Subject : Kavzar Enhanced Disciple Zoalord


Age: 32

Height : 275 cm (~9 Feet)

Weight : 929 kg (~1 Ton)

Previous Status : Apprentice Zoalord

Present Status : Former experimental Gen weapon and now loyal servant to Lord Alkanphel.

Description : Subject was an apprentice class zoalord that had been captured by the Gen as revenge for the death of one of their kind at the hands of Chronos. This Gen was mistaken for an Advent, one of the ancients that Chronos views as our enemy but this event at the hands of Tonnin lead to the devastating counter attack by the hands of their forces. Tonnin was since used to test a new Kavzar design. The experiment was initially successful and granted subject incredible power, while also allowing the Gen to control him. The Gen were so confident of their creation that they foolishly sent him after Lord Alkanphel. The end result of the encounter resulted in the subject being freed from their control and his re-allegiance to Chronos restored.
Present estimates of subject’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject has the strength of 2,500 men. Stamina is unlimited due to a Kavzar based HSL power system, that allows subject to draw power from hyper space as easily as the Warrior Guyver.

-Speed: Running=0-3,375 MPH, with a max. of ~4,500 MPH / Flying=0-18,000 MPH, with a max. of ~24,000 MPH. Reflex speed ranges from 200 to 1,600 times normal.

-Durability: Subject’s bio-armour is physically able to withstand anything up to a standard Guyver Mega Smash unshielded but has a body shield, like the Warrior Guyvers, that lets him withstand anything up to a 3 kiloton explosion of TNT (Equivalent to 3 times the power of a full double hyper smash from a Warrior Guyver). His shields are also similar to a Kavzar Commanders but nearly four times more powerful and can be combined with Warrior Guyver like blast shield to allow subject to withstand a 15 kiloton explosion of TNT. All shield energy can also be focused in one direction to shield subject from a directed attack with the destructive power of up to a 25 kiloton explosion of TNT. Regeneration potential is vastly superior to a normal disciple zoalords and can completely regenerate subject 100 times faster than a standard Guyver, as long as his Kavzar enhanced Zoa/Control Crystal is not damaged by more than 50%. 

-Hyper Vibrational Swords: Extremely powerful vibrational weapons, though not polymorphic in nature, they have shown higher tolerance levels than the standard Warrior Guyver blades. These weapons combine the power of a vibrational sword with an Aceaer type plasma sword energy field, both of which are highly enhanced by subjects high power level, granting these weapons with such power that most unshielded targets are either shattered or atomized on contact. Only the enhanced Warrior Guyvers, and beings with energy based swords, have shown the ability to counter these powerful weapons.

-Infrared Laser Orbs: Equipped on each of Subject’s gauntlets are three laser orb emitters. Two, positioned one on each side of the gauntlet, have 25 times the power of a standard Guyver’s head beam. The third, and main laser orb, is in the centre protrusion on the gauntlet, which can fire a beam 150 times the power of a standard Guyver’s head beam, and can be fired either continuously or in rapid succession. 

-Hyper Smashers: Subject’s powerful particle beam weapons. Comparable to the Warrior Guyvers, though easily 12 times more powerful, and similarly the weapon can be used more often than standard Guyvers are capable of, due to the HSL power enhancements. 

-Crystal Laser : Subjects’ Zoacrystal was merged with a Kavzar Commander class Control Crystal and now produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output two hundred times more powerful than that of a normal Guyver’s head beam.

-Gravitational Powers: Subject has the combined abilities of a zoalord and a Kavzar Commander. It is unknown the full range of his powers, but it is known that he can easily create multiple black hole attacks, or even manipulate the personal gravity of himself, or another target, to a level equal to 100 times normal gravity, at will. The direction of the gravity is also fully controlled by subject, independent of the object(s) orientation to normal gravity, and allows him to use gravity as a form of telekinesis. Subject also possess the ability to fire a combined gravitational energy, with a combo rail gun/hand beam, to create an extremely powerful force/energy beam blast that is equal to 20 times the power of a Guyvers Mega Smash attack (Equal to the destructive energy released by a 4 kiloton explosion of TNT).

-Sonic Emitters: Similar to the Warrior Guyver class, only 10x as effective.

-Hyper Sensors: Subject has a combination of zoalord psionic and Kavzar hyper perception that grants him a range of 10 km (~6.2 Miles), combined with a wide range of sensory enhancements, makes him virtually impossible to sneak up on, even by other beings capable of teleportation. 

-Other Phenomena demonstrated by Tonnin is the ability to teleport at will and the ability to manifest all basic Zoalord powers. Tonnin also possesses the full range of abilities demonstrated by the Warrior Guyver, allowing him to cloak and to send his Control Crystal into hyper space to regenerate from an otherwise fatal attack.

-Power Pulse Cannon: Subject’s ultimate attack, is basically a combination pressure cannon, black hole, and bio-energy attack but focuses subject’s total power into a single ball of gravitational and bio-energy. This extremely powerful attack has the destructive power of a one megaton explosion of TNT, concentrated into a single 3 meter wide ball of directed destructive power, and can be fired as easily as a disciple zoalord can fire a black hole attack. The only downside to this attack is that it leaves subject temporarily vulnerable to attack for the short time it takes to charge up and requires a minute before subject can fire another one.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.