Subject Type : Hyper Zoanoid
Code Name : Thazell

Development Code : None Applicable

Serial Number : None Applicable

Height : ~200cm 

Weight : ~180 kg

Status : Deceased Type

Description: Subject was an experiment of Lord Destrol’s, to try and combine the Bio-Armour that was stolen from the Canadian ACTF to improve a normal Zoanoids abilities. The Scout class Razell was chosen. The test did succeed and eight prototype units were made. Each with enhanced abilities that rivalled the current Hyper Zoanoids.  Four were originally sent out on the attack on the Canadian ACTF HQ. All four were lost. However the rest of the test units and information on there processing were lost, when the base where they were processed was attacked in a joint effort of the US and Canadian ACTF forces, along with the Warrior Guyver 3.
Present estimates of this Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below. 
-Physical strength has been measured to about an average of 75 men because of the bio armour and Hyper Zoanoid enhancements.

-Subjects stamina was put under serious strain. The bio armour and Hyper Zoanoid enhancements required a lot of energy to be used, and thus, this Hyper Zoanoid would only be used for short missions. If the information had survived, this could have been remedied with time.

-The subjects durability was recorded to be near the level of a normal Guyver, as it’s bio armour was a combination of Guyver0’s and the normal Zoanoid DNA.

-Subject also possessed 2 pairs of High frequency swords, equal to that of the standard unit-g type.

-Subjects senses were increased from the already high standard of the scout Zoanoids.

-Originally the test subjects were not given a personality, but however this proved that they were easily controlled by anyone with telepathic abilities, as shown by the Proto-Guyver. This was changed with the second batch, but it is unknown if this made any difference.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.