Subject :  4th Test Prototype Warrior Unit

Original Unit Name : Solom type Warrior Unit G-4

Host Name : Unknown

Sex of host : Male

Age of host : Unknown

Hair : Unknown

Eyes : Unknown

Age of Unit : 1.2 Mekra Cycles (~12,000 Earth years).

Current Height : 212 cm (~7 Feet)

Current Weight : 363 kg (~800 Pounds)

Status : Rogue unit. 

Description: The subject is a prototype Warrior Class Controller Unit, designed by the now diseased Gen scientist Solom. The unit was the fourth attempt by Solom to create the ultimate Warrior Unit and combined the previous units, the Shadow Unit, Battle Unit and Turbo Unit, into one powerful unit type he called the “Warrior Unit”. The subject was hoped to be the final step in Solom’s Warrior Unit project, but it developed a serious flaw in a test against the Guyver Supreme. The Unit suffered a complete failure of the its HSL energy system. The Guyver Supreme, was a Test Unit that had faced the three previous Units and had managed to defeat all three in limited test combat. That was until this subject. Though the HSL system had failed. Solom had designed a backup energy system based on the Dark Being Darmon. Using this system, the Guyver Supreme was defeated when his energy was drained by the subject. The host then turned truly Guyver and went on the rampage. Stopped only by the power of Zeugma, with a specialized remover designed by Solom, who then recovered the Unit. It was then improved on for the final 5th generation unit, now called Warrior Guyver. Today this unit has returned and is active on the human world, Earth. This Unit is regarded as the final building step towards the Warrior Unit. Once its Remover is rediscovered, it is the priority of the Gen to capture and study this subject and finally recover from the original loss of the Warrior Unit and the loss of it’s creator, Solom.

Estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


Subject’s physical strength has been estimated to be four times greater than a normal standard Guyver’s, granting the subject the approximate strength of 400 men.

Though use of the Gravity Shield can augment subject’s physical capabilities, dependant on level of gravitational energy charge, by channeling of gravitational energy to boost kinetic energy of punches and kicks, or by augmenting gravitational constant around subject’s immediate area and effectively making nearby object’s easier to move.


The unit entirely relies on it’s natural Bio Boost process to initially supply it with energy. The original HSL (Hyper Space Link) failed and the Darmon backup was activated. This caused a radical transformation of the unit in response. The subject now has a insatiable desire to drain the life energy of the beings around him.

Use of the Gravity Shield also allows subject to supplement energy reserves with absorbed gravitational energy. 


The Bio-Boost process greatly increases host metabolism, along with information processing enhancement due to C.M. interface, and the unit’s ability to manipulate its effective mass, momentum, and surface friction grants subject a running speed of 0-770 MPH, with a sustainable max. of ~1200 MPH under ideal conditions, and a max. acceleration factor of ~22 G’s. Flight is attained through gravitational control, just like a standard Guyver, but the subject’s superior power and armor technology lets the subject attain a flight speed of 0-3,000 MPH, with a sustainable max of 3,750 MPH with the use of the Blast Shield, and a max. acceleration of ~44 G’s. Enhanced Metabolism and CM interface also grants subject an enhanced reflex speed of 20-200 times normal human peak.

Use of the Gravity Shield can potentially enhance the speed of the unit but yet has to be seen.


The subject can control his unit’s ability to access hyper space to physical send himself to and from hyper space and thus use hyper space to teleport himself virtually anywhere he wishes at will. Range and capabilities is most likely close to that of the Warrior Guyver himself.



Subject’s unit greatly enhances his senses far beyond the normal limits and range of a human, but the unit’s advance C.M. link to the host brain also lets it help process the sensory information to the point the unit seems to provide the host with a kind of HUD (Head’s Up Display) or augmented perception. Providing the host with tactical information and keeping track of both friend and foe activity with ease. This combined with the unit’s own 3D sensory orb system, the roving metallic orbs located on either side of the subject’s head, grants subject a near omnipotent awareness of his environment. Since the hyper sensors can also sense through obstacles, within its active sensory range, it is nearly impossible to surprise Subject in battle. The range of the Hyper Sensors have been estimated to be approximately 500 meters (~1640 Feet) for active perception and up to a hundred times that for passive perception.

The backup Darmon energy draining system also augments the hyper senses to detect energy signatures farther away than normal with an indeterminate range.


