Subject : Disciple Zoalord

Code Name : Kalika

Full Name : Kalika Karlon

Sex : Female

Age : 23

Hair : Blond    /    Eyes : Blue

Height : 168 cm (~5.5 Feet)

Weight : 55 kg (~121 Pounds)

Height in Battle Form : 244 cm (~8 Feet)

Weight in Battle Form : 408 kg (~900 Pounds)

Status : Disciple Zoalord in charge of Eurasia

Description : Kalika Karlon was originally one of the first Apprentice Zoalords, along with many of her now fellow Disciple Zoalords. Modelled after Imakarum Mirabilis, Kalika Karlon possesses many of the awesome abilities demonstrated by the now Elite Zoalord, but only at his former capabilities as a Supreme Zoalord. Given the area of Europe and Western Asia to command, Kalika proved herself well capable of commanding and was given the status of Disciple Zoalord. Kalika is now one of the most active Disciple Zoalords and is heading many scientific research projects.
Present estimates of the subject’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength : Kalika possesses the standard strength for a Disciple Zoalord and is capable of Guyver level strength in her human form, nearing that of 100 men, and over 200 men in her full battle form. Kalika is also capable of using her psychic powers to produce force blasts with a similar force ratio to the power of 50 men in her human form and 100 in her full battle form. These blasts are capable of reaching as far out as 300 feet.

-Speed : Kalika’s physical speed is approximate to her physical strength but she is capable of using her psychic and gravity powers to enhance her running speed to nearly 400 MPH, and nearly 1100 MPH when flying. Subject is also capable of several forms of teleportation. Including transforming into a lightning like bolt of energy, gravitational warp, and psychically. 

-Durability : Kalika is capable of withstanding any attack under the power of a single Guyver mega smash, while in her human form, and nearly a full Guyver mega smasher in her full battle form, with little to no damage. However subject is capable of creating a psionic based shield around her which offsets physical blows, rendering her nearly invulnerable to damage of physical nature while using it. However Energy based weaponry is unaffected. Kalika has also shown the ability to use her awesome psychic power, combined with her zoalord gravitational power, to warp most attacks around her and can thus withstand a maximum ratio equal to a Grakkens quadruple mega smash. Regeneration is slightly above normal for a disciple class zoalord, since Kalika can use her psychic power to accelerate her healing to nearly the same rate as a Guyver.

-Head Beam : Kalika has the standard disciple class zoalord ability to fire a focused destructive energy blast from her zoa-crystal, similar in capability to four times that of a Guyver’s.

-Psychic Senses : Kalika’s psychic powers have given her an enhanced sensory system, similar in capability to a Guyvers. However, it is effective over a much greater distance. Kalika’s psychic senses are capable of reaching nearly 1,000 feet in diameter around her.

-Gravitational Abilities : Like most zoalords, Kalika has a full range of gravitational abilities. Allowing her to use gravity bullet attacks and black hole attacks as powerful as Imakarum possessed during his years as a Supreme Zoalord.

-Vibrational Blades : Located on both her arms are two sets of enhanced blades derived from the bio-titans. Equal to a standard Guyvers vibrational blades, they are also capable of being infused with her psi-gravity power to enhance them to nearly the same strength as a Warrior Guyvers blades.

-Knuckle Beams : On each of her three fingers, in battle form, there is a bio-energy laser emitter orb. Each orb fires a blast nearly twice the power of a Guyver’s head beam, and, when used all together, can fire a blast nearly as powerful as a standard Guyvers pressure cannon. The beams can be used in unison with her gravity attacks to produce a single beam composed of bio-energy and gravitational energy that rivals the power of a Guyvers full double mega smasher.

-Psychic Projection : Kalika can manifest a psychic energy projection of herself to virtually anywhere in the world, at will. This projection requires her full concentration but the resulting projection is an actual extension of Kalika and will appear real to anyone who sees and touches it until Kalika stops the projection. Though most of Kalika’s psychic energy is used to create the projection, enough is left over to grant her up to 1/10 of her normal power. The only negative side affect is that Kalika may physically manifest some of the damage inflicted upon her projection if she is caught unprepared.

-Psi-Gravity : A powerful combination energy. By combining her psychic energy with her gravitational power, Kalika is capable of many seemingly impossible feats. Such as levitating massive objects like buildings, causing warps in matter, and even destabilizing the metabolic functions of a target. Kalika is capable of coating her body in this energy and warping through matter or even rip a target to pieces. 

-Psivija : Another psychic attack, however one of the most powerful. Capable of using the same forces that allow her to make her force blasts, Kalika is capable of channelling massive amounts of her bio energy and firing it all off in one attack that goes outward from her body and can cover nearly a mile radius with an incredible psychic force wave, smashing all targets in the area with a force rivalling near a Gigantic Guyvers Hyper Smasher and is considered her ultimate attack. Unfortunately this attack is very draining and can only be used two or three times before subject is exhausted and requires a month of, if unassisted, regeneration to fully recover from its use.

-Other Abilities : Kalika can also use her Psi-Gravity power to warp space/time to disorientate opponents and to literally rip less powerful beings apart, or focus this powerful combination of energy into blade like blasts that can slice her opponents apart and even penetrate shields that would otherwise block a less focused attack. This energy can also be used to manipulate localized weather and/or cause or trigger localized earthquakes.

Kalika Demonstrating her Psi-Gravity Power
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.