Subject : Prototype Hyper Zoanoid
Class : Bio-Weapon Guyver Killer Zoanoid

Code Name : ENZYME

Test Subject : Genzo Makishima

Development Code : OGET 001

Serial Number : YZN 108-J

Height : 257 cm (~8.4 Feet)

Weight : 324 kg (~714 Pounds)

Previous Status : Director of the Japan Chronos Branch.

Present Status : Deceased!

Description: Blamed for the failure to recover the three Guyver units in Japan, Genzo Makishima was punished by being turned into the one zoanoid specifically designed to take down a Guyver. This prototype creation was code named Enzyme, for the acidic like enzyme blood it carried that was specifically designed to corrode the bio-armour of a Guyver. The zoanification process was not completed so this subject only had a week to live. The subject successfully completed its intended role and captured the Guyver 1 Control Medal but was sacrificed in order to destroy the then rogue body of Guyver 1. This type was never again produced due to the destruction of Chronos Japan and all their records on this type, but Lord Valkus was able to recreate the Enzyme blood and created a new battle form to contain and utilize it in the Enzyme 2 and subsequently developed types.
Present estimates of this Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-This type was given immense physical strength, at least twice that of a Gregole, that combined with its ability to secrete the enzyme acid blood through its tail, claws, and mouth. Allowed this subject to literally tear apart a Guyver.

-Durability is barely above the norm for a low level zoanoid as the intent was to transfer as much of the enzyme acid blood as possible on the Guyver target, with minimal exposure to air which neutralized the acid, but was built with multiple organ redundancies that allowed the subject to continue to battle after receiving otherwise fatal wounds, such as when Guyver 1 used a pressure cannon to blow half of the subjects head off.

-Ground Speed=0-60 MPH.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.