Subject : Guyver Zoalord

Original Unit Name : Control Unit G-1 


Host Name : Reeve

Sex Of Host : Male 

Height : 549 cm (~18Feet)

Weight : Unknown but estimated to be around 1820 kg (~2 tons)

Status : Deceased

Description : 1.2 Mekra Cycles ago, the Gen race had reached a level of technological advancement that had never before been seen in our history. Two of the Great Warrior Projects where near completion, when disaster struck and the Zoalord Reeve activated a Control Unit. This union produced what is known as the Guyver Zoalord. The most powerful being in all creation and our greatest accident. This subject destroyed an entire army of one thousand Zoalords and over a million zoanoids, with ease. The Guyver Zoalord powers and weapons were simply those of a Guyver and Zoalord, combined together and magnified by at least fifty to a hundred folds, that resulted in a being with nearly god like power for destruction. Any one of its weapons would be more powerful than anything known to us and would simply be off the scale. The Guyver Zoalord could have conceivably even destroyed whole worlds with the power at its command.  But, even though the subject was virtually unstoppable, it was eventually defeated, thanks to the help of the

Warrior Guyver 

 and his advanced shielding system. A true credit to its creator, Solom. 

The Gen race and its scientists can not make any estimates of the subjects abilities simply because of it’s huge power level estimated to be over 500 times that of a standard Guyver. The subject was capable of doing anything imaginable of a destructive nature up to and including the destruction of whole worlds given time. 
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.