Subject : Humanoid Gen  Warrior


Average Height : 550 cm (~18 Feet)

Average Weight : 4,000 kg(~4.4 Tons)

Status : Ultimate Warrior Cast Of The Gen Army

Description: The Enforcer Kavzar is the final stage in the Kavzar evolution. The enormous resources needed to create even one of these powerful warriors, warrant their creation only on War worlds that have produce at least a billion warriors. Once a War world has achieved this goal, five Kavzar Commanders are then chosen to undergo the process. Each is then partly empowered with the power needed to transform them into a Enforcer Kavzar. They then fight to the death, with the victor absorbing all the power and life energy of the losers. The victor is then able to finalize its transformation into a Enforcer Kavzar. These powerful beings thus serve as the single most powerful warriors in the entire Gen army. 

Present estimates of these beings abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength has been approximated to be equal to that of 2,500 terran humans. The unit also possesses unlimited stamina thanks to an HSL power system.

-Speed: Running=0-3,000 MPH with a max of ~3,750 MPH / Flying=0-15,000 MPH with a max of ~18,750 MPH.

-Durability: These beings are physically able to withstand anything up to a Guyver Mega Smash unshielded but have a body shield, like the Warrior Guyver, that lets them withstand anything up to two times a standard Guyvers full double Mega Smash. The shield system of these beings are also similar to the Kavzar Commanders but allow subject to withstand up to twenty simultaneous hits by a standard Guyvers full double Mega Smash attack. In addition, these warriors have also been equipped with a Gravity shield, similar to that originally developed for the Warrior Unit, that allows these beings to temporarily triple their shield strength and makes them less susceptible to gravity based attacks.

-The Mega Smashers are Comparable to the Warrior Guyvers, though easily twelve times more powerful and similarly the weapon can be used more often than standard Guyvers are capable of, due to beings HSL power enhancements. These weapons can also be enhanced by the gravity shield to temporarily double their power.

-The head Laser Orb is merged with a Zoacrystal and produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output a hundred times greater than that of a normal Guyver.

-Gravitational Powers: These beings possess the ability to fire Pressure Cannons as well as Gravity Bullet and Black Hole attacks. Utilization of the Gravity Shield, allows these beings to also create localized time dilations and spacial warps for a variety of effects. The energy storage capacity of the Gravity Shield also allows any Gravity based attack to be temporarily super charged to produce destruction on a scale equivalent to subjects Mega Smashers. These beings are also able to combine their gravitational powers, with a combo rail gun/hand beam arm weapon configuration, to create an extremely powerful force/energy beam blast with nearly four times the power of a Warrior Guyvers Mega Smasher.

-Weapons Module: Unlike other Kavzars, the Enforcer class utilizes an energy matrix emitter, in place of the standard rail guns and vibrational swords. This allows the Enforcer to create any energy based weapon it chooses, at will. This can range from plasma swords, able to cut through even the Warrior Guyvers polymorphic vibrational swords, to highly focused energy blasts of varying effect. These devices can even create small quantities of matter that can then be fired in the same manner as a rail gun.

-Sonic weapon emitters are identical to the Warrior Guyver type but operate at ten times the power.

-Hyper Sensors range have a range of ten km, combined with a wide range of sensory enhancements, makes these beings virtually impossible to sneak up on, even by other beings capable of teleportation.

-The Enforcers Control Crystal is basically a Control Medal merged with a Zoacrystal and are much more powerful than a normal Guyvers basic Control Medal, but the Enforcer Kavzar version is slightly larger and much more powerful than the Kavzars Commanders. This combined with a secondary Control Crystal, nestled between subjects Chest Plates, help regulate these beings enormous power.

-Other Phenomena demonstrated by these beings is the ability to teleport at will and the ability to manifest Zoalord like powers. These beings also possess the ability to generate worm holes and spacial warps for faster than light travel. These beings also possess the full range of abilities demonstrated by the Warrior Guyver, allowing them to cloak and to send their Control Crystals into hyper space to regenerate from an otherwise fatal attack.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.