Subject : Test Unit Aceaer Battle Armour

Original Unit Name : Lar’Cass type Aceaer Battle Unit A-1


Sex : Varies with user   /   Age : Varies with user

Height : Varies with user but is usually slightly more than an equivalently hosted Guyver and/or Control Unit. 

Weight : User plus 227 kg (~500 pounds) 

Status : Test Aceaer Unit 

Description : This Aceaer Unit was developed approximately the same time as the Grakken Treaty that ended the five thousand year war, and thus was never fully tested.

Standard Pre-Kavzar Class
Soldier Hyper Aceaer Unit
Present estimates of this unit type abilities have been compiled and summarized below. 

-Unit adds 200% of a Guyvers strength, which is approximate to the strength of two hundred human base subjects. 

-Stamina is only limited to that of user as units hyper space power link provides it with limitless energy reserves, however this type of Aceaer partially bonds with the host providing heightened stamina and slightly faster reactions.

-Physical speed is usually limited to that of user with only slight increase in mobility due to the unit’s strength enhancements but provides standard flight speed of 500 MPH, which approximates twice that of a standard Guyver. 

-Durability is roughly equal to that of a standard Guyver but is augmented by a full body protective energy field that dampens the effectiveness of most attacks. Due to units partial bonding due to the control crystal, subject is capable of healing near Guyver levels as well as receiving much higher damage percentages when compared to normal Aceaer. 

-Like normal Aceaer subject does not have a control medal. However a Kavzar level Control Crystal has been integrated in the subjects unit to hyper accelerate the units processing power as well as capabilities. The Control Crystal partially bonds with the hosts brain to enhance the effectiveness of the units reaction time as well as the hyper senses.

-The Pressure Cannon is roughly the same as a standard Guyver’s, however subject has shown the capability of using Zoalord gravity type attacks however at a slightly weaker level than most Zoalords.

-The unit possesses a pair of retractable arm mounted plasma swords that approximates the Guyvers vibrational swords by using a highly efficient kinetic energy transfer plasma field instead of vibrational material.  The unit also utilizes the same kinetic plasma technology for its sonic weapon emitters, which allow it to be used even in the vacuum of space though power levels still only approximate those of a standard Guyvers. 

-The unit possesses a E.M. pulse device that fires small metallic projectiles at near the speed of light, on each forearm and can inflict considerable damage to any unshielded target. 

-In place of the Guyver Mega-Smashers, the Hyper Aceaer possesses shoulder mounted fusion cannons of nearly equal destructive power but shorter range due to rapidly expanding nature of blast. Both fusion cannons can also be fired together at one target or individually at multiple targets. Also being the Hyper Aceaers most powerful weapon causes it to draw severely on the units energy reserves, temporarily weakening units overall power levels, and requires nearly twice the charging time of a standard Guyvers Mega-Smashers, however produces an attack nearly twice the power of a standard Aceaer.

-Unit possesses hyper sensors similar to a standard Guyver and due to subjects partial bonding with the Kavzar Control Crystal, works just like a normal Guyvers hyper senses.

-Unit can be passed on to any available user or put into dormant state resembling that of an unactivated Guyver or Control unit. However the Kavzar control crystals bonding will take longer to remove, so subject must wait nearly 5 earth minutes to remove the Hyper Aceaer unit or else suffer extreme neurological damage.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.