Code Name : OVERLORD

Subject Type : Zoalord Enhanced Type Hyper Zoanoid 

Development Code : Classified

Serial Number : Classified

Height / Average Weight : Only slightly greater than subjects human form.

Status : Official Hyper Zoanoid Type.

Comments : Though original prototype was lost to Chronos, in a failed attempt to control the Warrior Guyver, the design had already been finalized and proven more than affective for its intended purpose.

Description: Created due to the increasing need of Chronos to maintain firm control over it’s increasingly more powerful army of zoaforms. The Over Lord class both extends and solidifies the Chronos command structure. But, since this zoa-type are mainly just  an extension of the Zoalord class, they are consequently the most humanoid types of Zoaforms in Chronos.
Present estimates of this Zoaform type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subjects have the strength of 5 men in human form and 10 men in full battle form. This is augmented by this type’s psionic power, which allows them to increase their strength to that of 100 men and/or manipulate objects at a distance.

-Speed: Subjects can reach a top ground speed of up to 75 MPH and a top flight speed, via their psionic power, of up to 600 MPH.

-Durability: Subjects are one of the least durable of all the zoa-types, due to their limited physical enhancements, and are barely more durable than an unenhanced human. Consequently they rely heavily on their psionic power to shield them from most attacks and can thus withstand anything up to half the power of a standard Guyvers’ Mega Smasher.

-Subject’s Zoa-Crystal is similar to an apprentice zoalords and can fire an energy pulse similar in power to a standard Guyvers head beam.

-Telepathy: Subjects possesses standard zoalord type telepathy can can control any zoaform other than the Zoalords.

-Psionic Power: Lacking physical augmentations, subjects have been granted Zoalord level mental powers that grant them the ability to telekinetically enhance their strength, fly, manipulate objects at a distance, and create waves of concussive force. They can also create protective shields or focus the totality their power upon a single target and crush, rip, it to a pulp and is affective upon any target of equal or lesser power to themselves.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.