Subject : Ultra Enhanced Extra-Terrestrial Humanoid Guyver Unit

Code Name : Angel

Original Unit Name : Narakuna Type Neo-Kavzar Omega Test Unit-12

Host Name : Unknown, has assumed the name of Angel

Gender : Female

Age : 24 (approximate)

Eye Colour : Right is Blue, Left is Green

Hair Colour : Primarily Green, with streaks of White and Purple

Height : 194 cm (~6.4 Feet) armoured; 179 cm (~5.10 Feet) human 

Weight : 270 kg (~595 LBS) armoured; 61 kg (~135 LBS) human 

Status : Unknown

Description: The unit seems to be designed like a Kavzar, however Krullnar and the other members of the current Gaia project have no clue to it’s origin. However test units like this one have been used on Seed World Geo, however none have shown this level of power yet.

And what would a unit designed like the unit’s of Geo be doing on Gaia?

The Gen Council has issued a inquiry to Seed World Geo at the request of Krullnar.

Unit in Half-Powered Mode

Present estimates of Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength is enhanced to levels of near 1000 men.

-Durability is enhanced with body shaped shield giving the subject the ability to withstand near a .8 kiloton explosion, this can be doubled in one direction by shifting the body shield as well as external gigantic omni-directional and gravity shields to withstand a 4 kiloton explosion. If need be the subject can force all energy into one direction, backing it with her electro-magnetic shield to take on a 8 kiloton explosion. Subjects healing ratio is relative to 50X a normal Guyver. Subject has shown the ability to repair damage to her control medal relatively as quick as a Warrior Guyver type, giving her the ability to take incredible amounts of damage and still battle. Subject has a shock absorbing liquid gel like substance flowing within all of her armour, offsetting physical damage taken by 80%. She has Kavzar like endurance and stamina, and combined with her power level makes her one of the most difficult opponents to keep down.

-Hyper Sensors are of an enhanced nature, complimenting both standard hyper-sensory uses, but boosting the hosts natural senses allowing actual sight, hearing, and smell of a distance of 2 miles. Subject also has extended detection capabilities of energy, allowing her to detect energy build-ups, high energy spots or such, allowing her to find a specific target across vast distances of over 40 miles. Unconfirmed reports state the subject has a 6th sense while in human form, allowing her to detect shifts in local energy levels. As such this ability would give her the capability to detect cloaked enemies with ease.

-Subject does not have the standard pair of Sonic Emitters, rather subject has an approximately operational pair of electromagnetic pulse emitters. These pulses are more deadly to technology rather than organics. A single blast from these can cause an EMP to spread over 200 feet, which would disable and ruin all electronic equipment within the area. Organic targets are not effected as much, resulting in only mild discomfort for the moment and can cause most persons to become dizzy.

-Speed is enhanced Guyver levels: Run=0 to 2500 MPH / Fly=0-6500 MPH. Both speeds can be boosted temporarily twice the norm by using electromagnetic energy in the gravity orb.

-Palm infrared laser orbs power output approximates 50X the normal output for a head laser and is used in a pulse manner, giving 70X pulses every 1/3 second. 

-Subject does not use the normal Vibrational blades found in Guyver units, nor the Plasma type used by Aceaer. Subjects forearms are highly resistant to vibrational material, allowing her to block blades at Gigantic level with ease, and even take the Warrior Guyver types for a few blows. Subject can however emit a blade like weapon from her forearms that is as versatile as a polymorphic blade, and due to the energy nature of the weapon cannot be blocked by blades. It slices due to intense heat with the same effective range as a Warrior Guyvers blades. These Energy blades can be fired as well for an effective range of 1000 foot and at speeds equal to 500 MPH.

-Units Mega-Smashers are of particle beam nature and are approximately equal to a 3 kiloton attack, or 6X the power of a normal Guyvers full Mega Smashers. Beam can be charged to double normal output when infused with subjects electromagnetic energy. Weapon takes the same amount of time to charge as a normal Guyver. The beam is able to be controlled mentally, allowing it to track a target even if they dodge the beam. 

