Subject : Elite Zoalord 

Code Name : DESTROL

Sex : Male 

Actual Age : 2 years  /  Biological Age : 25 years

Height : 192 cm (~6.3 Feet) in human form / 275 cm (~9 Feet) in battle form

Weight : 102 kg (~225 Pounds) in human form / 680 kg (~1500 Pounds) in battle form

Status : Member of the Elite Twelve Zoalords and progeny of Master Lord Alkanphel.

Description: The subject was a proto zoalord created whole as an adult and infused with knowledge by Lord Alkanphel himself with a sample of his own DNA.  Consequently this being became to be considered Lord Alkanphel’s son and was already nearly as powerful as a Supreme Zoalord prior to being upgraded to his present status by Master Zoalord Destrol.  Now as an Elite Zoalord, Lord Destrol has been put second in command of the twelve Elite Zoalords and is one of the most powerful of Zoalords on Earth, second only to the Elite Zoalord Imakarum and his father and the other Master Zoalords.

Lord Destrol in his humanoid form

Present estimates of New Zoalord type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength has been rated to be approximately equal to that of 200 men in human form and 500 men in battle form and can fight none stop, at full strength, for up to an hour before tiring.

-Speed: Subject has a normal reflex speed rated at 10-100 times normal in human form and up to 300 times normal in battle form. Ground speed is up to 375 MPH in human form and up to 1000 MPH in battle form.  Flight speed ranges from 0-1500 MPH in human form and up to 7500 MPH in battle form. 

-Durability: Subject is approximately 100 times more durable than a normal human in his human form and can shield himself from attacks as powerful as a normal Guyvers full single Mega Smash before taking any damage.  In his Battle form, his Zoalord armour is reinforced with a protective body shield that boosts his natural durability to what his human form can withstand fully shielded.  Shield strength in battle form is more than tripled and allows him to withstand anything up to a Gigantic Guyvers full double Mega Smash before he takes on damage.   His ability to regenerate has never been fully tested but he should be able to fully recover from any injury that doesn’t destroy his head and/or his Control Zoacrystal.

-The subjects possesses the newer Control Zoacrystal first developed by Lord Destrol himself for the purpose of bonding Guyver based bio-armour to a Zoaform. Though Lord Destrol himself has not been given the Guyver based bio-armour, since that is an honour reserved for the Master Zoalords.  The new Zoacrystal does provide him with a much higher power level than what would have been possible with any previous Zoacrystal.  Consequently, the subjects Control Zoacrystal can fire a head beam bio-energy blast with ten times the power of a Guyvers head beam infrared laser orb. 

-Though the subject was not given the Guyver based Bio-Armour upgrade, he was given a pair vibrational type elbow swords that he can uses in both his human and battle form and approximately equal to those possessed by standard Guyvers.

-The subjects possesses the full range of Zoalord gravitational powers and can fire up to three black hole attacks at one time.  The Zoalord Gravity shield is seamlessly integrated with subjects energy shield.  The Gravity shield can also be manipulated to redirect attacks around subject and can allow subject to withstand 50% more than his shielded durability rating would allow but requires subject to have a few seconds warning to properly implement the effect.

-Energy Weapons: The subjects possesses his fathers psionic based powers and is one of the few Zoalords than can use the tendril like cyclone attack.  Subject can also fire a variety of hand energy blasts ranging from a simple shuriken type energy blade blast that can cut through anything in its path as easily as a high powered vibrational sword to a double handed power beam blast equal in power to the destructive power of a Gigantic Guyvers full double Mega Smash.

-Other Powers include the ability to teleport at will, can telepathically control any Zoaform below his rank, and possesses a telekinetic power approximately equal to his physical strength and can use it to manipulate objects at a distance and/or to boost the effectiveness of his physical strength.  Telekinesis can also be used to immobilize a lesser powered subject and/or combine its power with the cyclone attack to crush an opponent.

-Ultimate Attack: Subject was given the Neo-Zektol ability to absorb nearly any ambient energy such as heat and light from the sun to supplement his energy reserves and allows him to possess the ability to create a white hole attack.  Essentially the exact opposite of a black hole attack, the white hole releases a massive amount of energy in all directions.  This is an extremely dangerous attack that requires subject to teleport out of target area and drains subject of nearly all his bio-energy reserves, so is only used as a last resort.  The white hole attack take approximately five minutes to prepare and detonates ten seconds after it is fired.  The destructive power released by this attack varies but is usually approximate to a 10 megaton nuclear bomb and can easily destroy an entire city.  Fortunately Lord Destrol only needs to rest a few days before he recovers his full strength.

Lord Destrol in his previous 
Proto Zoalord Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.