Subject ClassificationWarrior class Guyver enhanced Hyper Zoanoid

Class: Warrior Guyver / Hyper Zoanoid type

Designation – Code Name: WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS

Human Form – Height: 189 cm (~6.2 Feet) / Weight: 86 kg (~180 Pounds)

Zoanoid Form – Height: 221 cm (~7.3 Feet) / Weight: 890 kg (~404 Pounds)

Armored Form – Height: 212 cm (~7 Feet) / Weight: 400 kg (~882 Pounds)

Armored Zoanoid Form – Height: 259 cm (~8.5 Feet) / Weight: 890 kg (~1958 Pounds)

Previous StatusOfficial Hyper Zoanoid type

Present StatusOne of the Most Powerful Guyver Zoanoids

Subject’s Warrior Guyver Enhanced Zoanoid Form
Reference Zoanoid Type: This type was designed by Dr. Valkus. Thancrus is a high speed combat zoa-type, made to excel in hand to hand combat. Equipped with Vibrational hand swords, Thancrus is the deadliest of the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five in close range combat.
Description: During the Battle for the Warrior Guyver units in the crashed alternate universe Gen ship in Australia, the subject was accidently merged with a Type 2 Warrior unit. To our advantage the subject is among the fastest beings on the planet and among the most powerful. Granting us a weapon we can use for assassination.

Present estimates of Warrior Guyver/Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


THANCRUSAs a Thancrus type of zoanoid, the subject has the strength of thirty men and stamina inherit with that type.

WARRIOR GUYVER:  Subject has the Strength of 400 men and unlimited stamina, granted by the Unit’s HSL power system, but use of the Cyclone Power Matrix (CPM) can temporarily double the subject’s strength to that of 800 men.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: Physical strength is enhanced to 1,600 men and has unlimited stamina due to the unit’s HSL. The CPMs cannot enhance the subject’s strength as it is used to enhance the Inferno Blades.


THANCRUSGround speed is 200 MPH and reflex speed varies between 5 to 40 times human norm peak.

WARRIOR GUYVER: Running speed is 450 MPH, with a max. of ~1,200 MPH / Flying speed is 770 MPH, with a max. of ~3,750 MPH, but use of the CPM can temporarily double the subject’s speed. Reflex speed is 20 to 200 times normal, with a CPM boosted max of 400 times normal.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUSSubject’s speed is exceptionally enhanced due to the zoanoid type. Running speed is 12,000 MPH with a max. of 18,000 MPH. Flight speed however is mainly based on the subject’s enhanced power level and is 12,000 MPH with a max. of 15,000 MPH. Reflex speed is equally enhanced and is 500 to 4,000 times normal.  



THANCRUSSubject has the normal durability and regeneration factors of this type.

WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject’s bio-armor is twice as durable as a standard Guyver’s, with the ability to adapt to attacks such as Enzyme acid, and is enhanced by a body shaped shield aura, an extra secondary shield protects subject’s Control Medal, that allows subject to survive anything short of mega smash level attack and reinforce subject’s physical integrity when necessary. Additional shielding is provided by the CPM, which can be channeled to create an incredibly powerful directional shield that can withstand anything up to a Gigantic Guyver’s full double Giga Smash but leaves the subject’s back unprotected. Regeneration is ten times faster than a normal Guyver’s and up to twenty times when channeling CPM energy internally.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: Subject’s bio-armor is enhanced along with his body shield to allow him to withstand up to four combined mega smashers from a standard Guyver. Regeneration is also enhanced to forty times greater than a standard Guyver’s norm. Shielding is more limited as the unit’s CPMs is focused into enhancing the subject’s Inferno Blades. Though he has shown that by crossing his Inferno Blades in front of him and using his pressure cannon by refracting most of the energy around himself he can twenty combined standard full double mega smashers,



THANCRUSSubject had the normal zoanoid level enhanced senses of this type.

-WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject has the normal range and abilities as a Warrior Guyver with a range of 500 meters (~1,640 Feet) with a passive range ten times that.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: Subject’s hyper sensors have an enhanced range of 2,000 meters (~1.25 Miles) with a passive range three times that.




WARRIOR GUYVER: The subject possesses five laser orbs, one on the head, around the normal area for the head beam orb, one on each forearm and one on each palm, each of which exhibit an energy output ten times that of a normal Guyvers.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: The subject’s zoanoid type possesses a heat fin that is designed to bleed off excess heat while the type ran at high speeds. This heat fin has been enhanced and further merged with the head infrared laser orb to fire an extremely powerful beam 400 times greater than normal. This attack takes time to charge and the tell tale sign of the charging process is the Heat Fin lights up with energy prior to firing. Subject can still use his head and forearm laser orbs at normal power equal to forty times greater than normal.


WARRIOR GUYVER: The Unit’s sonic weapon emitters have also shown greater versatility and power than a standard Unit’s. Radius of attack can range from 15 to 160 degrees and intensity can range from a low hum to ten times that of a normal Guyvers.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: Sonic buster attack is enhanced by four fold.



THANCRUSSubject possesses a pair of non-retractable vibrational swords in place of where his hands would be. They are equal to standard Guyver’s vibrational swords.

WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject has a pair of retractable vibrational elbow swords that are composed of polymorphic material that allow them to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at will.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: Subject’s elbow mounted vibrational swords are slightly enhanced but still operate within the same parameters as a Warrior Guyver.


Subject’s zoanoid type vibrational swords located as his hand has been merged with the unit’s Cyclone Power Matrix. This removes the CPM as weapon and has been focused into enhancing the subject’s vibrational swords into a focused extremely powerful attack. The vibrational swords themselves emit a plasma based aura around the blades that combined with the enhanced nature of the swords themselves can defeat even a Warrior Guyver’s own swords. Even if the subject misses the blades will still damage his target. Only advanced units like Dreadnought could possibly withstand these swords.

In addition, the blades themselves can be used a focusing point allowing him to fire plasma blasts like a pressure cannon, equal to over hundred times the power of a pressure cannon. The plasma also gives off secondary burn damage as well.

The swords also have became partially polymorphic in that they can change shape at the subject’s will however the default shape is still the long blades of his zoanoid type which prevents him from for example opening his Hyper Smasher, so he has to mentally open them to fire them. He can also extend these blades up to 10 meters for a deadly whip like attack.


WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject possesses all of the gravitational powers of a Type 2 Warrior Guyver.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: Subject’s gravitational powers have been enhanced by a factor of four.



WARRIOR GUYVER: Subject’s Chest Smasher Cells are more advance than a standard Guyver’s and has a far greater charge capacity, allowing these weapons to fire a beam five times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s per cell and can maintain them for up to 10 seconds before needing to recharge the Smasher Cells. The subject can focus his CPMs into enhancing the power of his hyper smashers by a factor of two.

WARRIOR GUYVER THANCRUS: The subject’s greater than normal power level allows the subject to fire his hyper smashers up to twenty times greater than a standard Guyver’s as well as maintain the beam up to 10 seconds. Cyclone Power Matrix does not enhance the weapons as it is focused into enhancing the Hyper Vibrational Weapons.


Unit has the standard Warrior Guyver ability to turn invisible, or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything as well as project holograms. The Unit also has the ability to enter Hyper Space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized. The subject also possesses the ability to communicate telepathically with none Guyvers.

Subject’s Warrior Guyver Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.