Subject : Guyver Assassin UnitCode Name : GUYVER 4

Host Name : Isis Drano

Race: Human/Gen hybrid

Sex : Female

Age : 17

Eyes : Blue

Hair : Red

Height : 195 cm (~6.4 Feet) armoured; 170 cm (~5.6 Feet) human

Weight : 270 kg (~595 LBS) armoured; 41 kg (~90 LBS) human

Status : Agent of Chronos

Subjects Armoured Form
Description: The subject is the second of two hybrid Gen/Humans that were made to secretly spy on Earth. Found as a child, the subject was adopted by Alfrid Drano, now a disciple Zoalord, and his wife. For some unknown reason, this subject was not given the embedded memories of her intended mission. So she had no idea that she was part Gen until her 16th birthday, when an Enforcer Kavzar revealed itself to her and told her of her true origins. The subject was then quickly indoctrinated into the ranks of Chronos elite. Giving Chronos access to her Gen DNA, but the subject has also merged with a prototype Assassin Unit that was originally intended to allow the subject to eliminate any threat to her intended mission. Thus yet another weapon of the Gen now serves Chronos.
Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

Physical Strength: Armoured form, subject has the approximate strength of 150 men and twice the stamina of a normal Guyver, but use of subjects telekinesis can temporarily increase subjects effective strength by a factor of two, but is mainly used to manipulate surrounding objects. Stamina in armoured form is roughly twice the norm for a Guyver. In human form, subject has the normal strength for a human girl her age and built, but can use her telekinesis to enhance herself and double her normal strength, but use of the Units main CM allows subject to boost her natural telekinetic strength to equal that of five men. Stamina in human form is equal to a normal human at peak condition.

Speed: Armoured form, subjects running speed=0-360 MPH, flying speed=0-600 MPH. Reflex speed is 10-60 times normal. In Human form, subjects running speed=0-20 MPH, with bursts up to 30 MPH. Reflex speed is twice normal.

Durability: Armoured form, subject is 50% more durable than a normal Guyver and appears immune to Enzyme acids. Regeneration rate is four times faster than normal for a Guyver. The subject can also combine her psionic and gravitational powers to generate an omni-directional shield that can withstand anything up to a single normal Guyver Mega Smasher. In Human form, subject is no more durable than a normal human but can shield herself from minor threats, thanks to her psionic powers boosted by the subjects unit main CM, up to small arms fire and can heal ten times faster than normal for a human.

Gravity Control Orb: Same as a normal Units but due to subjects higher than normal power level and more advance Control Medal system, subject can fire a pressure cannon simultaneously from each hand, each as powerful as a normal Guyvers full powered double handed pressure cannon, or fire a single blast equal to a quick standard blast from a Warrior Guyver.

Head Beam: Same as a normal Guyver Unit but power output is 50% greater.

Mega Smashers: Appear to be standard for a normal Guyver but due to subject’s higher power level, each cell has a 25% greater power output and can be fired twice in one minute and at full power.

Hyper Sensors: Subject has an approximate range of 1 km (~0.62 of a mile). This is due partly to subject’s enhanced sensory preceptors but mainly because of subject’s psionic powers.

Vibrational Swords: Subject has a standard pair of vibrational elbow swords, but also has additional claw like mini-swords located at the heels of her feet.

Sonic Busters: Subject’s sonic emitters are the same as a standard Guyvers but have 25% greater destructive power.

Control Medal: Though it appears the subject has a standard Control Metal, it has been discovered that the visible Control Medal is a secondary unit used to help boost the processing power of Unit’s main Control Medal, presumed to be located somewhere within the subject. Subject has shown the ability to keep the main Control Medal around after she has deactivated her armour. The Control Medal usually appears in her hand and she can inspect it at her leisure. Analysis of the main Control Medal indicate it enhances the subject’s natural psionic abilities, explaining why it can be used by subject without having to activate her armour, and has an extensive memory storage capacity that would have been used to help the subject complete her original mission but now serves to help subject recall in detail any information she has ever been exposed to. Overall this gives Unit a Control Medal rating similar to half that of a Warrior Guyvers, allowing unit to operate at a much higher level than normal for a Guyver.

Psionic Powers: Subject possesses a wide range of mental powers that include telepathy, telekinesis, and empathy. Being part Gen allows subject to command older zoaforms, but since most have been upgraded to be immune to their telepathy that is mainly limited to simple mental communication. The subject may also be able to use her psionic powers to teleport herself, but only to places she has been and/or within line of site.

Other: Subject has a near genius I.Q. rating and specializes in all aspects of computer technology. Since becoming a Guyver, subject has received Hyper Zoanoid class combat training, helping subject to overcome a minor lack in natural aggressiveness in battle due to the Gen half of her DNA. The unit is also equipped with an advanced unit Remover, normally stored in hyper space, that is affective on any unit that is even slightly less advanced than a full fledge Warrior Unit but has proven an effective weapon against most Guyver based beings.

Unconfirmed Reports: Subject may possess the psychic power to see or sense possible futures, indicated by subjects uncanny ability to sense danger to herself and those close to her, as well as occasionally predicting a chain of events. Though the later may be simply explained by the subjects high intelligence level. The subject’s main Control Medal may also be capable of limited self mobility by extending up to eight insect like leg protrusions. Whether this serves any other purpose is unknown.

Subject with ShiedSubject with Unit RemoverSubjects Human Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.