-Flare Cannon: Subject is capable of generating microwaves at extremely high intensity by utilizing her electro-magnetic energy field matrix. This weapon, when released, is capable of literally melting the subject in a surge of heat. When released, this weapon appears to emanate from the subjects body as a burning energy weapon, and when strikes can cause damage near 15X the power of a standard Guyver. When combined with subjects gravity orb the weapons strength can increase to near the power of a Guyvers single mega smasher.

-Gravitational powers are similar to a Gigantic Guyver but are enhanced by subjects power level and electro-magnetic energy field matrix. Subjects gravity orb has shown the capability of mimicking Zoalord gravitational attacks as well as forming Pressure Cannons with over 23X the power of a standard Guyver. The Pressure Cannons can be formed into different shapes, resulting in blade or saw like gravity weapons capable of tearing through targets. Pressure Cannons can target and follow the opponent, as well as stop and used as Proximity Bomb like weapons. Pressure Cannons also have a hint of electromagnetic energy dispersion upon contact, which causes secondary burn damage as well as frying electronic systems within the perimeter.

-Subjects control medal is similar to the standard Guyver, however is enhanced to high levels and processing power only surpassed by the Warrior Pyramid medal. The Control Medal also consists of a Kavzar Commander level crystal, and other such newly developed technologies giving it the near level of processing, despite the lack of 4 separate processors. Other information about subject C-Medal is unknown, however due to subjects ever-changing state the medal still may be hiding most of its secrets.

-Subject uses a combination of methods for energy handling, including a dual HSL system giving subject a constant stream of energy, plus another to feed it’s weaponry. Subject also uses cold fusion technology to absorb the earths natural electromagnetic field as a power source, giving the host over three fold limitless energy. The subject can also use the electro-magnetic absorbing qualities of her unit as weaponry, allowing all forms of electric attack including weather control, metal manipulation, and other forms of electro-magnetic abilities. It is possible, but unconfirmed, that subject may have the ability to control machines using this ability as well. This quality has also been said to allow her to raise her strength and other factors by a total of 50%, adding the effect of electric attack to all enhanced abilities through this way. 

-Electro-magnetic Energy Field Matrix: The unit’s primary energy source is always replenishing itself on the atmosphere of the planet, as well as the vast sources of electronics in the immediate area. Electromagnetic Energy feeds this alien unit as bio energy feeds units on earth, and considering that electromagnetic energy is so easily abundant and replenishing in nature, the subject rarely is ever low on power. Backed by two HSL’s, both of which supplement this energy, the unit should never feel the loss of energy. The subjects human form is said to be the source of the electro-magnetic energy field matrix, not the unit.

-Ultimate Attack: Nicknamed ‘Armageddon’, subject has the ability to fire a powerful, anti-proton based, particle beam blast of varying power. Linked to the subjects naturally occurring electro-magnetic energy field matrix, this weapon delivers nearly all of its destructive power upon a single target. Exactly how powerful this weapon is, has yet to be discovered.

-Subject has the ability to teleport, however the host is not inclined to use it as a means of normal travel. Unit has various methods of stealth travel as well, including the ability to turn invisible or blend with her environments. Subject has shown the ability to hide in hyperspace like the Warrior Units, however subject must willingly enter hyperspace, the unit does not do so automatically. 

-Subject has also received a form of instinctual programmed knowledge of many different subjects which include: Gen type martial arts taught only to Gen warrior casts, knowledge of much of the creators structure, history, and actions. A variety of languages including ancient earth tongue, various languages spoken in the Gen systems, as well as a few of earths languages.

-Reports state that the unit itself is still adapting the host trying to reach full power. If true, we have yet to see the full potential of this Guyver.

-Further reports state the subject has shown the capability to use her electro-magnetic powers even in human form. Such she has been viewed to move metallic objects without physical contact, jump extremely high and long distances, as well as touch or strike people or objects and cause 2nd degree burns. Other strange occurrences is the inability to be photographed or filmed, the ability to magnetize local metallic objects, stop watches, destroy equipment simply by walking by, and cause very strange results in tests. Such things are normal Geo Human traits, however how this Gaia  human has received these remains a mystery but is assumed the unit has modified her DNA to suit its energy needs, and may still be in the process of modification.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.