Subject : Grakken Guyver Unit


Average Height : 370 cm (~12 Feet)

Average Weight : 560 kg (~1235 Pounds)

Status : Declared enemy of the Gen and all things linked to them.

Description : We Grakkens were once a proud warrior race, on the verge of conquering the stars, when the false gods the Gen landed on our home world and used us as test subjects to develop the Guyver effect into something they could control. When they finally left our home world, we were left with over ten million dead and many more horrorably mutated by the experiments done by the Gen. What was left of our people were then enslaved into the service of the Gen, but the eternal spirit of our race could not be broken and we eventually broke free and rebelled. However, centuries of abuse had left us with a great hatred of the Gen and all things linked to them. Freedom alone would never be enough, we could not rest until the Gen have been totally annihilated. The enemy may have grown stronger than ever before but so have we and we will continue to fight them until they are no more.

Present estimates of a standard Grakken’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.
-Physical Strength: Average Unit Enhanced Subjects have strength equal to two hundred un-armoured Grakkens. This is equal to that of a terran Guyver Gigantic type but our second pair of arms grants us superior leverage, thus our warriors might be able to temporarily match the strength level of even the terran Warrior Guyver type or temporarily over power a Kavzar.

-Speed: Average Unit Enhanced Subjects has a top ground speed of ~375 MPH and a flight speed of 600 MPH. Reflex speed is 10-80 times normal. This has been estimated to be equal to that of the terran Guyver Gigantic type, though additional pair of arms allow for faster executions of combo attack patterns.

-Durability: Average Unit Enhanced Subjects’ bio-armour is twice as durable as the comparable terran Guyver units and can regenerate over twice as fast. This has been approximated to be roughly equal to a terran Guyver Gigantic type but extra limbs allow us to sustain a even greater damage ratio before it we can be considered disabled.

-Infrared Laser Orb: Enhancements made to our units, with the merging of our technology with the Creators, has granted our units with enhanced infrared laser emitters that have exhibited an energy output equal to that of the terran Guyver Gigantic type but we possess additional orbs in place of vibrational swords on each lower arm and can fire them separately or together.

-Gravity Control Orb: Admittedly our technology is not as advance as the Creators, thus this device has remained relatively unchanged from that used by the original unit design of the Creators. Thus the power of our pressure cannons are roughly the same power as that of a normal terran Guyver’s but we can fire two at once, using both pairs of arms. 

-Vibrational Swords: All units have have high frequency retractable elbow blades, on the upper pair of arms, capable of easily slicing through any unshielded material. Power and tolerance levels are comparable to both the Kavzar and terran Guyver Gigantic types.

-Sonic Busters: Units auditory orbs can emit focused white sound blast capable killing anything up to an Aceaer Cast Creator warrior. 

-Hyper Sensors range have been estimated to be equal to 200 meters (~656 Feet).

-Control Medal: The primary enhancement made to the our units is the enlargement of the units’ control medal, comparible in both size and appearance to a terran Guyver Gigantic type, allowing our unit to operate at a higher power level than that possible with an unenhanced Guyver unit.

-Hyper Smashers: Powerful particle beam weapons capable of massive destructive power, each Grakken warrior has two pairs of these weapons. Each pair has twice the power of a terran Guyvers and both pairs can be fired at once to produce a two kiloton blast that is easily capable of destroying a Kavzar. These weapons can also be fired individually for rapid target specific attacks and is our most powerful weapon against the Creators warriors.

-Additional Data: Since the bio-armor technology was taken from the Creators, the units also provides each host with the ability to telepathically communicate with each other as well as the Kavzar and terran Guyvers.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.