This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


The start of this fiction takes place after the Warrior Guyver/Great War crossover “Meeting of the Warriors”.


From the Shadows…

|the resurrection of that once thought dead|

AuthorAllen Lucas

Deep inside of the universe where the Warrior Kavzar dwell with their creator masters lies a massive vessel. Home to Lar’cass, one of the great minds of the creator race, this relic craft was once home to nearly 10,000 Warrior Kavzar. Each of which has now been stripped from Lar’cass after it was discovered he helped in the theft of creator Draven’s Matrix, as well as supplied a distraction to give Krullnar the chance he needed to escape into the forbidden reality. The punishment of having his personal guard was a severe one. It has only been handed down once before to a member of the science caste. Now Lar’cass has been shamed.

Upset, but not dissuaded, Lar’cass has decided to continue the experiments performed by Krullnar just before his madness. He was handed by Krullnar all of his experimentation on a new breed of Kavzar he calls the ‘Commander’ class. “Although the Warrior Kavzar Army is plenty powerful enough to handle any threat we creators have seen thus far, the need may arise for an even stronger breed,” Krullnar said to Lar’cass before his departure.

Lar’cass agreed to continue the experiment. Word has reached that Krullnar was killed in his efforts. Unable to break into the forbidden reality, he was thrown off course into another reality. As soon as the creators of his reality began to monitor him Krullnar was maliciously murdered by the same guyver he went to kill. Caught in an explosive temporal and spacial vortex caused by the simultaneous death of a star and an explosion of Anti-Matter, the clan ship was blown into two pieces. One has been found by Lar’cass.

Lar’cass steps into the control chamber of his clan ship and contacts the control medal of the relic. It gives him the sight and hearing of the ship, allowing him to watch as the broken chunk of Krullnar’s clan ship is docked and connected to the side of his. Lar’cass disconnects and leaves the chamber.

At the lock Lar’cass opens the door. He steps inside to be greeted by a pool of blue liquid at his feet. The ship has suffered severe damage and is leaking it’s bio-fluid all over. It is unsalvageable.

Hoping that something remains of the ships consciousness, Lar’cass contacts the ship. He finds it difficult to communicate with the damaged craft, but is capable of retrieving some information. Krullnar entered a dimension where he found a fellow creator, named Dibblis, who helped him in the creation of a new Kavzar type. He accesses the known data about the new creature. The Atrahasis was a conglomeration of the most advanced technology of the two dimensions; Warrior technology from his, and Mark II as well as W’Kar technology from the other.

That is all that is known about it. The data tracks are far too damaged to recover anything else.

Lar’cass then attempts to use the sensory grid. Only parts of the ship can be scanned. He gives the okay, and in a few moments is given a warning that the W’Kar is loose on board! Quickly Lar’cass accesses a viewing and sees a downed human lying on the ground. He has long black hair and is loosely clothed in a black coat. He knows he may only have one shot at this. Lar’cass contacts his ship and orders it to teleport the human to a cell in the lab and surround him in a maximum level force field, and orders his Matrix to reinforce it and prevent the W’Kar from activating his armor.

Lar’cass teleports back to the lab to see his orders carried out. Now the one known as W’Kar is locked safely away onboard.

6 Hours Later

Greg opens his eyes and sits up. He shakes his head. “Huh, where the hell am I now!?” he calls out.

“You are onboard my clanship W’Kar,” Lar’cass says. Greg looks over and sees a guyver like being standing in the corner. He quickly notices the pyramid shaped medal.

“Damn, another one. When are you guys gonna figure out that you can’t beat me, capture me, or even hurt me?” Greg says standing up with his arms crossed.

“On the contrary W’Kar, you are very well captured. And after I am done completing my first experiment, I’ll begin on you.”

“Yeah, sure!” Greg says. “W’KAR!!!”

Nothing happens.

“NOT AGAIN!” he screams. The he looks and notices a Matrix. “Damn that little toy.”

Lar’cass almost chuckles.

The Next Day

Lar’cass stares up at the massive form of the newly made Warrior Kavzar Commander. It is highly improved over the Warrior Kavzar design. Using the new Energy Matrix weapon, as well as the new dual Control Crystal design, this creator warrior is by far the strongest in the empire.

“Geez, still not very original though. All those Kavzar things look the same. At least the Jy-taki had a little different look,” Greg says poking at the force field.

