Subject: Humanoid Guyver Enhanced Master Zoalord

Code Name: KRON

Age: Over 13,000 years old.

Height: 210 cm (~6.8 Feet) in human form and  275 cm (~9 Feet) in battle form.

Weight: 136 kg (~300 Pounds) in human form and 800 kg (~1764 Pounds) in battle form.

Status: Master Zoalord of Chronos – Can be commanded only by Alkanphel or Imakarum

Lord Kron in his full Guyver
Enhanced Zoalord Battle Form

Description: Lord Kron is one of three Master Zoalord created by the Gen over 13,000 years ago. He like Zeugma is based on a modified version of Alkanphel’s DNA. Before Kron became a Zoalord he actually fought while still a normal human Fulton Balcus a prototype Zoalord of the Uranus made before Alkanphel. Though Kron and his tribe would have ultimately lost this battle, it so impressed the Gen as they arrived to Earth that they chose Kron as their second Master Zoalord after Zeugma his tribe leader and wife. 

Kron is a fire power based Zoalord and is based on the same range of powers that in later years in Chronos have being given to Zoalords Purg’stall and Imakarum (though the latter comparison is before before Imakarum was infused with the power of the Ark). Kron was given command of the land of Atlantis at the time the height of human civilisation. There he supervised the Tests of the Gods where Guyver would face Guyver or other creations of the ‘Gods’ would battle. If a test subject got out of hand it would be Kron that would execute the command of the ‘Gods’ and if needed destroy the wayward test subject or subjects. Kron now has seething hatred of these ‘Gods’ for forcing him to fight his brother Reeve the Guyver Zoalord and was defeated. As he lay their dying his fallen body was recovered by Alkanphel himself who was awoken by the presence of the Guyver Zoalord. 

In present day Kron has being reprocessed to follow the commands of only Alkanphel. A process that has taken an incredibly long time to do without killing Kron in the process. A Master level Zoalord Kron rivals Alkanphel in raw power but lacks all the abilities that Alkanphel possesses. Now upgraded with the latest Zoalord technology merged with technology extracted from our examination of the Warrior Guyver and other related Creator artefacts. Kron has become one of the most powerful beings on the planet.  Possessing all the powers of a Master Zoalord and many of the weapons and abilities of a Guyver, as well as a genius level intellect. Kron is Chronos answer to the growing threat of the Warrior Guyvers and has being tasked with capturing them. 

All branches of Chronos have been informed of this change in the chain of command. Kron is viewed as being outside the command structure of Chronos and can be only commanded by Alkanphel himself or Imakarum the second in command of Chronos. Kron has at times when asked taken command of Chronos but does so only to follow the will of Alkanphel when the Chronos commanding class of Zoalords were forced to be reprocessed to nullify the weapon of the returned ‘Gods’ that devastated Chronos in Europe. Other Zoalords have being notified to give the special consultant of Chronos all assistance he requires and to not question his command.

Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-In human form, Lord Kron possesses the same powers and abilities as did Lord Imakarum did in his battle, form prior to his upgrade.

In Battle Form, Subject has the following abilities:

-Physical strength has been estimated to be a full ten times greater than a standard Guyvers norm and equals the total strength of 1000 men.  Subject also possesses nearly unlimited stamina due to an HSL based power enhancement similar to US dimensional coupler, though Chronos still has a long way to recreating a true HSL system like the Warrior Guyvers.  The implanted system is functionally superior to the US dimensional coupler and is efficient enough to maintain subject indefinitely at his present power level. 

-Speed: Running=0-1875 MPH with a max of ~2250 MPH / Flying=0-7500 MPH with a max of ~12000 MPH. Reflex speed is 40 to 500 times normal.

-Durability: Subject can withstand anything up to a quarter powered single Guyver Mega Smash without his shields but like the Warrior Guyver, he possesses a powerful body shield that lets him withstand anything up to a full single Guyver Mega Smash.  The addition of his shields allow him to withstand anything up to six times the power of a normal Guyvers full double Mega Smash and slightly more  than eight times when he directs his powers into a directional shield.  Regeneration rates are 40 times that of a Guyver and can completely regenerate himself, as long as his head remains intact, but it is unknown whether he can survive the destruction of his Zoacrystal.  Lord Kron can also direct energy based attacks around himself if prepared for the attack and can therefore withstand up to ten times the destructive power of normal Guyvers full double Mega Smash.

-Kron is one of the first Zoalords to possess Guyver like Mega Smashers.  Each of which have twice the power as a Gigantic Guyvers, giving Kron the raw firepower of a Grakkens full quadruple mega smash blast.

-The head Laser Orb is merged with a Zoacrystal and produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output nearly twenty times greater than that of an equivalent normal Guyver head beam.

-The Subject possesses all the Gravitational powers of a Zoalord and Guyver combined.  Allowing him to fire pressure cannon blasts ten times the power of a normal Guyvers, or roughly equal to the power of a full single Mega Smash from a Guyver, and just as easily fire multiple black hole attacks. 

-Among the Guyver based implants are Vibrational swords similar to the Warrior Guyvers but are not polymorphic in nature.

-The units sonic weapon emitters appear to be similar to a Guyvers but are nearly ten times as powerful due to subjects higher power level.

-Hyper Sensors range have been estimated  to be ~800 meters (~1/2 Mile).

-The subjects Zoacrystal has been enhanced to give it Control Metal type abilities that combined with other Control elements throughout his body, allow him to maintain the Guyver based armour without going rogue.  Though functionally inferior to even a normal Guyvers Control Medal.  The enhancements are enough to make the Guyver based modifications stable and to significantly boost all of subjects natural abilities.

-Subject also possesses all the other powers of a master zoalord like the ability to teleport at will and to use the psionic based cyclone attack previously only used by Lord Alkanphel and Imakarum.  Subject also possesses other zoalord powers like the ability to manipulate weather and control the elements at a power level slightly higher than that of the other supreme zoalords prior to their own enhancement.

-Recently subject has shown the ability to temporarily boost his power level by 20% for short bursts and has developed the ability to produce an attack similar to Lord Destrol’s Ultimate Attack by creating a white hole field matrix around himself and releasing all his bio-energy into it.  This method removes the need to teleport as energy discharge occurs outward from subject. The destructive energy of this attack is nearly five times that of Lord Destrol’s and completely drains Lord Kron, rendering him powerless for up to an hour till he can recover.  It is thought that both Lord Kron and Destrol may have developed this power from elements in their makeup they acquired from Lord Alkanphel as he used a similar ability to save the Earth from the Creators when they tried to destroy the Earth with a moon after Guyver 0 was created.

Lord Kron in his human from
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.