Code Name : Gaster 

Class : Heavy Armament Hyper Zoanoid 

Development Code : MDOT 0061 

Serial Number : HZN 009-HS 

Height : 217 cm (~7.35 Feet) 

Weight : 192 kg (~423 Pounds) 

Status : Official Hyper Zoanoid Type 

Description : The Gaster Hyper Zoanoid, designed by Dr. Hamical Valkus, is one of the original design types for the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5. What this type lacked in physical strength, it more than made up in raw firepower. Armed with telepathically guided bio-missile pods and explosive liquid arm launchers. The Gaster hyper zoanoid could very easily destroy any opponent foolish enough to get within range.

Present estimates of New Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

Bio Missiles: Gaster has 18 Bio-Missiles that can be fired either one at a time, several at a time, or all at once. Each missile is telepathically linked to Gaster, giving the zoanoid complete control over them in mid flight. One missile has enough explosive force to blow apart a Guyvers vibrational sword and together all 18 could destroy a Guyver. Though a powerful and accurate weapon, the limited number of missiles combined with relatively short flight range of only 100 meters (~328 Feet), makes this primarily a tactical weapon.

Liquid Explosive Dischargers: A close to mid range combat weapon. The liquid dischargers, one located on each forearm, fire two different liquids that when combined form a powerful explosive as volatile as nitro-glycerine but with significantly greater explosive power. The power of this weapon has been noted to be powerful enough to crack even a Zektoles armour but the weapon is difficult to use as the launchers have a limited range and damage to the shoulder liquid storage sacks could allow the Gasters entire supply of the two liquids to mix and self detonate, killing this type instantly.

-This type was not made to be as fast as the Thancrus type, so only has a top ground speed of 60 MPH, but reflex speed is nearly equal the standard Guyvers 40x max., allowing this type to use its explosive liquid launchers with great speed and accuracy.

-Physical Strength is approximate to 30 men.

-Recent advances in Chronos technology has allowed for a Neo Gaster type to be developed, essentially the same as the original type but now has the ability to Rapidly grow new missiles in a matter of minutes for near continuous firing potential. The neo type has also been equipped with a neutralizing chemical coating that prevents the two liquids from mixing if this types storage shoulder sacks are damaged, eliminating this types greatest weakness. As the enhancements are considered simple improvements on the old design, this type code name remains unchanged.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.