This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

NoteThe start of this fiction takes place during the Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction ‘Seven Days of Hell’

…and into the light…

|so shall embers be lit aflame|

AuthorAllen Lucas

“Come on! All this and all you can manage is a couple of sun burns and a little flying metal!” W’Kar yelled out as he was hit by another of Sedah’s attacks. He could tell that his opponent’s Unit was similar to that other one he saw earlier. Both of which looked like one of those Warrior Kavzar he had seen recently, just a little tougher.

Sedah’s energy wings flared out even further. This was not his kind of fight. He had the advantage of power, but this W’Kar just kept at it. And his voice was getting annoying. Sedah preferred more one sided confrontations.

It was at that moment that Warrior Guyver Vamore teleported onto W’Kars flank and fired his two shoulder cannons. W’Kar laughed at the thought of this Warrior Guyver Vamore being a little upset at being killed so quickly after becoming a Guyver. W’Kar had sensed it earlier, as well as the contingent of zoanoids rolling over the hill after the retreating armored marines. He owed Dreadnought and the rest of them, and he was about to pay up. As the blast shot at W’Kar he turned and threw up his shielding. The weapon was powerful, as he soon found out. Much stronger than he thought it would be. W’Kars hyperspace orb began to glow as his energy draining system went fully active and he began absorbing as much of the energy as he could.

Sedah would have smiled at the sight. His hypersenses told him that Guyver Powered Zerebubuth was on his way, as was twelve Bio-Titans. W’Kar would have his hands full soon enough. While those armored marines, well, they’re a different story all together. With the allied forces in a retreat it would give him a good opportunity to thin the herd for Chronos. . .

The blast finally stopped as W’Kar stood there, moved only a few feet. His armored form was visually scorched from the intense power of the weapon, but his energy reserves managed to get all that more full. A little more and he would be ready to make the real distraction. . .

Warrior Guyver Vamore angrily came to the ground and began firing multiple lasers out of his head orb and the two on his shoulder pod cannons, while charging up for another attack. But W’Kar knew how to deal with Vamore, he had fought them many a time. Get up close and they are as cute as kittens.

W’Kar dove forward at high speed and let the lasers hit him, barely effecting his powerful armor, and planted his foot on the ground before giving Warrior Guyver Vamore a kick strong enough to send him reeling backward. Warrior Guyver Vamore’s pods opened up just at that moment, releasing the energy skyward and vaporizing a few soaring aerial zoanoids. Before he flew back and landed face first against the side of a piece of the clan ship and tore through it, rolling some hundred feet across the ground before hitting another section of hull and stopping.

“Like throwing a baby,” W’Kar said as he dusted off his hands. Before his hypersenses flared, something big was heading his way. He only had a few seconds before the massive form of Guyver Powered Zerebubuth came leaping over another ridge.

W’Kar could yell out in happiness. “Come on boy! I’ve got a brand new pack of whoop-ass ready for you!”

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth replied. His form came slamming down almost on W’Kar who quickly dodged to the side and threw a quick one handed pressure cannon into him, which nailed the side of the guyver hyper zoanoid. Dust flew everywhere when Guyver Powered Zerebubuth’s knee hit the ground, and even more shot up as his momentum did not slow down. Guyver Powered Zerebubuth swung his right arm around and attempted to chop W’Kar in half with his vibrational bladed tri claws. W’Kar extended his own plasma swords and swung both of his elbow blades and narrowly deflected the three blades away but was nailed across the chest with three random ones from his opponent’s shoulder, which Guyver Powered Zerebubuse then used for leverage as he threw W’Kar across the field.

W’Kars hand was quick though, and he grabbed the zoanoids loose vibrational blade and used the momentum of the creature to pull himself off, holding on as he pivoted around, and onto his opponent’s back.

“Those things hurt!” W’Kar says as he grabbed onto the various spikes on the beast’s back to hold on. W’Kars armor was tough enough to handle this guyver’s vibrational blades in his bare hand. So W’Kar simply held on as Guyver Powered Zerebubuth swung wildly trying to free himself. “HA! Like riding a big spiky bull!” W’Kar called out laughing. Before activating his plasma swords and starting to hack off the vibrational spikes.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth screamed and suddenly W’Kar felt a huge amount of sonic energy as the blades started shaking ever so slightly. Suddenly W’Kar was sent blasting skyward as an immense sonic blast erupts from the combined harmonics of the vibrational blades. W’Kars armor is cracked, as he only just manages to catch his own footing on the ground.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” W’Kar says clenching his fists. Looking to the ground he sees one of the loose severed vibrational spikes he had hacked off. This one was not so supercharged like the other ones were, so he picked it up.

“While your at it,” W’Kar said as he held up the large vibrational spike he chopped off of the bull. “Take this back!”

Just as he said it, W’Kar back flipped over Guyver Powered Zerebubuth in a flash and activated his gravity control orb, and with all his force added to it rammed the vibrational spike where W’Kar knew the sun never shone.

W’Kar laughed at the grimacing pain of Guyver Powered Zerebubuth. His hand was covered in blood and bio material as he pulled it up and out of his opponent’s rear end. He left the vibrational spike in there though. “Ooh, guyver or not I bet that hurts,” he chuckles. “Don’t get too excited now, it is our first date after all.”


W’Kar chuckles and shakes his head. “I’m not saying it again.”

