum.

“Why would….” Said Guyver Gamma before she was cut off by Guyver Alpha who interrupted her and said “shush dear, as she said why would you do that?”

“You three have being abandoned by the other Guyvers and left to die. I’m here to give you a choice,” said Imakarum. He stopped for a moment and turned around as the Shuttle Pod opened to reveal Cabral Khan holding the Unit remover. Imakarum used his powers to help the effectively powerless zoalord to the ground as the Shuttle Pod crashed the rest of the way to the ground. He then handed Imakarum the Unit remover which attached to his right arm.

“What is it you want from us?” asked Guyver Beta.

“I want you, I want your Guyver Units and I want you three to join the true Chronos,” said Zoalord Imakarum as his zoacrystal glowed and the Unit Remover opened.

“It’s impossible to remove a Guyver Unit,” said Guyver Beta. At that moment the Unit Remover flash fired at him. Before the others could even respond his Guyver Unit deformed and removed from the dumbfounded host and formed into a dormant Unit G on the ground before him then was lifted up off the ground and floated to Imakarum.

“No we can’t let you become a Guyver Zoalord!” said Guyver Gamma moving towards Imakarum before she was pulled back by Guyver Alpha who quickly said “we surrender!” <“Emma we don’t have a chance, there is no point in dying for nothing, dying just for the fuck all chance we might stop one of these Zoalords.”>

“You do not need to worry. Alkanphel our leader insured that any powerful zoaform can’t become a Guyver,” the tone of Imakarum was remarkably bitter as he said that. “None of the Zoalords you see will be using your former Units,” said Zoalord Imakarum as his zoacrystal glowed again and the Unit Remover recharged.

Chronos Arizona

Inside the Command room at the bottom of the huge base Zoalords Hamilcal Valkus, Shin Rubeo Amniculus, Friedrich von Purgstall and Waferdanos all looked at the display coming from the centre of the round table. It was from the Ark’s security sensors.

“It is beyond a doubt, our fellow Zoalords have betrayed us and Alkanphel!” said Friedrich looking at the image shown from the 3D display screen in the centre of the round table. It was from the security camera feeds of the Ark and showed what Cabral Khan had done and continued to do outside. Now that the Ark was falling uncontrollably to Earth the only question now was where it would land. The result shocked them! It was the Chronos Arizona base which would be the epicentre of the crash!

“There is no time to waste Purgstall, we have to save Chronos!” shouted Waferdanos.

The Ark Battle

The Ark started to visually glow as it started to burn as it was entering Earth’s Atmosphere. The Guyvers left flying back to Alaska knowing the Ark was falling thinking the resulting re-entry would kill the giant Dragon Lord on top of the Ark. Outside the Ark lighting seemed to flash to a point beside and out of that appeared Zoalords Purgstall and Waferdanos. Their shields quickly surrounded them as they then flew into an opening in the Ark. As they made their way into the core of the great ship Purgstall stopped as he realised Waferdanos was not on his way to the Command Room.

“Wait, where are you going?” asked Purgstall as he caught up with Waferdanos who was not stopping.

“The Controller has being removed, there is no stopping the Ark from crashing but I can save the Arizona base from destruction,” said Waferdanos as they closed in on the huge forest in the centre of the Ark. Stopping at the edge of the forest Waferdanos turned to his comrade.

“Give this to Valkus, thank him for the opportunity to see the world,” said Waferdanos as he removed his zoa-crystal from his head and gave it to the young Zoalord.

“I…” said Purgstall as he was cut off by Waferdanos “Go there is no time!”

Purgstall nodded and turned around and left at speed. Moments later he exited the Ark. Inside Waferdanos grew at an exponential rate fed by the ground soil and the light coming in from the sun. As his subjects awoke they followed the command of their Plant King to spread his forest far and wide throughout the Ark. Within a minute the large organism had grown to the point where Purgstall could see the growth outside the Ark feeling in the whole made by the Guyvers and the Dragon Lords battle. Inside the Ark Waferdanos gained control over the Ark as he grew into and took over the Control Room.

