Subject : Creator Telepathic Bio-Armour

Code Name : Control  Unit

Original Unit Name : Control Unit G-1

Host Sex : Varies with user

Host Race : Varies with user 

Age Of Host : Varies with user

Height : Varies with user 

Weight : Varies with user

Status : In use by all Federation races and standard Unit of the Gen.

Dormant Unit

Description : The Control Unit, a device composed of bio-technology created countless of eons ago before the Gen joined the Federation. This device, bio-engineered from a uniquely adaptive parasitic life form, bonds with a living host in such a way as to vastly boost their natural bio-energy. Thus allowing unit to operate as long as host can provide bio-energy. Allowing it to easily serve as an all purpose, environmentally compensating, body armour.

But most important of all it gave the Federation a common telepathic link, which helped the many different core races unite. Its main feature though is the Control Medal, which forms the heart of the unit and makes all the units abilities possible. Granting the Federation not only a protective armour, that can be called upon at will, but enhanced the physical abilities and gave them near immortality with its advance regenerative ability.

This unit, one of the greatest of their creations, proved itself to be potentially the Federations greatest threat. During the final phase of the great terran project. The Uranus dared to see what would happen when a Control Unit was bonded to a human host, an unenhanced subject of the warrior race we had created on Gaia. The new being was indeed a power to behold but went Out of Control and became ‘Guyver’. It then attacked the Uranus observing the experiment until it was neutralized by the ‘Remover’, reverting the Unit-G back into its original dormant Control Unit state, and the host subject destroyed.

Eventually we managed to recover this Unit and the Uranus ship after the disaster that befell our race. Learning from it and recovering the Guyver 0 we then improved on the technology from this and the later Warrior Unit and other Prototype Units. From this we have created a new race of warriors known as the Kavzar, based on the technology we managed to salvage from our own Terran project and modification of the Control Units basic technology. From this we eventually created the ‘Aceaer’ unit, which provided its user with power on a par with the original Unit-G, but does not completely bond with the host and does not interfere with telepathic control. Now the Aceaer Unit is used in combination with the Controller Unit, giving us the structure we need to continue our lives and strengthen the Gen race.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.