Imakarum watched closely from a distance away as Guyver Powered Zerebubuth swung wildly at W’Kar. W’Kar’s quick movements dodged him, though the sonic wave created by having all of his vibrational blades enhanced and swung were still breaking bits and pieces of W’Kar’s armor. But the battle was steadily senting Guyver Powered Zerebubuth into a rage. Imakarum knew that the W’Kar Guyver was purposely getting him as angry as possible. W’Kar’s attacks in close range were far and few in between but when they connected, locked in combat, they counted.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth fired a head laser right at W’Kar, whose armor was scorched and tore under the power of it, surprising W’Kar, but throwing him enough off balance for the massive beast to pound him with his massive tri-claw straight through the chest. W’Kar was lifted off the ground and then slammed repeatedly against it again and again by Guyver Powered Zerebubuth. Each bash sent W’Kar into a world of hurt, but finally W’Kars blast field erupted and he was sucked out of normal space. The blast tore the beast’s arm nearly off, and slammed him on the ground. Just then, Guyver Powered Zerebubuth’s own hyper senses found W’Kar rocketing down at him from straight above. Guyver Powered Zerebubuth knew he was at least a mile in the sky, but a volley of fast massive pressure cannons came slamming down around him.

He dodged a few, and his shielding kept him from receiving too much damage as he lifted his own arm cannon and fired a massive blast of energy towards W’Kar. W’Kar sensed the power of the wave and decided that though healed, he did not want to be weakened by that blast and moved his feet downward and focused all of his shielding towards that part and decided to try a breakthrough. Guyver Powered Zerebubuth was surprised by the tenacity of W’Kar still, as he tore through the other side of the huge blast, ripping through by using his gravity orb to accelerate himself and slammed his foot right in the Chronos soldiers face with enough force to crack his spine.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth screamed in pain and whipped his vibrational blades around. W’Kar quickly extended his plasma blades and though the vibrational blades themselves were blocked the force of the sonic wave ripped into him and tore parts of his armor right off sending W’Kar sailing to the side. W’Kar recovered to Guyver Powered Zerebubuth finally healing his spine and charging towards him, W’Kar obliged.

The ground was being crushed by the two titans as they were slamming against each others shielding, and the pure mass they both had pressing the attacks against each other broke the surface of the ground blowing dust and dirt into the sky. Guyver Powered Zerebubuth had powerful vibrational blades for tri-claws and on his forearms that when connected with W’Kars own Plasma blades blasted a sonic shockwave that cracked dirt and forced both combatants to use incredible amounts of strength just to keep near each other. W’Kars own blades sent a wave of plasma spiralling outward that both burned and pushed at each of them, furthering the damage done as each blade scraped another in their fury. W’Kar’s attacks were fast and struck vital places on the Guyver Powered Zerebubuth, who in turn had wild attacks that though hit and caused considerable damage to W’Kar, did not seem to slow him down one bit.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth and him locked blades with their arms crossed over each other, each violently screaming in an attempt to intimidate the other. W’Kar was being pushed down slowly, but surely. In an attempt to gain the upper hand the beast’s three horns pointed forward and sprayed W’Kar in the face which melted a layer of his armor around the head and chest. Guyver Powered Zerebubuth then used the extra momentum and brief distraction to slam his knee into W’Kar and then strike him extremely hard with his fist, sending W’Kar slamming backwards and into a section of the ship.

W’Kar stood up after little time. His armor was tough, and the fact that he had burned enough to warp the armor meant that weapon would be dangerous as hell to any guyver. But the thought of him being burnt like some weak creature peeved W’Kar off incessantly. So when he saw the beast running towards him like some crazed hippopotamus, he reached back behind him and grabbed a broken chunk of the clan ship severed from his own striking it.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth and Imakarum were dually surprised when W’Kar grabbed onto the ruined section of clanship and yanked it off, swinging it with enough force to bash him to the side. The effect was quickly capitalized on by W’Kar, who despite being less powerful than Guyver Powered Zerebubuth, managed to charge a bit of energy into his foot from some unknown source then spun and slammed his foot into his chest harder than any of his attacks were previously, tossing the Guyver Powered Zerebubuth to the side with force enough to break straight through a damaged ACTF cannon.

Imakarum was shocked! For a split second the W’Kar had shown to have strength nearly equal to the Guyver Powered Zerebubuth. The rights of which even Dreadnought could not match! What was this new guyver?!

This answer would have to wait for Imakarum, as W’Kar spun quickly around and fired a huge sized Pressure Cannon off into the distance where Imakarum looked and saw Warrior Guyver Vamore charging his Hyper Smasher Pods. W’Kar’s Pressure Cannon slammed into the Chronos combatant, but was absorbed just at that moment as Warrior Guyver Vamore activated the gravity shield.

Imakarum smiled as W’Kar looked up as a massive wave of destruction was fired at him. A combination of particle beam energy and gravity, W’Kar was forced to throw up his shielding and kick himself upward. The beam slammed into him and sent him soaring backward out of the weapons destructive range that tore a crater through the ground.

Imakarum was impressed by the move on W’Kars part. The shielding helped keep him alive, but leaping into the air allowed the blast he knew he couldn’t avoid to send him sailing out of the blast range. W’Kar was obviously an experienced combatant in his unit, and he was obviously well versed in war tactics. It made him wonder, as few if any of the ACTF guyvers would have thought of such a move. Imakarum doubted it.

