Subject : Hyper Zoanoid

Class : Bio-Weapon Guyver Killer Hyper Zoanoid

Code Name : ENZYME 2

Original Test Subject : Fumio Fukamachi

Development Code : OGET 002B

Serial Number : YZN 219-VS

Height : 347 cm (~ Feet)

Weight : 311 kg (~ Pounds)

Previous Status : Second prototype anti-Guyver zoa-type and first mass produced model.

Present Status : Previous official type, has been replaced by newer models.

Description: The continuing threat of the Guyvers required a zoa-type specifically made to kill them, but with the loss of Chronos Japan and the records of the original Prototype Enzyme. Lord Valkus had to create a similar zoanoid from scratch and this type is the result. To maximize its effectiveness against Guyver 1, Lord Valkus decided to use the hosts father as the test subject. The combination proved affective and the Guyver 1 host was killed when Enzyme ripped through his brain, but this is when it was discovered that the Unit has a self defence mode and the Guyver Unit took over and killed the Enzyme 2 prototype. The unit then repaired its host, but the shock of having killed his own father traumatized the host and temporarily removed his ability to bio-boost, the host has since recovered and continues to be a threat to Chronos. Though failing to destroy the Guyver threat in its first mission, this type still proved itself an effective weapon against the Guyver and was mass produced until newer and more effective models where developed.
Present estimates of this Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.
-This type was given immense strength, grip performance of 1300 kg/min and leg performance of 3200 kg, that combined with its ability to secrete the enzyme acid blood through its tail, claws, and mouth. Allowed this subject to literally tear apart a Guyver.

-Durability was approximate equal to the durable of the first Enzyme prototype.

-Speed, this type was given near hyper zoanoid level speed, similar to the Thancrus type.

-Enzyme acid, since the records on the original prototype where lost, Lord Valkus created a new acid that did not deteriorate when exposed to air, allowing this type to literally spit its acid from its mouth onto its Guyver target for a distance of up to several meters.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.
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