“If my memory serves me correctly, the original human breed required sleep. Why don’t you try that?” Lar’cass says aggravated at Greg’s constant insults.

“OOH, so someone does have a sense of humor. Well, then again that joke was pretty lame. You should try using some of that super I.Q. for some new jokes. Ever heard of Rodney Dangerfield?” Greg asks.

Lar’cass ignores him. More important things lie ahead. “Millennia ago the creator race developed the Kavzar. Krullnar was the one who made them. Solom was the one who improved them. Perhaps I will be the one to perfect them.”

“I doubt it,” Greg says smiling and crossing his arms. “What have you developed aside from the neat little cell I’m in?”

“I developed a method to easily produce the Warrior Kavzar. Originally we though we would have to go through another stage before we developed them into Warrior Kavzar. I found a way to make them easier. Now we simply bio-boost them with units much like the guyver,” Lar’cass boasts proudly.

“That’s it? What a waste of matter,” Greg says. He sits back down. “It’s starting to get fun here. I’m glad I stayed.”

“Really? I didn’t know you chose to,” Lar’cass says mockingly.

“Sure! At first I was having a problem, but now I’m all good.”

“Now it’s my turn. I doubt that. The Matrix is preventing you from activating your unit.”


“Then try it human.”

Greg smiles and stands back up. He rolls his neck. “Alright, but you gotta fix the damage.”

“Be assured I will,” Lar’cass says.

“W’KAR!!!” Greg screams outwards. Suddenly his blast field explodes around him and tears through the craft. The organism rips out from behind him and wraps around his body forming the armor from within it.

W’Kar stands up looking down at Lar’cass, who is now speechless.

“What’s a matter? That 400 I.Q. just drop?” W’Kar says. His gravity orb glows as he extends his hand forward. Placing his foot back he braces himself and launches a single pressure cannon shot. The weapon slams into the shield and breaks through as though it was not there. Forcing it’s way forward and smashing into the wall in front of him. W’Kar steps out of the miniature barrier designed to attempt to hold him.

“H…H…how did you activate that unit!?” Lar’cass asks frightened and cringing.

W’Kar stomps forward. “You think some puny ass erector set like that could hold me. I tricked you. Stupid creator.”

W’Kar looks over at the matrix. His gravity orb activates and he pulls the device towards him. “Although this thing can be pretty useful. I think I’ll borrow it, permanently.”

“You cannot use the matrix, it is too much for a human to comprehend!” Lar’cass states.

“That’s what you think.” W’Kars control medal glows as he contacts the matrix. Immediately the matrix reacts to it and discovers that this unit is not a warrior type. Scanning the area it detects Lar’cass commanding it to escape. However W’Kar also has begun to command it.

“I just built that matrix. Its state is unstable still. If you place too much pressure on it before it has time to adapt to its existence it could malfunction,” Lar’cass says.

Finding a stronger will in W’Kar, the device follows his orders. The Matrix glows and teleports W’Kar and itself away.

“NO!” Lar’cass says. “Damn that creature. I must complete the Commander.”

On Earth

W’Kar appears just outside of Seattle holding the matrix in his hand.

“Cool. Now I can bring people with me.”

W’Kar takes the device and pushes it into his side underneath the organism. He takes a look around. The buildings are cracked and broken. Already he feels hot. He thinks it must be that world that one Warrior Guyver came from. He said Alkanphel and a man named General Carter set off nuclear bombs across the face of the planet.

“I hope they don’t go this far with the Jy-taki,” W’Kar says looking around. He starts walking down the street staring at buildings. He sees the space needle building and the Starbucks that once was part of it. The needle has broken off and crashed to the ground. Off to the side he notices tons of rubble. One building catches his attention however. A large sign dangles from a single bolt with the word ‘Museum’ on it.

W’Kar walks up to the building and tries to open the door, but with one small push the wooden door comes crashing down and smashes over a rock.

He steps over it and looks inside. A couple strings hang from the ceiling where a sign once hung. A large bone is off to the side.

W’Kar walks across the shattered and cracked tile into a larger, more open room decorated in human fossils. He looks at various pictures of man’s evolution. A group of busts shows what man looked like from the time of his pre-history, to the present age.

“At least they got the dates right,” he says looking at them. “They really fucked this planet up. If I had a Geiger counter I bet the damn thing wouldn’t stop chirping.”

