Subject: Humanoid Warrior Guyver Bio armour Enhanced Supreme Master Zoalord


Age: Appears to be a human in his mid twenties but is really over 3 million years old.

Hair: White  /  Eyes: Blue

Race: Caucasian appearing humanoid Master Zoalord, with elf like ears.

Height: Ranges from 182 cm (~6 Feet) in human form to 336 cm (~11 Feet) in Bio Boosted Zoa-Battle Form.

Weight: Ranges from 70 kg (~154 LBS) in human form to 1500 kg (~1.5 Metric Tons) in armoured Zoa-Battle Form.

Status: Master Zoalord, founder and reining lord of Chronos.

Lord Alkanphel in his Humanoid Form
Description: Lord Alkanphel is a Master Zoalord, created by the Creators also known as the Uranus to lead all their zoaform army, but the threat of a Guyver 0 forced the Creators to declare their creations too dangerous and they in turn tried to destroy the Earth and all life on it, by crashing a moon into it, but Lord Alkanphel rebelled and used all the power at his command to save the Earth. Only a piece of the moon managed to get past him and created a nuclear winter. Though critically weakened, lord Alkanphel knew that one day life would flourish again on Earth and went into a deep sleep that he did not fully awaken from, except to observe some critical events in Earth history, till the human, who would become zoalord Hamical Valkus, became shipwrecked on the shores of his secret island. He and Lord Alkanphel then began creating the foundation of our organization. Now enhanced by the Master Zoalord bio-armour upgrade, Lord Alkanphel is once again the most powerful being on the planet.
Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength ranges from that of 400 men in his human form to 3000 men in his full Bio-Boosted Battle form. Stamina is nearly unlimited due to a HSL type power system derived from the Bio-armour developed from the Warrior Guyver technology acquired by Chronos but is inferior to the the Warrior Guyvers. This causes the subject to deplete his bio-energy reserves if he uses his full power for too long but quickly recovers once he rests.

-Speed is hard to estimate as subject usually just teleports to where ever he wishes to go and can fly in all his forms, but the maximum observed running speed is around 10,000 MPH and maximum observed flying speed is around 60,000 MPH.

-Durability: Subject, as a master zoalord, possesses enormous raw power, even in his human form and has been observed to withstand anything up to a zoalord black hole attack in his human form. In his Full battle form, he has a Warrior Guyver type body shield that combined with the Bio-Boost armour and his Zoalord body armour, allows him to withstand anything up to a single Hyper Smash from a Gigantic Guyver. Though this durability is rarely tested as he can simply warp most attacks around himself, this ability combined with standard type Zoalord shield, a Warrior Guyver type Blast shield, allow him to withstand anything up to a 50 Mega Ton attack nuclear attack. Use of subjects Ultimate attack can allow him to withstand anything up to the power of his ultimate attack.

-Subject doesn’t have Guyver type Mega Smashers but an unexpected enhancement from the bio booster armour has instead created a zoacrystal hyper smasher that allows subject to focus his vast powers into a single blast with up to 30 times the power of a Warrior Guyvers full double Mega-Smash.

-The head Laser Orb is merged with a Zoacrystal and produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output nearly thirty times greater than that of a normal Guyver.

-The Subject possesses all the Gravitational powers of a Zoalord and Guyver combined.  Allowing him to fire pressure cannon blasts ten times the power of a normal Guyvers, or roughly equal to the power of a full single Mega Smash from a Guyver, and just as easily fire multiple black hole attacks. The subject can also focus this power, along with his psionic powers, to warp the fabric of reality for a variety of effects.

-The units possesses Vibrational swords similar to the Warrior Guyvers.

-Subject does not have Guyver type hyper sensors but his immense physical and mental powers allow him to have a near god like awareness of his environment, for a radius up to 50 miles.

-The subjects main Zoacrystal has been enhanced to give it Control Metal type abilities that combined with other Control elements throughout his body, and the full restoration of his body has restored Lord Alkanphel to his full power. The bio-armour unit bonded to him even has its own Warrior Guyver type control medal, but the unit does little to nothing to bio-boost the subject, but does provide him a HSL based power system that helps ensure he can use anything short of his full power without worry of using up his bio-energy reserves. The Unit also provides subject with vibrational swords, transforms his chest crystals into a Mega Smash type beam weapon, and provides him with Guyver level regenerative abilities.

-Subject also possesses all the other powers of a master zoalord like the ability to teleport at will and to use the psionic based cyclone attack but at a significantly higher power level than any other Master Zoalord.

-Ultimate Weapon: Subject can focus the total power of nearly all his bio-energy reserves into a powerful destructive field around his body that he can then discharge by ramming into his target like a fiery meteor. Going full out, this attack has allows Lord Alkanphel to destroy an entire moon. The immense power of this attack, and the great drain it poses on Lord Alkanphel, leaves it a weapon of last resort, as even the restorative powers of his bio armour enhancements would require up months to restore his power.

Basic Armoured Human FormLord Alkanphel in his Zoalord Battle Form
Lord Alkanphel in his full Bio-Armoured Enhanced Zoalord Battle Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.