W’Kar emerged from the smoking pile with Warrior Guyver Vamore hot on his trail. He was firing multiple blasts of laser and pressure cannon fire at him, that either was seemingly absorbed by his armor, or hit it without any visual sign of damage. W’Kar, still smoldering but visually healing quickly, dove ahead at high speed and tackled the zoanoid. Vamore extended his vibrational blades and slammed it into W’Kars sides where his kidneys should be and tore upward ripping through multiple scraps of armor.

W’Kar grunted slightly as he slammed Warrior Guyver Vamore in a body slam against the ground and extended his own blades. WG Vamore and he began tumbling across the ground stabbing at each other but W’Kar eventually hopped up and released WG Vamore, who immediately turned and attempted to fire an opened Hyper Smasher Pod, but W’Kar moved too fast and slammed his Plasma Blade through WG Vamore’s opposite pod and into his skull, where he turned the zoanoids body with a yank.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth was running quickly towards the rampaging guyver. His feet were leaving huge cracks in the ground as he leaped over a ridge, knowing that the W’Kar Guyver and his ally Warrior Guyver Vamore were locked in combat. His leap sent him hurling over a section of ruined clanship, and torn pieces ripped or blown off of the armored marines, and when he looked over the ridge his hyper senses flared just as his own sight saw the discharge of one of Vamore’s Hyper Smasher Pods. He had little time, but raised his shields, the sonic energy flowing around his many armor spikes as fast as possible but was launched backward with the destructive force of the weapon. The sheer velocity sent him spiraling out of control as he crashed through another section of the clan ship.

W’Kar chuckled to himself as WG Vamore vainly started to use a combination of his blast field and gravity force to knock W’Kar off. W’Kar held strong, absorbing most of the damage as he had a plasma sword still impaled through Warrior Guyver Vamore’s shoulder pod and into the side of his skull. W’Kar had his other arm pulled backward and was pulling as hard as he could and tore the arm right off of him! WG Vamore screamed in pain, and suddenly his unit self activated the teleportation and moved out of W’Kars locking hold.

W’Kar held Vamore’s arm in his hand and picked it up to look at it. He laughed, but then his hyper senses told him of an approaching threat from the south, and he turned where his sight showed him a contingent of Bio-Titans heading his way.

W’Kar dropped the arm to his side and activated his sonic emitters to destroy it. He didn’t need the arm turning into some psycho beast, and as fast as the Warrior Guyvers healed it wouldn’t take as long and though he didn’t know if Warrior Guyvers even could do that, he wasn’t about to take the risk. W’Kars blast field erupted around him and he disappeared.

He appeared in the midst of the Bio-Titans, his teleport directly at the heart of their group. The force of the blast field sent six of the zoanoids soaring away from him. The others who were effected turned quickly and fired multiple plasma energy balls towards W’Kar, who merely held his course as parts were absorbed into him, and parts were burning the dirt from his armor.

W’Kar fired a large gravity ball that slammed into one Bio-Titan and sent the zoanoid soaring through the air, but before they could even notice W’Kar had already slammed his forward facing plasma blade through another chest, and reached his hands inside to tear the thing in half. He tossed both sides towards another with such force that the two pieces of corpse knocked the zoanoid off of his feet.

Another one of the shocked Bio-Titans began to build up a powerful surge of Bio-Energy. W’Kar noticed this build up instantly, his senses tuning into it like a hungry animal. His energy draining system was filling up, slowly but surely. It was then he felt the rest of them do the same, including the damaged ones that had survived, but were not happy about, his blast field. The discharge came moments later as W’Kars body was covered in red hot fire and began to rapidly absorb the energy discharge, his shielding and his armor helped protect him but the Bio-Titans would smile had they mouths. Such power could not be protected against.

Imakarum himself was not so sure. The buildup of the Bio-Titans took too long, far too long for beings of that level of capability. Against Warrior Guyvers and what most of the opposition was they were great, but against creatures that could nearly destroy Lord Kron so easily, it was useless. What could that guyver be planning?

Imakarum was soon to find out, as W’Kar emerged from the blast with his plasma swords all drawn and chopped off one of the Bio-Titans heads and opened one of his chest plates, turned, and fired at three Bio-Titans instantly vaporizing them. Two others flanked W’Kar during the weapons blast and extended their weaponry. To their surprise, even while firing the Mega-Smasher, W’Kar cut the blades from their arms and his chest plate closed, he turned and punched one Bio-Titan with enough force to slam his fist through the creatures head and into his chest. W’Kars pulled up his arm and used the Plasma Blades to tear the creature to ribbons then swung the dead body back around and fired a Pressure Cannon blast one handed at the other one flanking him. This attack not only sent the opposing Bio-Titan sailing away but blasted his comrade all over his body.

It was then that W’Kar saw the teleporting image of Warrior Guyver Vamore appear again a distance away and began launching multiple pressure cannons and laser fire towards him. W’Kar knew it was Vamore’s only weapons that were accurate enough and small enough to hit W’Kar without destroying the other Bio-Titans. Well, W’Kar was not about to let that stop him. He kicked one of the Bio-Titans into the oncoming blast which blew it to pieces. This visibly angered Vamore as W’Kar then sensed the massive bulk of Guyver Powered Zerebubuth coming in.

