Subject : Enhanced Elite Zoalord

Code Name : ZARFEL

Sex : Male 

Eyes : Violet

Hair : Black

Age : 30 years 

Height-Human : 192 cm (~6.3 Feet)

Height-Zoaform : 275 cm (~9 Feet)

Weight-Human : 102 kg(~225 Pounds)

Weight-Zoaform : 680 kg (~1,500 Pounds)

Previous Status : Apprentice Zoalord

Present Status : Elite Class Zoalord with Master Zoalord level power.

Lord Zarfel’s Fully empowered Battle Form
Description: Lord Zarfel was a Proto Zoalord but the rising global resistance to Chronos prompted his unofficial advancement to an Elite / Supreme Class Zoalord. Though not an official member of the Elite, Lord Zarfel was given this special advancement to better let him handle the ever increasing resistance in China. Lord Zarfel was also allowed to create his own personal Disciple Class Zoalord, along with a new army of Assassin Class Zoanoids. Thus ensuring the stability of Chronos China while the rest of Chronos continues to deal with the more major global obstacles to our goals.
Special Note: Though originally upgraded to an Elite Class Zoalord, subject has absorbed mysterious objects of power that have greatly enhanced subjects powers to the level of a Master Zoalord. Little is known about these objects aside from the clear fact that they grant immense power to any being merged with them. If any more of these objects exist, every effort should be made to acquire them and prevent them from being acquired by our enemies.
Present estimates of Zoalord type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject has the equivalent strength of 2,000 men and virtually limitless stamina. This combined with subjects near telekinetic like ability allows him to lift any mass up to 4,000 tons in weight.

-Speed: Subject has a normal top flight speed of 0 – 6,000 MPH but can generate a powerful electromagnetic field that allows him to accelerate himself through the Earth’s electromagnetic field and reach speeds of up to 75,000 MPH. Reflex speed is equal to 200 to 2,000 times a human norm. Subject can also transform his physical form into a mass of electrical like energy and move, with a thought, at speeds approaching light speed.

-Durability: Subject can withstand anything up to four times the power of a Gigantic Hyper Smash unshielded and anything up to a 25 kiloton explosion of TNT shielded (Note: Shields are primarily electromagnetic and bio-energy but are reinforced with gravitational energy). Rate of regeneration is roughly twenty times that of a standard Guyver.

-Subject’s Zoa-Crystal is the enhanced type now common among the the Elite Class. This, combined with subject’s immense power, lets him fire head beam blast with four times the destructive power of a standard Guyver’s Pressure Cannon.

-Subject has a pair of elbow mounted retractable vibrational swords equivalent to a standard Guyver’s but subjects unique augmentation allows him to super charge the swords with electrical energy, discharging powerfully upon any object swords come into physical contact with.

-Abilities: Subject has the full range of Zoalord type gravitational powers and can combine them with his electromagnetic powers for either immensely destructive blasts, rivalling the power of two times a standard Guyvers Mega-Smasher per blast and can be fired with the ease and speed of a standard hand blast, or near telekinetic like manipulation of objects up to 3,600 tons in weight.

-Ultimate Attack: Subject can create a hurricane level thunderstorm in a matter of minutes and focus its destructive power, with his own immense power, to unleash massive devastation upon a targeted area, ranging from a single house to an entire city. When focused upon a single target, the destructive power can easily equal a 40 megaton nuclear explosion. 

-Other Abilities: Subject has standard telepathic power of an Elite Zoalord and the ability to teleport to any location, within one light second from his present location, at will. 

Lord Zarfel’s human form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.