Subject: Supreme Master Zoalord

Subject NameZEUGMA

Subject – Sex: Female / Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Green / Age: 12,000 (Ageless but appears mid-20’s)

Human Form – Height: 165 cm (~5.4 Feet) / Weight: 850 kg (~154 Pounds)

Zoalord Form – Height: 232 cm (~7.6 Feet) / Weight: 1500 kg (~3300 Pounds)

Previous StatusMaster Zoalord, allied with ACTF.

Present StatusMaster Zoalord and sworn ally of the Warrior Guyver.

Description: Subject was created as a replacement for Alkanphel, after his disappearance and presumed death after he stopped the Earth from being destroyed by Uranus. When the Gen arrived to Earth to start their projects, they created Zeugma, but unlike Alkanphel, she wasn’t born a Zoalord. She was, as well as the one now known as Kron, human. They were taken from their tribe and processed into Master Zoalords. Kron as her second in command was able to effectively command the Gen’s zoanoid army while they worked on their projects. This was until the Gen’s greatest fear became a reality and a Guyver Zoalord was created. Zeugma and Kron were sent to fight the Guyver Zoalord but were easily defeated and survived only because Alkanphel saved them by teleporting them back to his secret island, where they have been kept in a deep sleep until the present, when Kron was awakened and was converted by Alkanphel to serve Chronos. Zeugma was thought too powerful to convert, so was to be given to the Zoalord Valcus for dissection but she managed to escape. Denied assistance by the Gen and threatened with death by Chronos, the subject was left with little choice but to ally herself with the ACTF and now serves as one of our most powerful allies.
Psychological Profile: Subject has a natural leadership quality that perhaps stems from her original role as Clan Mother before she was processed into a Master Zoalord. She is also empathic and caring towards many, but she is still a warrior that will always leads from the front. She is loyal and highly intelligent with a near genius intellect. All of the qualities needed to be a Supreme Master Zoalord.
Special Note: Jason O’Conner has gone rogue, details of incident are classified, and is no longer an agent of ACTF. However, he is still a declared enemy of Chronos and may still assist ACTF forces when our goals are the same. ACTF agents have thus been informed to use their best judgment on whether he can be trusted, on a per mission bases, or whether he could pose a threat and take the appropriate action to ensure mission security, if possible. ACTF Agents have also been advised to take into account the extremely high power level of Jason O’Conner’s Dreadnought form during any and all encounters with him. Since subject is his sworn ally, she is to be treated in the same manner until further notice.
Present estimates of subject’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


Subject strength varies according to her physical form. Ranging from that of 225 men in her human form to around 2,250 men in her full Battle form. Stamina is extensive due to subject’s Master Zoalord bio-energy reserves and can fight for several hours unless forced to use her ultimate attack.


Hard to estimate as subject usually just teleports to where ever she wishes to go and can fly in both forms, but the maximum observed running speed is around 7,500 MPH and maximum observed flying speed is around 45,000 MPH. Reflex speed ranges from a human form low of 40 to a battle form max of 2,000 times normal.


Subject, as a master zoalord, possesses enormous raw power, even in her human form, and has been observed to withstand anything up to a single Guyver Mega Smash in her human form, by warping the beam around herself. In full battle form, it is suspected that she can withstand anything at least up to a ten gigaton nuclear explosion by warping most of the energy of the explosion around herself and using her immense power to shield herself from the rest. Subject’s ability to regenerate appears to be only slightly greater than a standard Zoalords.


The main Zoacrystal produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output nearly thirty times greater than that of a normal Guyver. Subject’s larger chest zoacrystals are twice as powerful and can be combined for a mega smash like attack.


The Subject possesses all the powers of a Master Zoalord like Alkanphel. Allowing her to do just about anything he has been observed being able to do, both mentally and physically. This combined with her immense power, makes her one of the few beings on the planet that can even hope to fight Alkanphel one on one. Though her ability to control Zoanoids and Zoalords is very limited due to the alterations made by Chronos to prevent telepathic interference from the Gen. Consequently, she can only control a zoaform by overwhelming it with her immense mental power, but this effect varies according to targets strength and will power.


Subject has the same ultimate attack power as Alkanphel which is the ability to channel all of her power into a powerful field of energy around herself. In which she creates a meteor like attack capable of destroying anything up to a moon. The exact power of this attack is unknown but is suspected to be in the multi teraton atomic range, if not greater. Also similar to Alkanphel, this attack completely drains her of all her bio-energy reserves. Making her nearly helpless after using this attack, so it is left as a last resort weapon but considering the possible need for her to use this attack in the future. Both ACTF and Zeus Thunderbolt scientists are working to create a bio-energy regenerative chamber device to quickly restore her power if the need should ever arise.


The Subject does possess one power that has not been observed by any other zoaform being and that is the power to heal by using a combination of the power of her mind and the transfer of some of her bio-energy. Subject has shown that she can even use this ability on herself, to a limited degree, to help with her own regeneration if the damage is localized. This ability also allows her to transfer life energy from one being to another as well as to herself, but nowhere near as fast as life draining beings like the Life Force Guyver have shown to be possible.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.