W’Kar saw his position, surrounded by 8 surviving Bio-Titans, Warrior Guyver Vamore, and Guyver Powered Zerebubuth. Two beings who supposedly matched his power and 8 pieces of fodder. It wouldn’t be long before W’Kar would release the full power of his energy draining system and show them what he could really do.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth came sailing down to W’Kar at high speed, and W’Kar immediately dove towards him as well. He knew he was faster, and dove under the approaching beast. W’Kar timed it just right and cut the beast’s ankle with his Plasma Sword, and it sailed downward hitting the ground with such force that two of the Bio-Titans lost their balance and fell, the beast nearly lost its balance as well, but his healing was fast and he turned to pound W’Kar once again with a pressure cannon that crushed W’Kars chest and blasted through his back leaving a gaping hole and making him crash and slide across the ground into an open area.

W’Kar was then out in the open more and Warrior Guyver Vamore took his opportunity and opened both of his Hyper Smasher Pods and released a powerful blast of energy towards W’Kar. He was aware of it and raised his shields just in time to be hit. W’Kar could feel his armor burn and begin to tear off under the power of the creature. Too many of these and he’d have to retreat to hyperspace for healing, something he hated to do. ‘Warrior Guyvers, what sissies’ he thought to himself as the blast finally ended.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuth looked upon the W’Kar Guyver again. Few things, if anything, could survive a direct hit from that weapon. And it looked like W’Kar barely did. His bio-armor was nearly melted around his chest and arms. His left arm was nearly burnt to a crisp, and large portions of his body were simply torn off as blood and bio-matter seeped from dozens of wounds. His head was missing a large portion of the brain, and his entire face was nearly ripped to pieces. W’Kar looked like a dead man, even his Control Medal was singed black.

“HA!” Warrior Guyver Vamore called out. “Nothing can stand against my Hyper Smasher Pods.”

“Great WG Vamore!” called out the cheering Guyver Powered Zerebubuth.

W’Kars body was healing, but his eyes lit up in flame itself as his body began to erupt in red lightning. Flames shot from his body and suddenly his body began to heal faster.

“Don’t count your blessings yet!” He yelled out, shocking Warrior Guyver Vamore and Guyver Powered Zerebubuth. They couldn’t believe it! Guyvers always reverted to self defense mode if the brain was destroyed, or the body took so much damage that the host was dead! Hell even the Warrior Guyvers were sent into hyperspace!

Imakarum and his surrounding men also looked on in shock. Imakarum could not believe the sheer endurance of this guyver. Nothing could have survived that much damage and still stood strong. And the weapon it was about to release sent chills down his spine. He had never felt such a strong concentration of energy up close before!

Had W’Kar a mouth he would smile. ‘Let them fear the oncoming tide’ he said to himself.

W’Kar released it. Hundreds of massive red lightning bolts shot out of him tearing through the ground and blasting hundreds of zoanoids to pieces! Lightning ripped through the Clan Ship tearing piece and piece apart in fully destructive glory. WG Vamore himself was hit by the massive bolt of energy and he raised his shields. Despite it, the bolts blasted him with enough force to send his unit retreating into hyperspace.

Lines of canals were torn through the ground like mega smasher which nearly atomized the rock it struck. Guyver Powered Zerebubuth reached up and fired his laser arm which was sheerly absorbed by the oncoming blast as it barreled towards him. He had little time to ponder before the bolt struck him with a huge amount of force and sent him tumbling hundreds of feet across the ground and into one of the canals. His chest was completely blown open, and his unit was entering self-defense mode.

Meanwhile a group of armored marines were running from the battle on call for the retreat when a group of zoanoid had headed them off. Leading them was an Elegen who was tearing their group apart. Simply too many zoanoids were left.

But the men could cheer out loud when a heavy concentration of lightning like energy slammed down upon the Elegen, channeled through his body, and destroyed the remaining zoanoids without even touching one of the armored marines.

“RETREAT! Everyone, we don’t know what that thing is capable of, retreat for now and regroup at the eastern quarter!” Screamed Imakarum, his message both verbal and telepathic.

W’Kar stopped the massive attack. His capabilities were great for mass destruction, more so than any of these lesser units. He smiled to himself, his body was nearly healed and he heard the message from Imakarum calling for a temporary Chronos retreat. Good. He knew it would keep a few more of the tin men alive for now. And he paid the few guyvers he knew about back for helping him in his world. All the better he got to kick some ass while doing it. The strikes of the Guyver Powered Zerebubuth still hurt him, more than the Warrior Guyver Vamore’s attacks did. Vamore had the unfortunate quality for not being as tough or as durable as his weaponry was powerful. This made it all the easier to beat him. The Guyver Powered Zerebubuth, well, he was just so damn large. Powered Zerebubuth’s themselves are not the most agile of creatures for their size. Close in, if you kept moving, you can fight him. It was better to keep your distance. His attacks were slow and a lot easier to dodge than to absorb. Enough of the beast’s attacks got through to give W’Kar some serious hurt. It was a good fight. One W’Kar wouldn’t mind repeating at a later date.

W’Kar turned to the ACTF base camp and looked on. He saw them start to up the guard and station the most capable soldiers and the guyvers themselves around the camp. This meant that most if not all of the soldiers had gotten back. Good enough.