Back at the Clanship

Lar’cass quickly teleports to a certain place in his massive laboratory. He accesses the ships systems and orders a completion scan of the Warrior Kavzar Commander. He’s only 80% complete. It will still take at least another day.


On Earth

W’Kar changes his armor into his clothing and sits down on the roof of a broken car. He opens up his coat and pulls out the Matrix. Holding it in his hand he stares at the ever-changing blue hue of the pyramid shaped crystal.

He remembers that this device was merged with Dreadnought’s Control Medal. This allowed him to pass through dimension to dimension. Unfortunately for him this is not a TRANS device. Using this the time lag would remain. He doesn’t know how large that is in the two time streams. If he left this universe using the Matrix, he could arrive anywhere between two minutes or two centuries after the fact. Maybe he could change it, but he doubts it. This matrix was not designed for his unit or anything like it. He’s already finding it hard to communicate with it. That creator almost stole it from him.

“Damn. Where the hell is the Kregen when you need them,” Greg says.

Greg’s unit’s sensors detect something in front of him. Suddenly a hyperspace breach opens in front of him and he hears the familiar tone.

“You called W’Kar?” a voice of a Kregen says.

“Yeah. Can you help me go back to my universe?” Greg asks.

A pause. “Unfortunately we cannot. The time stream has become unstable. Transporting anything in or out is impossible for us.”


“The Time Stream is the axis on which the fourth dimension relies on. Without it, time freezes. When we transport beings through time and space without perverting the events that are already set in it, we manipulate the streams. TRANS does that as well,” the Kregen says.

“What does that have to do with me not being able to go back?” Greg asks.

“The Time Stream of that universe has been perverted. Something in it has caused such havoc that the time stream was changed. It was not an event that was supposed to occur.”

“The Red Dragon,” says the Kregen.

“Who?” Greg asks.

“W’Kar, we cannot bring you into that universe. Nothing can. Even that device in your hands, which is one of the greatest feats of the physical plane ever, is incapable of doing this. TRANS could not even manipulate this perverted time stream,” another voice says.

“Damn, ah well. So what do I do? I need to go back there,” Greg says.

Another pause. “Until the perversion is repaired you cannot return. We propose another action. Dimension 873853. You would know it as the universe in that the Gigantic Warrior Guyver came from.”


“Yes. His universe. It has been affected by multiple perversions as well. That of his travel to battle the Guyver Zoalord. The barrier the creators of 583751 made, as well as some in which would not have yet occurred to his known consciousness. Although some must remain to keep the dimension in sync, some must be repaired or the dimension may collapse on itself. Many of these perversions were or will be caused by the Warrior Guyver himself. We want you to go and repair these under our supervision.”

Greg sits up. “I ain’t no ones slave.”

“We aren’t asking you to be. We have many operatives working for us. You know we are only able to manipulate the energy within a universe. On a physical plane we have no power. So we have operatives to assist in those matters. For example, Mammetut. Unfortunately she has been…perverted as well,” the voice says.

Greg thinks for a moment. That universe was still at war with Chronos. This means he would probably be back in that groove. Cool.

“Alright. What the hell. Just answer me one question. How is Cassandra?”

The Kregen pause for a moment again. “She is currently with Albass and safe. She’s recently been enhanced with mark two as well. Her unit has proven to be very versatile.”

“And the child?”

“It’s alive.”

The Next Day

The Clan Ship

Lar’cass orders the awakening of the Warrior Kavzar Commander. Almost immediately the biological sack in which the creature was being born in cracks open to reveal a gigantic sized yellow Warrior Kavzar Commander.

“Your first mission is simple. Kill W’Kar and retrieve my Matrix. He has probably gone to the old seed world.”

The Warrior Kavzar Commander bows and teleports away.


A giant being teleports onto the surface looking out at the ruined city. It’s hypersenses jerk and he turns to see a giant blue guyver. W’Kar.

“I knew if I hung around here you’d show up. Ready to do this?” W’Kar asks slowly unsheathing his plasma blades.

The Warrior Kavzar Commander answers by extending his own vibrational swords.

The Commander attacks first, teleporting just behind W’Kar and thrusting his vibrational blades forward. W’Kar detects this and fires a particle burst behind him that blasts the commander back a few feet giving the beast enough time to whip around and fire a pressure cannon. The Warrior Kavzar Commander throws up a shield quickly and knocks it away. W’Kar, now peeved, thrusts out his plasma blades and slices at the commander.

