Subject : Rogue Humanoid Assassin Class Hyper Zoanoid


Development Code : ZN 108-C

Serial Number : Unknown

Real Name : Syn

Sex : Female

Age: 22

Height : 180 cm (~5.9 Feet) in human form and 195 cm (~6.4 Feet) in battle form.

Weight : 60 kg (~132 Pounds) in human form and 182 kg (~401 Pounds) in battle form.

Status : Declared enemy of Chronos.

Description: Subject  was a captured Chinese rebel agent, who was used as a test body for the development of an experimental Assassin class hyper zoanoid in the Chinese Chronos branch research division, but the scientist in charge of her, Dr. Hoji, decided to betray Chronos and made her both uncontrollable and superior to any other Assassin class hyper zoanoid.  She has since allied herself to the Nova Guyvers.  All branches of Chronos have been alerted to this threat.

Subject in her 
Full Battle Form
Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength in human form is that of 60 men and goes up to 150 men in battle form.  Stamina is very high due to subjects extensive bio-energy reserves and can fight extensively for several hours unless she uses some of her more powerful bio-energy attacks. 

-Speed is the subjects primary weapon, having been programmed with the instinctive mastery of all known forms of hand to hand combat.  She has a Reflex speed of 10 – 40 times normal in human form and up to 100 times normal in battle form.  Ground speed is 0-250 MPH in human form and up to 600 MPH in battle form.  Flight speed is 0-100 MPH in human form and up to 300 MPH in battle form. 

-Durability: Subject can withstand anything a normal zoanoid can withstand in its battle form and three times as much in her battle form, despite its smaller and more humanoid form, but she can also generate a powerful bio-energy shield.  In her human form she can only project a directional shield to block anything up to a Guyver pressure cannon.  In battle form, the shield can be projected as an omni directional bubble shield to protect her from multiple pressure cannon power level attacks or can concentrate all her shield power in one direction to block anything up to a normal Guyvers single Mega Smash.  Her rate of regeneration is 100 times that of a Guyver, allowing her to nearly instantly recover from almost any injury and can fully recover from anything that leaves at least twenty percent of her intact.

-Sensory perception is very advance and far exceeds that of a normal human in all categories by a factor of 100 but has built in safeguards to prevent sensory overload and can easily adapt to sudden changes in environmental conditions.

-Subject has two forward facing retractable vibrational forearm swords.  Since subject can selectively transform parts of her body, she can use these weapons in both human and battle form.

-Subject has three small gem like bio-laser orb emitters, one on her forehead and one in each palm.  The energy output of each in her human form is equal to a full powered Vamore blast.  In battle form, the energy output of each orb more than triples and has a combined firepower that can seriously injure or destroy anything with a power level up to that of a normal Guyver.

-Subject has a molecular based acid blood that can quickly eat away at almost any material on contact.  This is different from the Enzyme type in that it will affect any attacker and not just a Guyver.  Subject can also excrete some of the acid through her hands and feet.

-Subjects hair has been specially designed to harden a piece of itself into an armour piercing incendiary dart that can be both selectively and /or rapidly fired at single or multiple targets.  This combined with subjects rapid regeneration rate allows nearly continuous use of this weapon and is nearly as effective as a short pulse fire from a normal Guyvers head beam.

-Subject can fire a shuriken like hand bio-energy blast that can blast/cut through most objects as easily as a normal Guyvers pressure cannon can punch through.  This particular ability can be super charged with all of the subjects bio-energy, such as from her shields, to produce a single double handed energy blasts that is as powerful as a Neo ZX-Tole type Mega Smash but is a serious drain on subjects energy reserves, that can render her unconscious, so is rarely used.

-Subject also possesses the ability to blend into almost any environment with a chameleon like cloak effect and can use her bio-energy field to cling to almost any surface.  

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.