What W’Kar did find odd was the staring he was getting from the black female guyver with four green energy wings. He shrugged, laughed, and teleported away in a blast field explosion.



Hours Later


            Jenny O’Conner sat down at the bar table, slapped a five dollar bill down, and said, “Give me two.”

            The bartender, who confusedly looked at the red haired woman at the table wearing a set of gym pants and a tank top, did as she said and filled two glasses of draft and set them down in front of her.

            Jenny’s hair was a tangled mess. She hadn’t slept a wink since she gained consciousness in the Black Nova unit. She wandered in a kind of daze for days it seemed, though only hours had passed. She was hungry, angry, and sorrowful. So many people…so many dead…

            “You okay, honey,” the bartender asked her?

            Jenny looked up from staring at the glass of draft. She hadn’t even noticed she was looking at it. “Yeah, …, yeah I’m fine.”

            The bartender nodded, and left her side. Jenny grabbed the glass and downed the beer. Never her favorite, but others said it helped so she was willing to give it a shot.

            “ARE YOU GUY’S READY!” Jenny turned at the shout just as a band appeared on the stage of the bar far off to the side. She had never seen them before, but it looked like a rock band of some kind. Shortly after many of the people started getting up and running over as the heavy metal music started blasting.

            “Who are they,” she asked the bartender?


            “WHO ARE THEY!” she screamed repeating herself.


            Jenny could almost laugh remembering her years younger. Had she forgotten so much lately?

            Jenny downed the two beers in quick rapid succession, nearly causing her to choke. She got up, ordered another, and sat at a table to watch and listen better.

            ‘Sorry Zeugma,’ she silently thought to herself. No. Not right now. If it wasn’t for the fact Jason was a target she would have never ended up in this position. Constantly, constantly, constantly!

            But that wasn’t her problem, at least to her feelings. Jenny killed so many people. So many innocent people. So many good people. She couldn’t control herself. Her own thoughts seemed nothing to the enveloping rage of the creature inside of her. She would have been happier if her brother had just destroyed her completely.

            Jenny watched as someone sat down in the table next to her with an open bottle of beer. He was just under six foot tall and wore a tight black silk shirt and a pair of black dress slacks. Around his neck was a silver necklace of a strange looped cross that Jenny knew belonged to some Egyptian god or something like that. He was facing towards the band and taking a large swig of the beer. She saw the color of his eyes. They were odd in a sense. They were dark brown in color but she could almost make out a faint red outline around the iris. His hair was a deep black, so dark it was almost blue in the light. As he drank the contents of the bottle down he glanced at her.

            “Well well well, if it isn’t a beautiful woman sitting at the same table as me,” the man said smiling.

            Jenny laughed. What a dumb opening line. Besides, she was in no mood to do this game; her brother would come crashing through the door and… Then she thought about it for a second. Fuck him!

            “Why yes it is, and you are,” she replying sipping on her own glass.

            The man laughed and tossed his head back a bit. “Ah, I knew that would eventually work. My name is Gregory.”


            “Now that we have that out of the way, what brings you to this squalor patch of paradise for the deranged and desperate,” he said smiling and setting his beer down.

            Jenny almost choked on her sip at the comment. She wiped her mouth on her hand quickly and laughed. “Quite the terminology. Guess I’m looking for escape.”

            Greg looked around the room and made a half cocked smile. “Good a place as any I suppose. Me, this is my first time here. Looked well enough, and the music sounded good.”

            “Fan of Metallica.”

            “Aren’t you? You were tapping your left foot earlier.”

            Jenny was caught. “Seems your sitting next to a beautiful woman was no where near as random as you claimed it to be.”

            “Caught me I see. Well what can be done,” he said and took another big drink. It was then the song finished and another one started.

            “This one I like,” Greg said.

            Jenny listened in for a moment, hoping to recognize the song. “Sanitarium?”

            “Yes,” Greg said taking a last big gulp and setting the beer bottle on the table. “Seems like the song just makes sense about my life.”

            “You’re an oddball,” Jenny says chuckling to herself.

            “Too odd to get a dance with?”

            Jenny was surprised at his forwardness, but decided to go along with it.

Outside the Club

            Warrior Guyver had walked around for awhile now. His hypersenses had picked up his sister awhile ago after his matrix had sent him a dream while he rested. Seattle was where she was, and Jason was not about to let his sister run around by herself in her state.

            But then he picked up something that had him both confused and worried. W’Kar. His hypersenses had picked up a trace of massive energy and his matrix had shown him that is was W’Kar walking around the same area as his sister. Though he doubted Greg was here to hurt her or anything, it still had him on edge. Greg was known to be a wildcard when certain things came up and his sister had only just been healed of the Crystallite infection, whatever the hell that was. He hoped that Greg did not sense something about her that he didn’t.

            Still, his hypersenses were acting funny ever since W’Kar got in the area. His matrix was trying to compensate but W’Kar always seemed to have that knack for getting around it. It was throwing him off by a bit. Jason figured he must be in close proximity of Jenny.

            So Warrior Guyver leaped from the rooftop of one building quickly and quietly and slid onto the roof of another. His senses told him they were just under this roof. As he looked about he saw a bit of an ally off to the side so he jumped off activating his gravity orb and floated down slowly. He immediately cloaked himself and looked around. Seeing a small window that led to the basement area where he saw the lights and heard some heavy music he bent down and looked into the window. There he saw what he had thought he would never see.

