Subject : Hyper Enhanced Humanoid Gigantic Warrior Guyver Unit type 2
Code Name : ZEUS
Host Name : Agito Makishima
Nationality : Japanese
Sex : Male
Age : 24
Hair : Black /  Eyes : Brown
Height as Zeus : 305 cm (~10 Feet )
Weight as Zeus : 1200 kg (~1 and 1/4 metric tons)
Former Status : Declared enemy of Chronos and founder of the Anti-Chronos organization known only as Zeus Thunderbolt.
Present Status : Primary leader of Zeus Thunderbolt and ally of both the ACTF and CRTF.
Subject’s  Zeus From
Description: The subject, now known as Warrior Guyver 3, has acquired an incredibly powerful Gigantic like upgrade unit he has dubbed “Zeus”.  While in this form, the subject’s power is tripled and possesses a far greater range of abilities.  The exact nature and origin of this armor is unknown but is suspected of being custom designed specifically for subject’s Warrior Unit and will not work with any other unit.

Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject has the approximate strength of 1200 men and has unlimited stamina, due to an advance HSL power system that provides subject with the majority of his power, but can temporarily boost himself to the strength level of 1600 men by channeling power from his Cyclone Power Matrixes.

-Speed: Subject has a maximum normal ground speed of ~2,250 MPH and a maximum normal flight speed of ~12,000 MPH.  Channeling of CPM’s increases maximum ground speed to ~3,000 MPH and maximum flight speed to ~15,000 MPH. Reflex speed ranges from 100 to over 1,000 times normal.

-Durability: Subject can withstand anything up to a single Hyper Smash from a Gigantic Guyver with nothing more than its body shield. Activation of its Gigantic Guyver and Zoalord Gravity type shields allows subject to withstand anything up to the full four cell blast from a Grakkens Mega Smashers. The additional use of a pressure cannon shield, reinforced by the subjects CPM’s, allows subject to withstand a directed blast twelve times the power of a normal Guyvers full double Mega Smash. Regeneration rate has been estimated to be around 100 times faster than a normal Guyver.

-Infrared Beam Orbs: The subject possesses the same number of orb emitters as he does in his normal Warrior Guyver form but power output has been increased to 40 times the power of a normal Guyvers and all five orbs have nearly the combined power of a normal Guyvers single mega smash.

-Pressure Cannon: The subject has the ability to fire both Pressure Cannon blasts (12x normal) and Zoalord type hand beams of equal power, individually and/or combined. Giving the subject the ability to quickly fire blasts that can be as powerful as the destructive power of a full double Mega Smash from a normal Guyver. 

-Hyper Smashers: This weapon is ten to twelve times, depending if subject channels additional power from his CPM’s, more powerful than a normal Guyvers and can be adjusted from a wide angle short range blast to a tightly focused long range beam that can punch through almost anything.

-Hyper Swords: The units possesses three pairs of vibrational arm swords that are composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes. Subject’s Gigantic form allows these weapons to be extended into whip like tendrils for extended range.

-Sonic Busters: Radius of attack can range from 15 to 160 degrees and intensity can range from a low hum to 16 times that of a normal Guyvers, allowing the units seven emitters to shatter even a neo hyper zoanoids skull with ease. Subject also possesses the ability to tune the emitters to a single target among many and to produce different effects such as boiling of blood, shattering or exploding target, liquifying targets, spantaneous combustion, concussive shock waves, and to move objects of varying sizes and mass.

-Hyper Sensors: Gigantic form increases subject’s range to 2 kilometers (~1 and 1/4 Miles).

-Control Medal: Subject’s control medal retains its pyramid in this Gigantic form which, combine with the fact that the subjects HSL is suspected of being an integral part of the Warrior type Control Medal, partly explains the subject’s incredible power level.

-CPM (Cyclone Power Matrix): In the subject’s Gigantic form he has two pairs of these devices. The first pair are those possessed by his Warrior Unit and for which he draws upon to boost his powers one at a time. The second pair is part of the Zeus unit and functions more like a standard HSL and helps subject maintain his 12 times a normal Guyvers power level. When combined with the first pair, he can boost his powers to 16 times a normal Guyvers power level for short periods of time.

-Power Punch: Subject’s ability to throw a power punch is similar to a normal Gigantic Guyvers but can channel immense power into a single punch with the equivalent destructive power of a Gigantic Guyvers full double Hyper Smash and can throw two at a time for double the effect.

-Other Phenomena: Subject has the ability to produce all known Zoalord type attacks and magnifaction of all of the subjects normal Warrior Unit abilities.

Subject in his normal
Warrior Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.