Subject’s bio-armor is far more advance than a standard Unit’s, containing C.M. elements that make it not only more dense but far more stable and adaptable.  The armor can actually learn from damage to make the unit resistant, if not immune, to attack. Granting the armor with over twice the natural durability of a standard Guyver’s armor and immunity to even Enzyme acid.  Any damage sustained is also regenerated at a rate ten times faster than a standard Guyver’s norm.

Defense is further augmented by a continuously generated body shaped shield aura, an extra secondary shield that protects subject’s Control Medal, that allows subject to survive anything up to a full double mega smash level attack with minimal damage and can reinforce subject’s physical integrity when necessary. This defensive field is also an integral part of the unit’s ability to adapt and thus can also be optimized to help make the subject resistant to attack. So in effect the longer the subject is in a battle the harder it becomes to damage the subject. Though this also means initial attacks can have far more effect than later attacks and a surprise attack would also increase the reaction time his unit needs to optimize his defenses, potentially leading to greater initial damage.

The subject can also use and maintain a blast shield, normally produced by all Guyvers only upon activation, at will, to allow subject to withstand an attack of up to five times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s Double Mega Smasher. A third energy shield, produced with a combination of the Unit’s gravitational power and blast field, can be generated to quadruple total shield strength and allow the subject to withstand anything up to 25 times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s full double mega smasher. Finally the subject can create and maintain a Pressure Cannon as a directional shield, which he can focus the power of his other shields to produce a directional defensive field capable of letting the subject withstand anything up to fifty combined standard Full Double Mega Smashers by deflecting the majority of the beam around the subject. The Pressure Cannon by itself can only provide a directional shield capable of deflecting an attack equivalent to the power of ten combined standard Full Double Mega Smashers, by refracting most of the energy around the subject.


The Blast Field is a phenomena of Guyver dimensional manipulation technology produced by a Guyver Unit transitioning between the Boost Dimension (a.k.a Hyper Space) and normal space. The effect of which is used by standard units to protect the host from harm while the unit bio-boosts the host. Subject’s unit possesses the ability to manipulate the dimensional barrier to produce this effect without having to transition his unit to or from the boost dimension. Consequently, the Subject can use his blast field as a shield at will and can maintain it indefinitely since it power comes from hyper space and not from the unit itself. This enhances the subject’s ability to deflect attacks and lets him withstand even multiple Mega Smasher level attacks of up to 5 times what his body shield alone allows him to withstand. The shield itself, due to its dimensional nature and design purpose, allows the subject to generate a Gravity Shield. Letting the subject better withstand gravitational attacks and can combine it with his own gravitational power to produce a third Barrier Shield.  


The dimensional manipulation produced by the Subject’s Blast Field grants the subject the ability to produce a gravitational energy manipulation matrix that is simply called the Gravity Shield. The capabilities of which extend far beyond it’s basic premise of storing and redirecting gravitational energy. The shield allows the subject to not only absorb and store gravitational energy but also to manipulate gravity energy in virtually whatever way the subject may will it. This is what allows the subject to manipulate space/time around subject with the gravitational energy. The stored gravitational energy itself can act as a shield that along with the Barrier Shield can vastly increase the subject’s defensive capability to withstand even multi-megaton nuclear level attacks.



The Head Beam Infrared Laser Orb is far more powerful than a standard unit’s and can fire a beam with 10 times the power of a normal Guyver’s head beam. Additionally the subject can also channel his bio-energy through the head beam for additional effects ranging from stunning an opponent to transforming the head beam into a laser like plasma beam with up to 1/10 the power of a Mega Smasher.


HYPER KINETIC MAGNIFICATION: Subject can focus his gravitational power, just like a standard Guyver, to augment his physical mass momentum energy when performing a physical attack to magnify the power of a punch or kick by approximately three hundred fold. The subject can also channel gravitational energy from the Gravity Shield to further boost the power of his blows for extreme effect, the upper limits of which are unknown but can easily rival a Mega Smash with the equivalent of raw kinetic energy. Such is the power of the subject’s blows that even without physical contact the force of the blow can project through the air like a cannon blast.