            His sister Jenny was dancing among a crowd of people. To her side was Greg dancing with her!

            “What the hell!” he said under his breath. And as suddenly as the shock hit him, Greg looked up and right to his face looking in the window. Greg merely stopped a moment, smiled, and winked to him.


            <”Not really, my parents were quite married and well at my conception, thank you.”>

            <”You! What the hell are you doing?”>

            Greg had a mental laugh. <”Dancing with your sister. Hoping for some after battle sex, yourself?”>


            <”Calm down Dread-nuts. I’m watching her back. We can’t be sure it has all left her yet, and there is little doubt Chronos might be taking an opportunity to nab her right now. Much less who can tell what those ACTF clowns might do.”>

            Warrior Guyver sighed. W’Kars point was well made. He wasn’t really sure how the ACTF is going to react to her now. He let them have the unit but would they want his sister too? He wasn’t sure who to trust.

            <”I want to see her.”>

            <”Yeah, I know. Give me a minute and I’ll get her outside. Go sit down. There is an ice cream vendor up the street, go get yourself some.”>

            Warrior Guyver sighed and got up. He deactivated his unit and walked out of the alley.

Inside the Club

            As the band finished up the song Greg breathed deeply, “Whew, haven’t done that in awhile.”

            “What’s the matter, can’t keep up,” she asked?

            Greg shook his head and walked off to the side just as they started playing again. “Doubt it. Listen, there is something I have to tell you.”


            Greg sighed. “I’ll just say it, you take it as you wish.”

            Jenny felt the familiar feeling of the nodes on the back of her neck. <”I have a unit.”>

            Jenny’s eyes opened wide. “Who are you!” she said quite surprised!

            “No one who intends to harm you. Call me a free agent. They call me W’Kar. Long story short I got here after your brother assisted my universe in a potential problem involving extra-dimensional creators and some other crap.”

            Jenny shook her head. “No! I don’t want anything to do with Guyvers anymore!”

            Greg was happy to see the place was far too loud to have anybody really hear there conversation well. “I don’t bother with those ACTF clowns if that is what you are referring to, like I said, free agent.”

            “And what do you want with me.”

            “To tell you I know what your going through right now. Let it pass,” he said and ordered another two beers from the bar and passed one to her. “I’m not here to save the damn world or anything. I’m mostly here paying your brother and the rest of them back for helping my world out. After that, I’m leaving.”

            Jenny stood still for a few minutes. The shock was bad enough, but the bluntness of his speech didn’t seem to be out of any deception. He hadn’t harmed her or anything. So she took another swig from the bottle.

            “So what would you have me do,” she asked?

            Greg looked at her with a raised brow. “Have you do?”

            “Yeah,” she said matter of factly. “You here to tell me everything is going to be alright, you’ll protect me, and tell me to go back to the ACTF because they need my help?” She was so sick of people protecting her, especially her brother.

            “HA! Listen woman, I like you. But frankly I could give two shits if you decided to drink this bar into oblivion and spent the remainder of your life giving blowjobs for a few extra Jefferson’s. It’s your life. Do what the hell you want with it,” he said tapping her bottle with his own and swigging deep with a curt breath.

            Jenny looked at him puzzled. “So, you don’t want to protect me or make me fight?”

            Greg shook his head. “I’ll help you out learn to better protect yourself if you want. I’ll even help you out on occasion. But I’m not going to follow you around like some guard dog. You need to be able to handle yourself.”

            Jenny nodded. It was one of the best comments she had ever heard, as rude as it was. “Alright. So, you want to bring me home tonight or something?”

            Greg laughed and drank the rest of his beer. “Ha, your more fun than your brother I’ll give you that. Sorry, back in my world I’m married. Still, he’s outside waiting to talk to you right now.”

            Jenny squeezed her bottle tighter and glanced over at the door before letting out a sigh that even Greg could hear over the blasting music of the band. “He’s not going away, is he?”

            Greg put the empty bottle back on the table. “Nope.”

            Jenny began stomping off to the door pretty rapidly and pushed two guys aside as she pushed the door open with enough force to send it waving open and slamming the wall beside it. Greg started following when one of the guys pulled a knife and started to follow her, angry at shoving him out of the way. Greg merely walked by and grabbed the guy by the head and planted him face first into the wall beside him. His nose made a crunching sound as blood ran from his face. He laughed, stepped over him, and walked out the door. Turning just before reaching it and stepping on the guys hand to crush it as he screamed.

            As Greg stepped outside he looked over and saw Jenny reach back and slap Jason across the face.

            “Wow. That I didn’t expect,” he said laughing to himself as he walked over there.

            Jason stood in a button down white shirt with a pair of well buckled dark blue pants. Greg thought the expression on his face was absolutely priceless as he stood there in shock.

            “I’m sick of it and I’m sick of you!” Jenny screamed in his face. “I’m tired of all this ‘I’ll protect you’ bullshit! So far all you’ve actually managed to accomplish is dragging me into murdering thousands of people!”

            “Jenny I was just trying…” he was cut short by another slap in the face.

            “Trying what! To help me! After all of the shit I’ve already been through did you think I wanted to be a guyver again! So the same thing can happen all over again!”

            Greg took a step back as two very confused people walked by. He waved his finger and in one of the guys back pocket was a flask of liquor and a pack of cigarettes he had levitate over to himself.