Purgstall could only look on as he managed to steady the Ark and it rose slightly then started the steady itself. For moment he thought Waferdanos had done the impossible but then the plant growth outside the Ark discoloured and turned brown. He couldn’t tell if that was from the exposer to space but then the Ark started to once again fall to the Earth below. A shield surrounded him as he followed the Ark.

Worlds Government Island – War Room

General Helsing looked at the large display screen. From what radar and from observation posts in the USA were telling him it was not the news he expected. The Guyvers were all landing outside and he wondered if he’d the heart to tell them but in the end their agreement was always to tell the truth no matter how hard it was.

“We came, we saw, we kicked its giant Godzilla ass!” shouted GIG Gold as he walked into room ready to celebrate. The look on the Generals face immediately made him realise something drastic had happened. The other Guyvers too realised something drastic had happened then looked at the screen showing images of Europe. All eight Guyvers walked towards him as the rest of his staff left the room.

“Guyvers, you all done amazingly well against the Ark and the Dragon Lord, but unfortunately we were all setup by Chronos today,” said General Helsing.

“What, how?” asked Assassin Guyver.

“The Ark was a diversion. Hell even me calling it a diversion is wholly incorrect. Chronos or at least part of it used you all and the Ark to make their move. I suspect today Chronos has fractured. At one point during your battle the Ark was aimed directly at the Chronos Arizona base. Soon as you all left the battle it was re-directed elsewhere and will soon crash instead into the Black Sea. While the battle was taking place Chronos forces attacked the UK, Germany and France. They have being overrun and have surrendered unconditionally to Chronos. If that was not enough we’re hearing reports of a Chronos base of Zoalord Tuatha Dé Galenos was attacked and media reports inside Chronos territory are blaming the Guyvers for his death.”

“I can’t reach Guyvers Alpha, Beta or Gamma!” said Back Guyver 3.

London UK – Westminster Bridge

Three Zoanoids step forward. They are a Gregore, a Ramotith and a Vamore and have being specially selected by the Zoalords due to the conditioning and their will to join Chronos. The choice was never forced upon them; they all willingly joined Chronos and being in it and what it has done for the humanity in ending war, bringing medication and curing diseases and ending famine.

“You three will become or vanguard against the US Based Guyvers aggression. Today they killed our fellow Zoalord Tuatha Dé Galenos as we finally laid claim to the remaining counties of Europe! I have left a Dormant Unit G on the bridge for you Vamore. You’ll be the first to claim your Unit!”

“Thank you my Lord, it is an absolute honour to be part of your vanguard!” said Vamore as he walked towards the centre of the bridge. It had being cleared of all cars and people. Not even boats were sailing underneath. The Zoalords were in control of the area now and nothing was allowed interfere with the plans of Zoalord Imakarum.

Ten minutes later Guyver Vamore walked back from the centre of Westminster Bridge towards the Zoalord. He was a few inches larger than that of a zoanoid Vamore but the effect of the Guyver armour on him was striking completely covering him in green armour. As he closed to walking distance he then kneeled down in front of the Zoalord.

“I may be a Guyver, but I am loyal to you Zoalord Imakarum!” said Guyver Vamore.

Imakarum nodded as zoalord Li Yan Tsui who had the second dormant Unit – G placed it in the centre of the bridge again and flew back up to a safe distance away from it. “It is your turn now Gregore, go claim your Unit,” said Zoalord Imakarum.

Again, as Vamore the Gregore went and activated his Unit, swore his loyalty to Chronos and to Imakarum and was then followed by Ramotith who did the same. Just as they finished the sky darkened as a huge form the Dragonlord flew overhead and then landed on the Palace of Westminster crushing what was left the historic building. Imakarum smiled, even the zoanoids that were stationed on the Ark had not being wasted becoming part of the giant form of the Dragon Lord. Today would mark is ascendancy.

Worlds Government Island – War Clan Research Building

Joshua, Selph and James Beatty were hard at work repairing one of the commando armours from the last battle. Josh designed 3 types of battle armour similar to that of a basic Guyver. They each had a laser orb on each hand. A 50mm rail gun mounted on the left arm, and a mini missile launcher on the right arm. It had the ability to fly over 50 MPH with jets and has a vibrational sword on the forearms.  The armour is solid titanium with the most high tech hydraulic pistons to allow movement almost as fluent as the human body.

