Subject : Power Staff Weapon

Code Name : Dre’Klas Power Staff

Average Length : 370 cm (~12 Feet)

Average Weight : 90 kg (~200 Pounds)

Status : In official use throughout the Grakken Empire.

Description : Our scientists, in their continuing efforts to improve the combat effectiveness of our warriors, have adapted the Destroyer armor technology to create a powerful staff weapon. Based on the Dre’Klas (Death Claw) ceremonial combat staff weapon, the Dre’Klas Power Staff has the added ability to channel the power of its user to produce either a concentrated pulse blast attack or a directed energy shield. This weapon can also be combined with the enhancements of the Drestroyer armor to greatly improve the combat effectiveness of our warriors.

-Specifications : The Dre’Klas Power Staff is equipped with a micro fusion power cell that provides the needed power for the weapons power channeling system. The Power Channeling System is the weapons real power as it allows the staff to act as a capacitor for virtually any type of energy. This allows the user to store their energy, gravity or energy based, and channel it into either a directed blast, which can be combined with their own firepower, or into a directed shield. The blades of the staff itself is also fully functional high frequency vibrational blade weapons for added close combat effectiveness. As any weapon, the power and effectiveness of the weapon depends on the power and skills of the user. On average this weapon has been rated to give its user a 50% increase in combat effectiveness.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.