            “Jenny, listen to me. What was I supposed to do? I had to make sure you had the power to defend yourself and you needed a guyver unit to do that,” he said, hurt visibly by her words.

            Greg pulled open the flask and took sip. “Huh, Jack Daniels. It’s been awhile.”

            Jason just looked over to him with a confused expression.

            “What, all the breweries were destroyed in my world. I like this stuff,” Greg said taking another drink.

            Jason looked back to his sister. “Anyway… I did what I felt was right.”

            “Well don’t go trying to help me anymore! I’m sick of being involved in this fight of yours. I may have nearly died at your wedding but your wife did! I feel bad for Fiona but I’m not going to be stuck in all of this mess any longer! I wanted a family. I wanted children and a degree. I wanted to live a normal damn life. Even with this war I could have still done those things and now I’m fucked! Why, because of your little destiny crap!”

            Jason cringed again at the sound of his sisters voice. “I found Fiona, she’s was alive in another world and I brought her here. She’s living with me in our old house Jenny, please, just come back with me!”

            Jenny’s eyes erupted in anger. “SEE! Look at yourself! Everything is so goddamn perfect for you! You got the power you wanted to fight Chronos! You got your home back! You have everyone relying on you and saying how they need you! You even got her back! Well you know what, good for Fiona but FUCK YOU!” she screamed as loud as she could in his face.

            Greg opened up the pack of cigarettes and lit one and put it in his mouth. Real tobacco, the good stuff.

            “Everything is so great from your end Jason, but what about me! I’ve been fucked from the beginning. First nearly killed at your wedding! Then turned into an Overlord and nearly killed by your army buddy! Then made into a guyver and targeted, and told to fight, told to kill! To fight a war I never wanted to be a part of in the first damn place! Then, to top all of that off I’m turned into some monster that goes on a rampage and kills maybe tens of thousands of people! Good men and women living in there homes, children and the elderly! Then I’m stopped and turned right back into what I didn’t want to be and guess what, the cycle starts to repeat itself all over fucking again!

            “But that’s okay, right Jason!? That’s fine with you because you get to feel safe at night because I’m okay and your little happy world over there in New Cork is great! Your wife is back and she’s okay so it’s fine! FUCK YOU!”

            Jason was speechless as Jenny turned to Greg, “I’ll see you back inside.” She walked off and back into the club.

            Jason, shocked, fell weak at the knees and sat down on a bench near him. “What…what the hell?”

            Greg walked over and sat down next to him and took a heavy drag of the cigarette before throwing one boot over his knee and stretching. “Wow, I bet that made you feel like a total jackass, huh?”


            “Speechless, yeah I know how that is.” Greg reached over and pulled the stolen pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and held them out for Jason.

            “I don’t smoke.”

            “Suit yourself,” Greg said and put them back in your pocket. “This shit will kill you,” he said with a sarcastic chuckle.

            “I, guess I never saw it her way.”

            “Yeah that can happen.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “Your too busy acting like a damn crusader to realize the little stuff. It happens. Not your fault really but she damn sure is gonna blame you. You and me, were the cream of the crop. The top of the food chain. Our actions will echo in the halls of eternity. You fight the fight you want to. It doesn’t matter what for, but you’ve decided to fight Chronos. It was bound to happen,” he says taking another drag.

            Jason looks over at him with anger. “What of you, your part of Chronos.”

            “Only because I realized who the greater enemy was,” Greg says pointing up to the sky. “I may not like their ways, but it was the best chance we had. In the end it’ll be a race war. Us or them. I made my choice. Tell me, Dreadnought, what will you choose?”

            “What do you mean?”

            Greg took another long drag of the cigarette and let the smoke flow from his mouth. “I mean, when the creators come knocking down earth’s door ready to kill the whole race, will you side with those that murdered your family to stop them and fight them, or will you not and run the almost absolute certainty of destruction?”

            “You can’t say we’d be destroyed.”

            “Look at your friend then, that Stephen guy. His earth was wiped out. Look at my world, the bastards are coming for us now too. Even now I can see little hope, but we are united. And even if my planet goes down we’ll make sure it’s a battle they’ll never forget!”

            Jason and Greg sat in silence for awhile before Jason sat back. “I can’t say. Chronos deserves absolute destruction. They have threatened the human race for long enough and I will do what I can to stop them.”

            Greg nodded and took the last drag from his cigarette before flicking it beside the garbage can. “Alright then. Tell you what. I’ll keep my eyes on your sister then. Good chance the government is going to go after her and well that’s just a bunch of bullshit. She can defend herself to a point anyway, and those bastards don’t need another guyver unit under their control. Good chance is if you win this war with Chronos whoever has the most units is going to win the world war that’s bound to follow and well the good old’ USA has got enough I think.”

            Jason looks down again.

            “I’m right,” Greg said looking down at him with a coy grin. “Aren’t I?”

            Jason nodded. “Yeah, it’s none of your business though.”

            “HA! Fair enough.”

            “How did you get here anyway? I thought you would still be in your own universe,” Jason asks?

            Greg scratches his chin. “Long story really. I woke up on a ship of some creator called Lar’cass. One from that universe Krullnar came from, you know, the one Stephen’s from. Don’t know how I got there though.”

            “Well I ended  up in another universe all together as well,” Jason said turning to look at him.

