Subject : Creator Test Battle Unit


Original Unit Name : Hpa’Var type Battle Unit G-1

Host NameArven; also known as Pariah

Sex of host : Male 

Age of host : 143,000 Approx Tekra Cycles (Physical Age 24 Cycles)

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Brown

Age of Unit : 13,000 Approx Tekra Cycles

Height : 209 cm (~7 Feet) 

Weight : 333 kg (~732 Pounds) 

Status : Host Presumed Deceased from old age. Unit M.I.A. on Earth. 

Description: Arven was one of the original Gen that worked with Solom and others on the hybrid process back when Gaia was re-discovered. When the others decided on a hybrid body that would allow the Gen to retain most of our mental prowess  but would lack the power level that a human would attain as a Guyver, Arven decided to design a more powerful host body closer to that of a human but would still hold the mental prowess of a Gen. The result wasn’t what Arven had wished. Using his own essence Arven bonded with his human host body but the result was not what he had wished for. Becoming more human than Gen, Arven began to withdraw from Gen society eventually calling himself Pariah, “the outcast”. 

Pariah eventually decided to become a test host to the first successful Battle Unit made, by Hpa’Var of the Warrior Project. though still classed as a Guyver, Pariah found a new calling as a hybrid test subject, and hence somewhat controllable quickly became one of the most important test subject. Between the advanced intellect of the host and the Units exceptional stability, it ruthlessly pushed other test units beyond their limits and destroyed the projects of many other Gen. Over time this subject became known as the “Supreme Test”. The subject that must be surpassed for any other unit to be accepted as a true War Unit. 

The subject though presented an issue to the Gen Unit Crafters that had to be overcome for them to make a true Warrior Unit. The primary issue was stamina. After a long battle, the host of the unit needed long periods of rest to recover lost bio-energy reserves. This was an unacceptable weakness, as the War Unit, by the high ideals of the time, called for a Unit that would transform its host into an unstoppable killing machine. The combination of the host Pariah and while limited though very stable Unit Scientists of era regard this Unit as the key Unit on the path to the eventual creation of the Warrior unit.

Guyver Supreme is believed deceased, it is unknown how but Zeugma is believed to have removed his Unit. To this day it is unknown why she would do this as she too was lost against the Guyver Zoalord along with the Master Zoalord Kron.

Present list of the subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength: Subject possesses twice the standard Guyver strength, granting it the strength of approximately 200 men.

-Hyper Sensors are twice that of a Standard Units, with a range of 200 meters (~656 Feet)

-Durability is the same as a standard Guyvers, but the subject is also equipped with an omni-directional force shield. Similar to the shields used by most of our ships, this shield was capable of withstanding anything up to a Guyver Mega Smash for a limited time before the shield either collapsed or required too much bio-energy to maintained any longer, but this allowed the subject to stand up to seemingly more powerful test units.

-Speed: Subject had a standard Guyver reflex speed that ranged from 5 to 40 times normal, a top ground speed of up to 250 MPH, and a top air speed of 300 MPH, but the subject was also able to channel its shield energy to double its speed for short bursts. Trading durability for speed.

-Subject Head Beam functioned at standard power levels of a normal Guyver.

-Subject had a standard pair of Guyver Vibrational Swords.

-Subjects Mega Smashers functioned within normal parameters of a standard Guyver.

-Sonic Emitters are the same as a Standard Guyvers.

-Gravitational powers are the same as a Standard Guyvers.

-The range of the Subjects hybrid host psionic powers are uncertain but had exhibited a powerful enough telepathic power as to allow him to communicate with anyone he met, as if he was speaking their native language, except for mentally shielded beings like Guyvers, for whom he had to communicate through the organisms on his back that allow all Guyvers to communicate in a telepathic fashion.  

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.