PRESSURE CANNON: Subject, can focus his unit’s gravitational power, from the Unit’s gravity control orb, through his hands to produce a gravity weapon called the Pressure Cannon, a compressed virtual mini-black hole that produces a shock wave as it evaporates on its way to its target. Since the subject’s unit can generate and manipulate thirty times the gravitational energy of a standard unit the power of this weapon is far more powerful than a standard Guyver’s. Allowing the subject to fire either a single massive Pressure Cannon, with up to thirty times the power of a standard Pressure Cannon and is capable of destroying a skyscraper, or a triple pressure cannon with ten times the power of a standard Guyver’s each, or can produce a hail of approximately 20 per second, similar to a Zoalord’s gravity bullet attack, with half the power of a standard Guyver’s pressure cannon each. Since this weapon essentially focuses enough gravitational energy to fold space in on itself it can also be used defensively, if held and not fired, to refract even light around and away from subject.

Use of the Gravity Shield can be used to amplify the power and flexibility of this weapon to the point the subject may even be able to create a true black hole attack

MEGA PRESSURE CANNON: Subject has the ability to channel his bio-energy and body shield energy to super charge a pressure cannon and boost its destructive power to the equivalent of a standard Guyver’s full double Mega Smash. A powerful attack but, since it draws its power from the subject’s bio-energy and body shield, it can leave subject vulnerable to attack while charging up for this attack.

GRAVITY SHIELD: The subject’s Gravity Shield effectively boosts subject’s Gravitational Powers to potentially incredibly powerful levels. The most immediate effects of which allow for the generation of a omni-directional shield to augment defensive capability and increasing overall gravitational power by a third. Additionally stored gravitational energy can be used as a shield or channeled to produce or boost other gravity based abilities. 


Subject’s chest mega smashers are mored advance than a standard Guyver’s and has a far greater charge capacity, allowing these weapons to fire a beam five times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s and can maintain them for up to 10 seconds.


In place of the standard Guyver vibrational swords, Subject’s unit is equipped with a special virtually unbreakable shape shifting vibrational alloy that the subject can manipulate at will. The standard configuration of these weapons is a standard pair of elbow swords. The unit’s chest spike is also composed of this special material and can be extended for a spear like attack. The subject also the same type of vibrational material on his fingernails and can be extended up to 15 cm (6 Inches). Subject can also temporarily combine the mass of both swords from both arms to form a single sword of up to 3 meters(~10 feet). The full range of these weapons abilities have yet to be determined but they have shown superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other known vibrational weapon.


The unit’s sonic weapon emitters are more advance than a standard Guyver’s, showing greater versatility and power. Radius of attack can range from 5 to 160 degrees and intensity ranges from a low hum to ten times that of a normal Guyver’s. Making them capable of killing zoanoids up to the hyper class. The energy from the subject’s body shield can also be focused through this weapon to produce kinetic energy pulses for added punch and/or use in the vacuum of space


Subject’s Gravity Shield is also its greatest weapon with ability to store and manipulate gravitational energy on a massive scale, both from the unit and any external source. The potential power of this ability is enormous as given time the subject can potentially  store enough gravitational energy to produce multi-megaton nuclear scale attacks and is what ultimately allowed the original Warrior Guyver to defeat the Guyver Zoalord by using its own gravitational power, along with the power of many Zoalords and other standard Guyvers, against it. The only limit to this weapon is the strain it takes to control all that energy can cause a severe feedback to the Subject’s C.M. that can ultimately destroy him. It is unknown at this time but since the unit’s control medal is inferior compared to the original Warrior Guyver it is suspected the unit does not have the same energy tolerance level as the Warrior Guyver. 



The unit’s Control Medal is far more advanced than a standard Unit’s, essentially a three sided pyramid shaped variant that is composed of three partial C-Units that have been combined to produce a more powerful combined parallel processing Control Medal. This explains how unit can function at such high power. The Unit’s failed HSL power system also resides within this Control Medal which grants the CM the unique ability to auto teleport itself into hyper space to avoid destruction. Though even if damaged the Warrior Control Medal is capable of regenerating itself so long as a single one of its three C-Unit segments remains intact and fully functional.

The Subject’s armor actually serves as a fourth C.M. segment since it contains C.M. elements and thus reduces the strain of continuously controlling the Guyver Organism and helps grant the subject his ability to rapidly adapt to attacks.


The Unit’s body shield system also grants the subject with the ability to turn invisible or appear to be just about anything, like a chameleon. This later ability is further enhanced with the ability to project holograms.


It is unknown whether the unit possesses the same level of telepathy as the Warrior Guyver. It has been noted the subject does possess an ability to disrupt the senses of zoaforms as well as lower level types of Guyvers. How this is accomplished is unknown. 

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.