Subject ClassificationEnhanced Humanoid Guyver Unit

Designation – Code Name : GUYVER 2

Host Name : Oswald A Risker

Subject – Sex : Male / Hair: Blond / Eyes: Blue

Age : 37 (Appears to be 30)

Human Form – Height: 183 cm (~6 Feet) / Weight: 80 kg (~177 Pounds

Armored Form – Height: 210 cm (~6.9 Feet) / Weight: 357 kg (~642 Pounds)

Status : Declared soldier of Chronos.

Description: Subject is the second Guyver unit to have been activated from the three units originally stolen from the former Japan branch of Chronos. As a loyal agent of Chronos, subject was being trained to become a hyper zoanoid when he inadvertently bonded with a Guyver unit and became Guyver 2. The subject then took it upon himself to capture Guyver 1 on his own but discovered too late that his unit was damaged and consequently his Control Medal malfunctioned in the mist of battle and the subject died. Recent technological advancements however made it possible to repair his damaged Control Medal, which then regenerated the subject. The subject had then been reinstated into active service as a member of Team Alpha until subject was exposed to the remains of Cyber Guyver Green, when that subject was terminated by the Warrior Guyver. The subject then underwent a metamorphosis that has granted the subject a new power of super speed. Exactly how this new power works is uncertain but a characteristic fiery aura is usually generated when subject uses this power, suggesting some sort of advance kinetic energy transfer. Consequently the subject has been put into reserve status until the nature of his new power is fully explored but if his new power proves to be stable, that combined with subjects advance combat skills, that subject should prove a very powerful resource for Chronos.

Present estimates of this Guyver’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.



Subject possesses the standard Guyver strength of approximately 100 men but use of subject’s new power gives him a temporary 50% boost to overall strength.


The unit possesses the standard Bio Boost process as a standard Guyver as well the trickle energy charge from the gravity control orb. However the unit further augments the energy reserves through the unique aura the subject emits. The aura allows the subject to absob some energy from his environment, how this is done is still unknown.


Subjects’ speed has been vastly enhanced. Reflex speed alone ranges from 100 to 2,000 times the human norm. Ground speed ranges from 0 – 7,500 MPH with bursts of up to 12,000 MPH.  Flight speed was less enhanced since that power primarily comes from subject’s gravity control orb but subject can still achieve flight speed of 450 MPH but ten times that through the use of aura enhancing his speed.



 Hyper Sensors appear to have been unaltered and retain the standard range of approximately 100 meters (~328 Feet).  Whether subject can enhance his sensory perception with his new power is unknown but is theorized that simply increasing the rate subject processes information from his hyper sensors should double their range and sensitivity.


Subjects bio-armor appears to be the same as a standard Guyvers but the new aura produced by subject’s new power appears to act as a shield, helping to either dampen or block attacks upon the subject.  Exactly how well this aura protects the subject is unknown but, combined with subjects super speed, that subject should be considered nearly indestructible unless caught off guard, even then subject should prove impervious to anything short of hyper zoanoid level weaponry. The aura further speeds up the unit’s regeneration rate to approximately 200 times normal.




The Head Beam Orb is a Infrared Laser emitter, which channels the internal thermal energy of the unit as a directed energy beam which has the same normal range and power as a standard Guyver however the aura can be used to speed up and enhance the power of the beam by a factor of ten. The range is further enhanced to allow the subject fire the beam up to five kilometers (~3.1 Miles).  


HYPER KINETIC MAGNIFICATION: Subject can focus his gravitational power, just like a standard Guyver, to augment his physical mass momentum energy when performing a physical attack to magnify the power of a punch or kick by approximately twenty fold. However the aura greatly enhances the subject’s ability to augment his ability to enhance his momentum to a maximum of four hundred times unenhanced norm. Allowing the subject to punch or kick harder than even a Warrior class Guyver.


Subject’s gravity control orb functions within normal parameters for a standard Guyver however the aura can be used to allow the subject to fly far faster than what can be normally be achieved. Subject’s pressure cannon however is as powerful as a standard Guyver’s but the speed in which the pressure cannon can move is enhanced allowing it hit harder than normal.


The subject through the use of his kinetic magnification powers and his aura while achieving his maximum speed can throw a punch that approximates to be twice as powerful as a Gigantic Guyver’s gravity knuckle attack.


Mega Smashers appear unchanged by the subject’s metamorphosis but subject can use his power to enhance this weapon to twice its normal energy level by simply increasing the acceleration of the particle stream but this also reduces the beam duration to 1/10 its norm, compressing the blast into a more powerful pulse that can more easily overwhelm the defenses of a target. The effect is being the equivalent of the destructive power of subjects Mega Smashers by a factor of ten.


Subject’s vibrational swords are the same before his metamorphosis but the subject’s aura greatly enhances the vibrational swords significantly by amplifying the rate which the sword vibrates. Only the swords of the Warrior Guyvers can withstand them.


The unit’s sonic busters function within normal parameters for a standard Guyver but the aura can be used to allow the subject to use them in vacuum of space up to a range of several meters.




The control medal appears to be unenhanced itself from the subject’s new aura. However aura does enhance the subject’s speed far greater than the unit is capable of including reaction time. It is theorized the aura does enhance the neutral connection between the brain and the control medal boosting the interface.


The aura can also be used to absorb kinetic energy of other objects, transferring their momentum to himself. This causes the affected object(s) to stop moving, living beings are literally frozen in place (potentially lethal), and can allow subject to temporarily double his normal top speed. Subject can also reverse this process and cause a massive increase in an object(s) momentum, this can also cause some things to spontaneously combust if used to speed up an object(s) molecules or a living being’s metabolism.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.