“James, I swear, if you ever attempt to go hand and hand with a Omega again I will personally kick your fucking ass from here to New York,” said Josh looking at the damage done to the commando armour. The armour was torn into almost as bad as Swiss cheese and torched almost black by a Vamore blast.

“Well, you’re the one who said the armour has the muscle capacity of a Ramotith,” said James.

“But it does not yet have the manoeuvrability. He stepped behind you and pummelled you like aluminium can!” said Josh lifting a sheet of Titanium. It was unknown to them why but for a strange reason he had more strength than an average person his age along with more intelligence.

“Then be more specific next time!” said James as he worked on replacing a damaged railgun barrel.

“Next time I’ll leave him to tear your nuts off you ugly bastard,” said Josh getting angry over the immense damage of the armour.

“Well Thank God two of us have brains,” said Jarrod Lucas stepping out of the bathroom and acknowledging Josh as he walked by. A moment later a blast field expands outside the shed and W’Kar appeared and said “Make that three!”

“It’s about time you got your ass over here” said James laughing at him.

“Maybe I ought to hang your ass outside so you’ll never be late.  I haven’t slept in weeks and I overslept.  Back off cheesemeister,” said W’Kar as he disengaged his amour. His face was still visually very pale but the Unit still kept him healthy and was basically fine. But as he looked in the mirror Greg noticed he was still cursed with those four sharp teeth.

“Hey Bro!” said Jarrod waving his hand at Greg.

“Hey Punk,” he said waving back.  Greg looked over at commando two. “James, what the hell did you do to the armour?”


“Bullshit” said Josh an aggravated tone. “You went toe to toe with an Omega!”

Greg looked down at him and smiled. “Even after all this time you haven’t gotten any smarter,” he said.  James just shrugs his shoulders and laughs.

“Maybe he’s half Zoanoid? He has the intelligence of an ant!” said Jarrod smiling.

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” Josh said signally for Greg to come over to him.

“What’s wrong?” asked Greg.

“I did what you asked and hacked the Generals feed. Things didn’t go as planned for the Guyvers,” said Josh.

“Did anyone die? Ira?” asked a visually concerned Greg.

“No thank God no one died. But they were setup. I guess it was by Imakarum.”

“Go on,” said Greg the almost instant rage in his face from hearing that name made it hard for them both to continue. Josh knew this would be hard for Greg to hear.

“While the Ark was being attacked by the 8 World’s Government Guyvers it was at one point seemingly out of control….”

“Don’t waste time with the long story Josh, I’m man enough to take it! Tell me what did the bastard do!”

“He had Cabral Khan setup the Ark to crash it on the Arizona Chronos base. At the same time I suspect he had Edward Caerleon kill Tuatha Dé Galenos. While the Guyvers were busy Chronos attacked Europe’s last free countries. I hacked a feed in the UK, Imakarum was handed the remover by Cabral Khan and used it on Guyvers Alpha, Beta and Gamma. They have had the Units removed and have being captured. Their Units have being used on a Gregore, a Ramotith and a Vamore!

“Ok, what’s the bad news?” asked Greg laughing.

“That was the bad news,” said a now confused Josh.

“Who-ho, at last!” said Greg. Seeing that Josh didn’t get it he continued on to say, “no more messing around Josh, this war is coming to a close and I get to beat shitty zoanoid Guyvers up before I get to kill Imakarum! This is the best news ever!” said Greg running over to Jarod.

“Brother lets go get some dinner and party!” Jarrod knew better than to argue with him it was time to go have some fun with his brother.

In Eastern Europe by the Black Sea there is no real warning that can be sounded out before the Ark crashes into the sea.  The resulting devastation is immense as a forty mile long spaceship falling mostly uncontrollably hits the water. A giant tsunami is formed with the bulk of the force going a easterly due to the direction of the impact. It is the single worst disaster the region ever suffered in human history.

The End of Story 2