Subject Classification: Warrior class Guyver enhanced Zoanoid
Class: Warrior Guyver / Bio Blaster Zoanoid type
Designation – Code Name: WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE
Human Form – Height: 180 cm (~5.9 Feet)  /  Weight: 82 kg (~180 Pounds)
Zoanoid Form –  Height: Pods Closed: 210 cm (~6.9 Feet)
Pods Open: 223 cm (~7.3 Feet) /  Weight: 122 kg (~269 Pounds)
Armored Form – Height: 207 cm (~6.8 Feet)  /  Weight: 356 kg (~785 Pounds)
Armored Zoanoid Form – Height: Pods Closed: 244 cm (~8 Feet)
Pods Open: 260 cm (~8.5 Feet) /  Weight: 1424 kg (~3140 Pounds)
Previous Status: Official Zoanoid type
Present Status: One of the Most Powerful Guyver Zoanoids
Subject’s Warrior Guyver Enhanced Zoanoid Form
Reference Zoanoid Type: A successful Zoanoid type, but difficult to produce, the Vamore class Zoanoid possesses shoulder mounted bio-laser pods. These pods can auto-track a target and fire a powerful laser pulse capable of vaporizing most targets, up to 30 cm of concrete per laser pulse. Firing rate of lasers are limited due to poisonous nature of lasers power elements and so limits charge rate of lasers to up to thirty seconds between full powered discharges. Specialized as a bio-weapon type, the Vamore class Zoanoid only possesses the strength of five men.
Description: During the excavation of the wreckage of an alternate reality Gen ship, subject was one of the few granted the honor of bonding to a Warrior Unit and has become one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Though the unit is only a Type 1, and the subject is only a standard Vamore type, it has granted the subject the destructive power of a master zoalord and added yet another weapon of mass destruction to the Chronos arsenal.

Present estimates of Warrior Guyver/Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


VAMOREAs a Vamore type of zoanoid, the subject has the strength of five men and stamina inherit with that type.

WARRIOR GUYVER:  Subject possesses the strength of 400 men and unlimited stamina due to the unit’s HSL.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: Physical strength is enhanced to 1,000 men and has unlimited stamina due to the unit’s HSL.


VAMOREGround speed is 30 MPH and reflex speed varies between 2 to 5 times human norm peak.

WARRIOR GUYVER: Running speed is 770 MPH with a max. of 1,200 MPH. Flight speed is 3,000 MPH with a max. of 3,750 MPH and a gravity shield enhanced 4,500 MPH. Reflex speed is 20-200 times normal.  

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: Running speed is 1,875 MPH with a max. of 3,000 MPH. Flight speed is 7,500 MPH with a max. of 9,375MPH and a gravity shield enhanced 11,250 MPH. Reflex speed is 50-500 times normal.  



VAMORESubject has the normal durability and regeneration factors of this type.

WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject has the same durability, immunity type of response, shields and regeneration as the original Warrior Guyver.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: Durability factors appear to be 250% to all of the unit’s shields over the original Warrior Guyver. Body shield allows him to withstand nearly triple the power of a standard Guyver’s mega smash and maximum shields allows him to withstand a maximum of 150 combined mega smashes from a standard Guyver. Regeneration is equally enhanced to 25 times normal.



VAMORESubject had the normal zoanoid level enhanced senses of this type.

-WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject has the normal range and abilities as a Warrior Guyver with a range of 500 meters (~1,640 Feet) with a passive range ten times that.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: Subject’s hyper sensors have a enhanced range of 1,250 meters (~4,100 Feet) with a passive range three times that.




WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject possesses a single infrared laser orb located above his control medal equal to the power and capabilities as a Warrior Guyver.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: The power of this weapon increases to 25 times that of a standard Guyver’s and the subject possesses two additional orbs on the upper part of each of its pods.


WARRIOR GUYVER: Radius of attack can range from 5 to 160 degrees and intensity ranges from a low hum to ten times that of a normal Guyver’s. The energy from the subject’s body shield can also be focused through this weapon to produce kinetic energy pulses for added punch and/or use in the vacuum of space.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: Sonic buster attack is enhanced by two and a half times greater than normal.



WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject has the standard pair of Warrior type polymorphic swords on each forearm, chest blade, and knee spikes.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: Subject retains all weapons with minimal enhancement due to power level increase of this form.


WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject possesses all of the gravitational powers of the original Warrior Guyver.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: The unit’s gravitational powers nearly triples in power and can be combined with the Gravity Shield to even create Zoalord type black holes.



VAMORE: Subject has the standard Vamore shoulder mounted Laser Pods.

WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject’s Chest Smasher Cells are more advance than a standard Guyver’s and has a far greater charge capacity, allowing these weapons to fire a beam five times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s and can maintain them for up to 10 seconds before needing to recharge the Smasher Cells.

WARRIOR GUYVER VAMORE: In this form subject’s Laser Pods and Hyper Smashers have merged and metamorphasized into a unique weapon of mass destructive power, a.k.a. Hyper Smasher Pods. The Hyper Smasher Cells have become simple energy storage capacitors, supplementing the storage capacity of the Weapon Pods, while the Laser Pods have become particle beam cannons that use the stored energy of the Hyper Smasher cells to siphon power directly from hyper space in a manner similar to the Warrior Unit Type 2 Cyclone Power Matrix. This allows these weapons to produce a blast much more powerful than the subject could otherwise generate. Generated blasts can be fired in either a 20 blasts per second pulse, equal to a Warrior Guyvers’ Full Double Hyper Smash per blast, per pod, or a single fifteen second blast equal to twice the destructive power of a Gigantic Guyvers’ Full Double Giga Smash.

ULTIMATE WEAPON: Subject, like the original Warrior Guyver, has the ability to generate a gravity shield that can store gravitational energy from both the subject and any external source, allowing subject to easily produce either an incredibly powerful shield and/or a nuclear scale gravity based attack. This ability can also be combined with subject’s Hyper Smasher Pods to produce a single directed attack of immense destructive power, depending on how much gravitational energy has been stored by the Gravity Shield. The weapon’s only weakness is the long time it takes to charge up, unless supplemented by an external source, and the strain it puts on the subject’s CM if too massive a charge is built up.


Unit has the standard Warrior Guyver ability to turn invisible, or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything as well as project holograms. The Unit also has the ability to enter Hyper Space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized. The subject also possesses the ability to communicate telepathically with none Guyvers.

Subject’s Warrior Guyver Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.