The commander thrusts backward and swings his own blades. W’Kar chops them in half with his plasma swords and cuts off the commanders right hand. Using his energy draining, he fires an electrical blast into the wound and destroys the energy matrix emitters on that side of his body. The Commander activates his shielding and rams W’Kar sending him flying into the side of a building. W’Kar crashes through it, flying through a cafeteria and out the other side landing against a large truck.

The commander teleports above him and fires his hand beams. W’Kars blast field explodes and he teleports himself far off while draining energy from everywhere. The Commander follows, W’Kar teleports away again.

“What’s a matter W’Kar, afraid?” the commander instigates.

<“Hardly”> W’Kar says over the organism that connects them. W’Kars blast field explodes above the commander. He looks up and sees W’Kar cupping his hands and he senses a massive bio energy buildup. The Commander teleports away, but finds himself face to face again with W’Kar who has followed him.

W’Kar fires the bio energy weapon. Too late does the Commander realize his predicament, he is blasted back and down into the ground. The commander teleports into Hyperspace.

W’Kar looks down. “Is he dead?”

The Commander comes out of hyperspace healed up and fires a black hole attack at W’Kar. W’Kar turns and fires a short blast into the weapon that disperses it. W’Kar follows it by opening his left chest plate and firing it at the commander, who simply teleports away.

“I’m tired of this,” W’Kar says. He is greeted by the commander’s pressure cannon from the side as it comes out of teleport. It strikes W’Kar in the side and blasts through his armor taking his stomach with it.

W’Kar is pissed off now. He rams forward and slams both Plasma Blades forward. The commander attempts to erect a shield to deflect them, but the blades pierce through and slam into both the chest plates. He pins him against a wall and fires his head beam into the commander’s eyes shattering them. The commander activates his blast field and blasts W’Kar off of him. Without sight, he relies on his hypersenses and targets W’Kar with his Zoalord powers and fires multiple lightning bolts at W’Kar. W’Kar shields, draining power off of each bolt and charging his energy draining system.

As the Warrior Kavzar Commanders eyes finish healing, his chest plates are now almost done and he prepares to fire his big attack. Lifting to the air he opens his chest plates mentally, and reaching high into the air he forms a massive yellow and black vortex composed of gravity and electromagnetic energy.

W’Kar watches him do this. He smiles and erects his shielding, taking time to order his energy draining. W’Kars hands drive forward as to catch something, instead a blue energy pours from his hands and outward in a massive shield that cups upward towards the commander.

The Commander launches the attack! He calls out a war cry and flings the massive vortex towards W’Kar, combined with his mega-smashers energy. W’Kar plants his feet, and the weapon slams into his cupped shield. Swirling and striking into it. W’Kar feels incredible pressure. Both his knees shatter, followed by his spinal cord under the intense strain. The nature of his unit however, allows him to stay upwards continuing this suicidal move.

The Commander watches as his attack tears apart the city. Bolts fly off of the shield and rip across the streets. One tears completely through a car and the building it’s next to. Suddenly it all breaks loose, exploding in a violent storm of gravity and electromagnetic energy.

The Commander looks down at the rubble. The city is blank, leaving a brown scar for over a mile where the blast erupted. Believing his target dead, the commander disengages his defenses.

Then his hypersenses flare. He looks off to the right and his vision zooms in to a single building. On the roof, he sees W’Kar!

A swirl of energy emanates off of him. Blue, black, green, red and white streams of color and fire twist and turn around his body. His Energy Draining system is charged and ready for full output. Although he could hold a lot more energy, he can only fire so much. Now is that time.

The Commander never saw it coming. A blast field exploded near his face, W’Kar comes out with the swirling energy on his fist. The Commander finds himself unable to move, caught in a field of warped time, as W’Kar swings his fist upward. He connects to the Commanders chest, causing a powerful explosion that continues as he brings it up and strikes both the Warrior Kavzar Commanders control crystals.

The Warrior Kavzar Commander dies, his body falling to the ground as what was left of his chest and head are nothing more than dust. W’Kar drops his gravity and falls with the body, slamming his feet on the ground and staring up at the corpse as it flings and swings side to side as every bio-armored creature does after their control mechanisms are gone.

The body melts away in an ooze of decay.

“I’m still the best at what I do,” W’Kar says turning his back and calling for the Matrix. It appears in his hand.

W’Kars medal glows as he commands it to bring him to the forbidden reality. Dimension 873853.