Subject: Zoalord

Previous Class : Supreme Zoalord

Present Class : Elite Zoalord 


Former Name: Masaki Murakami

Real Name : Imakarum Mirabilis

Age: 30 (Appears to be 25)

Hair: Black /  Eyes: Cat like Blue

Height: Ranges from 182 cm (~6 Feet) in human form to 336 cm (~11 Feet) in Zoa-Battle Form.

Weight: Ranges from 70 kg (~154 LBS) in human form to 1500 kg (~1.5 Metric Tons) in armoured Zoa-Battle Form.

Previous Status: Rebel Proto Zoalord.

Present Status: Member and Leader of Elite Zoalords, and second in command of Chronos.

Lord Imakarum in his Humanoid Form
Description: Lord Imakarum is an Elite Zoalord. But originally he was created as a test body for the battle form developed by Lord Valkus and Dr. Yamamura for Gyro, but the subject escaped and commenced a private war against Chronos, under the guise of a freelance reporter, and even joined forces with the Guyvers before he was defeated in battle by Gyro. Gyro in turn was then killed by Alkanphel removing his zoalord crystal and his heart and chest destroyed by Guyver 3. The then Murakami’s body fell from the great Relic landing right before Lord Alkanphel, then recovered the subjects body and used Gyro’s Zoa-Crystal to reprocess him into the most powerful Supreme Zoalord capable at the time. Transforming this once rebel proto Zoalord into one of the most powerful and trusted of Supreme Zoalords of Chronos. This was because Imakarum shares a close mental link with the leader of Chronos, a bond which proved to have saved the Chronos organization. A position he still maintains as an Elite Zoalord and one of the most powerful members of Chronos Zoalord hierarchy.

Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.



-Note: As a former Supreme Zoalord, all of subjects powers and abilities have been doubled now that he’s an Elite Zoalord.

-Physical strength ranges from that of 200 men in his human form to 400 men in his full Battle form.

-Speed is hard to estimate as subject usually just teleports to where ever he wishes to go and can fly even in his human form, but the maximum observed running speed is around 450 MPH and maximum observed flying speed is around 2,250 MPH.

-Durability: Subject can shield himself from most attacks, up to hyper zoanoid levels, in his human form. In his Full battle form, he can create shields powerful enough to allow him to withstand anything up to a single Hyper Smash from a Gigantic Guyver. Though this durability is rarely tested as an Elite Zoalord as he can simply warp most attacks around himself, this ability combined with standard type Zoalord shield, allow him to withstand anything up to a 2 kiloton nuclear attack.

-The Zoacrystal produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output nearly four times greater than that of a normal Guyver.

-The Subject possesses all the Gravitational powers of a Zoalord.  Allowing him to fire attacks similar to the Guyver’s pressure cannon blasts four times the power of a normal Guyvers, and because of the regenerative abilities of the Elite Zoalords he can just as easily fire a few black hole attacks at a time. The subject can also focus this power, along with his psionic powers, to warp the fabric of reality for a variety of effects.

-Subject also possesses all the other powers of a master zoalord like the ability to teleport at will and to use the psionic based cyclone attack. The subject is one of the few Zoalords capable of utilizing all these abilities, thanks mainly to his reprocessing by Lord Alkanphel.

-Ultimate Weapon: Subject can create a gravitational vortex that acts like a focusing lens that he can then channel the total power of nearly all his bio-energy reserves to produce a directed energy blast equal to a 50 kiloton explosion of TNT.

-Special Note: In addition to making Imakarum an extremely loyal member of Chronos, Lord Alkanphel also enhanced his mental capacities and imbued him with a great deal of knowledge. Knowledge that he quickly used to Improve on the Enzyme design and created the first Enzyme 3’s. Imakarum also shares a special mental link with Lord Alkanphel.



Lord Imakarum in his Battle Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.