Subject : Enhanced Close Range Guyver Combat Unit


Original Unit Name : Lostude type Close Combat Unit G-11 

Host Name : David Selfridge

Sex : Male

Age : 26

Hair : Brown    /    Eyes : Brown

Height Armoured : 210 cm (~6.9 Feet)

Height Human : 186 cm (~6.1 Feet)

Weight Armoured : 350 kg (~772 LBS)

Weight Human : 83 kg (~183 LBS)

Status : Mercenary Guyver.

Description: Subject is a human mercenary who bonded with one of the 16 experimental units that we brought to Earth. Designed by Lostude who is the brother of the Gen Unit Builder Edutsol who created the

Edutsol Unit

The Lostude Equipped with a special energy matrix emitter, integrated throughout the armour. The subject was capable of manipulating both ambient and internal energies for a variety of defences and offensive abilities. Granting subject powers that rival that of a Warrior Guyvers, despite the lack of traditional Guyver weapons like the vibrational swords and head beam. This unit was designed to work with the Edutsol unit, which would provide covering fire so that the subject could close in for the kill using it’s close range combat abilities.

Present estimates of  Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength ranges between 4 to 5 times that of a normal Guyver, thanks to subjects energy manipulation ability that allows subject to directly convert his considerable bio-energy reserves directly into physical force. Thus granting the subject the physical strength of up to 500 men at will. Since this is an integral part of the unit, it is unknown what the subjects unenhanced strength level is but is presumed to be a little greater than that possessed by a normal Guyver. The subjects energy matrix emitters also allows subject to draw upon any ambient energy sources to help supplements subjects own bio-energy reserves, granting subject near Warrior Guyver like stamina.

-Bio-Energy Reserves: In addition to normal energy produced by the Guyver Bio-Boost process, the unit also has the ability to store a large charge of energy. These seem to be supplemented by secondary Bio-Boost energy generated by the armour itself, greatly reducing the strain on the host and allowing for the enormous energies needed to provide subject with his vast powers.

-Blast Field: Similar to the Warrior Guyver, the subject can call upon his units blast field at will but can also direct it for either a more powerful directional shielding or for a focused attack that combined with his Energy Matrix, can create a directed attack with near the power of Guyver Mega Smash.

-Durability approximates standard levels for normal Guyver types and consists of extremely durable bio-armour and total regeneration ability from all but major damage to Control Medal. Energy Matrix enhancements allow subject to direct energy to any sustained injuries to accelerate regeneration rate up to forty times the normal rate for a Guyver. Subject can also create a powerful shield that combined with subjects energy manipulating abilities and blast field, allow him to withstand anything up to a Warrior Guyvers Mega-Smasher blast, which can also be doubled by directing all defensive energy into a single directional shield that can allow subject to withstand two to three times his normal maximum. But doing so is a last resort as this puts a great strain on subjects energy reserves.

-Hyper Sensors are standard Guyver type and can sense motion even through obstacles and with a range approximately equal to a few hundred feet, but are enhanced by subjects energy matrix. Allowing subject to analyze his immediate area in great detail and even detect cloaked objects. This ability has the secondary benefit of allowing subject to shift the Electro Magnetic Spectrum to allow subject to perceive things normally invisible to normal human senses.

-Speed: Run=0 to 450 MPH with bursts of up to 600 MPH / Flight = 0 – 3000 MPH with bursts of up to 3750 MPH. Reflex speed is vastly enhanced by the Energy Matrix, granting subject over twice the agility of a standard Warrior Guyver.

-Units Mega-Smashers are similar to standard Guyver type.

-Subject has no Gravitational powers, instead utilizing the units Energy Matrix to produce powerful energy blasts and propulsive energy field for flight.

-Laser Blades : Subject can use Energy Matrix to create laser like energy blades that can cut through any unshielded material and can penetrate any shield not already capable of withstanding a standard Guyvers Mega Smash. Since these blades are pure energy, they can’t be blocked with normal vibrational weapons and even if blocked by more powerful swords, the subject can easily redirect the energy around it to the intended target. Making this one of the subjects most lethal attacks

-Energy Matrix Emitters: Subject has a special layer of armour that allows subject to manipulate all kinds of energy for a variety of purposes at will. Utilizing both subjects own enhanced bio-energy reserves and any ambient energy sources, subject can take these energies and focus them into powerful attacks and defences. Ranging in power from a light stunning electrical shock to ten times the power of a normal Guyver pressure cannon. Subject can also use this ability to destabilize nearby energy shields, making it harder for others to defend themselves against his attacks, and shift the Electromagnetic Spectrum around himself, granting him a form of invisibility that only advance units like the Warrior Guyver can penetrate.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.