            Greg shrugs and pulls one leg up to have his foot on the bench with him. “Guess it’s not too weird then. Well he had made something called a Warrior Kavzar Commander. Bastard was tough, almost as tough as me. Almost. We tussled for awhile on Earth in the middle of this city actually. Of course it was nothing like this. Between the nukes and the Warrior Kavzar there wasn’t really anything left on that dead rock. Lot’s of bodies, empty cars, you know all that shit you see in bad post-apocalypse movies except no flesh eating zombies.

            “Well after I had beat it the Kregen made me a deal. They’d help me get back to my universe if I came here and fix the damage you have inflicted upon the universe. Something about time travel, dimension scrambling with eggs or some crap. Ends up they say your responsible for the absolute destruction of this universe,” Greg says with a healthy laugh. “Congratulations!” he says raising his flask to Jason who only responds by rolling his eyes.

            “Still, I’ve hurt my sister pretty bad haven’t I,” he says looking to the club door.

            “Yeah, but don’t come looking to me for solace or anything. I’m bad at that ‘Help me, I’m depressed’ crap.”

            Fair enough, Jason thought to himself. This day kept getting worse and worse. He should be happy. “Watch out for her, she won’t let me.”

            “Yeah I will,” Greg said. “But I’m keeping my eye on Australia as well. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the creators get their hands on any tech from my world. And since they don’t have that Warrior technology you have I’m gonna keep that out of their hands too. Bad enough there are so damn many of them running around earth. I’m pretty positive Earth is the garbage dump of the creator race.”

            “And if you do anything!….I mean anything to her!” Jason adds pointing his finger at Greg.

            Greg rolls his eyes this time. “Shut up. You’ll do what exactly. You can’t beat me even if you really wanted to. Besides, I’m not going to hurt her whatpoint is there short of combat tests and getting her used to her unit, which you would do anyway. Besides, I’m married.”

            “That’s what I thought. And yes, I could beat you.”

            “Your welcome to give it a shot, Dready-poo,” he says letting out a huge laugh.

            Jason gets up and walks off into the alley, calls his unit and disappears.

            Greg chuckles. <“Jason, one more thing.”>


            <“Do you think it counts as cheating if it’s in another dimension?”>


            Greg laughs again and sits up. It’s a good day indeed. A damn good day. As he looks down he sees a newspaper that had been torn in two pieces with a ripped headline. As he looked on it he saw the words, ‘KILL’, and ‘HIM’ the only bold headlines in the torn paper. And even Greg had to wonder if the Kregen were still trying to talk to him.

            “That’s what you want, huh? If I do, I’ll do it when I want to and not before.”

Hours Later

Uncharted Island in the Pacific

            W’Kar finally landed on the old Island that he had in his own universe. An out of the way place, good for hiding away from the world. Ironically it was just as he found it.

            And W’Kar set down the limp body of one Jenny O’Conner. He couldn’t teleport with anyone without either killing them, or at least seriously damaging them. So he had to cross the sea in flight carrying a fully drunken young girl with him. After Jason had left the girl was slamming shots so fast that W’Kar was half surprised she didn’t simply die from alcohol poison. He wasn’t about to complain though. As much fighting as he did he deserved a good time for once. So he danced and drank to his hearts content. Alcohol did little to nothing for him, and no matter what he drank it never so much as gave him a buzz. He missed the good old days.

            It was night here now, and was going to be for only a couple more hours. Since Jenny was fast asleep he figured this would be the best place for her to be alone and recover. Only Jason knew that he had her and he was the only person in this universe who knew he liked this island. Chronos would be hard pressed to find her right now, as would the ACTF. So W’Kar reached into himself and pulled out the matrix device.

            “So, little hammer, let’s see what you can do,” he said staring down at it. Mentally he contacted it to send it an image of what he wanted done. For a moment the blue light came on, but dimmed.

            “Damn junk,” he said and flicked the center crystal. “Work!”

            Then the matrix sprung to life and emitted a massive blue glow. W’Kar stepped back, his very movement seemed to force the light in the matrix to grow brighter, or dim. He knew the matrix Jason had didn’t work too well on himself. Maybe it was the same with all of them.

            It got to work and began moving the wood, ripping up the ground and started disintegrating various materials. And slowly, over a period of only minutes, the matrix built a home for W’Kar of wood, steel, and various other materials that W’Kar did not recognize. But he wasn’t about to complain. So he grabbed the device and put in back inside of him.

            He turned to Jenny, still lying unconscious on the ground. His armor began to unwrap itself and absorb forming into the same clothing he wore earlier. He walked over, picked her up, and stepped through the doorway. Inside, much was the same way he remembered from his own world. A getaway place. A useful quiet place. He stepped through the hallway, passing a painting on the wall he remembered was done by Cassandra years ago. A small black cottage in a green field. Odd painting, but she liked it so Greg didn’t complain. Still, he missed her.

            So he opened a door with his foot keeping the sleeping girl balanced. Inside a queen sized bed with black sheets sat with two dressers and a bathroom. He first sat Jenny down on the bed where she groaned and rolled over.

            He walked into the main living area, sat down on the chair. Quickly, almost instantly really, his eyes shut and he fell asleep. The day was long, and the night would be short. Greg knew his nap would only be a little while before he has to go back and keep an eye out. But he was going to get what little he could get while he could.