Subject : Matrix Created, Gigantic Class Warrior Guyver like being.


Host Name : Unknown

Origin : Same alternate Earth that the Female Warrior Guyver came from.

Height : 268 cm (~8.8 Feet)

Weight : 1393 kg(~3,072 Pounds)

Status : Subject is an apparent enemy of the Warrior Guyvers.

Description : Little is known about this Subject other than it appears to be an enemy of both the Gen and the Warrior Guyvers, particularly against the female Warrior Guyver. Though somewhat similar to the Warrior Guyver design the subject is believed to be something other than a Warrior Guyver, with abilities both rivalling and surpassing that of known Warrior Guyvers save Dreadnought. Whether subject will prove itself an ally of Chronos is yet to be determined.

Present estimates of subject’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength: Subject physical strength seems to vary between 2 to 5 times that of a standard Warrior Guyver. The subject can apparently draw power from nearby HSL enhanced being(s) to augment its own HSL system. This ability seems to enhance the subject’s abilities while weakening his opponents. Little else is known at this time.

-Speed: Subject’s observed speed varies but appears to have a normal maximum running speed of ~1,200 MPH and a maximum flying speed of ~7,500 MPH. Though when near other HSL enhanced being(s), subject speed easily tripled. Reflex speed ranges from an average of 300 times normal, to a max of ~1,200 times normal.

-Durability: Subject has armour similar to the Warrior Unit type, with similar damage resistance factors but can regenerate 4 to 10 times faster than a normal Warrior Guyver. The body shield aura is also much more powerful and is augmented by what appears to be a fiery bio-energy dampening energy field that neutralizes all bio-energy it encounters. The aura thus also acts as a weapon that can be focused and fired upon a target to neutralize their bio-energy. The affect varies upon target hit but a Warrior Guyver can be temporarily paralyzed, a Guyver deactivated and host is rendered unconscious, and a human is instantly killed. The subject can also generate a protective blast field and Gigantic like omni-directional shield to allow it to survive any attack up to the destructive power that it can itself produce. The blast field can also capture gravitational energy, just like the prototype Warrior Unit. This neutralizes the Female Warrior Guyvers’ ultimate weapon and helps to make subject even more powerful. 

-Head Beam Orb produces a beam approximately twenty to a hundred times more powerful than a standard Guyvers.

-Hyper Sensors: Subject has three sets, forming an advance sensory array that gives it a  range estimated as far greater than the Warrior Guyver type, ~4 kilometre (~2.5 Miles) by presently confirmed estimates. This advance sensory system also lets the subject jam the hyper senses of Guyvers, greatly increasing its tactical advantage over even a Warrior Guyver.

-Polymorphic Vibrational Weapons: Subject has a pair of elbow swords with similar properties to the Warrior Unit type but can be extended and used just like the Gigantic Guyvers whip like tendril blades. The subjects’ hand and feet claws are also encased in this special material and can easily be used for lethal effect upon a target. These weapons can also be used to conduct subjects’ bio-energy dampening field to a target upon contact, making this already lethal weapon even more dangerous.

-Gravitational Powers: Similar to a Warrior Guyver’s but with two to four times the power level and with the added ability to create zoalord like black hole attacks. 

-Hyper Smashers: Similar to a Warrior Guyvers, these weapons can produce a blast two times more powerful and maintain it for a full fifteen seconds. If augmented by power drawn from nearby HSL enhanced being(s), these weapons can easily quadruple in power to produce a maximum destructive force of ~16 kiloton explosion of TNT.

-Control Medals: Subject has three separate control medals. The primary is a standard Warrior Type, located on subjects’ forehead. The secondary’s are Gigantic type Control Metals, located on subjects’ shoulder pods. The reason for this arrangement of control medals appears to be to grant the subject its enhanced abilities and thus enable it to destroy a Warrior Guyver.

-Other Phenomena: Similar to a Warrior Unit, subject has the ability to turn invisible, as well as the ability to enter Hyper Space for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized.

-Unconfirmed Reports: The subject can apparently use its polymorphic weapons to inject trace amounts of itself into a target. This acts like a poison that is effective even with Warrior Units, temporarily reducing their regenerative capability to that of a normal Guyver until they are able to purge themselves of subjects’ bio-material. Subject also appears to not require sleep nor rest and like the Gen’s Kavzars may not even have a host form separate from its armoured form.

No other conclusions of this Subject’s abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.