Subject : Extremely powerful Parallel World Guyver like beingCode Name : W’Kar Guyver (a.k.a. Warlord Guyver)

Host Name : Gregory Lucas

Sex : Male  /Hair : Black  /  Eyes : Dark Brown

Age : 30 (Biological age is 23)

Height in human form : 192 cm (~6.3 Feet)

Height Armored : 387 cm (~12.7 Feet)

Weight in human form : 84 kg (~185 Pounds)

Weight Armored : 680 kg (~1500 Pounds)

Status : Currently second in command of Chronos and declared enemy of the Creators.

Subject in his present battle form
Description: The subject, a parallel world Guyver like being, possesses a Creator made unit called the W’Kar, created over 2 billion years ago, in a crisis created by Creators named Dibblis and Grend. This unit, much like the prototype Warrior unit of our universe, is the final prototype of its type. Infused with a mysteriously and extremely rare element called W’Kar by the Creators, that grants the unit with nearly limitless energy. Combined with fusion between host and unit, grants subject immense powers above any known Guyver Unit. It has no set limits in power due to its ability to evolve over time and allows subject to empower himself to new levels, after being in battle long enough to induce the next stage of his development. The subject has been a bonded with this unit since he was sixteen.
Psychological ProfileKnown as W’Kar to the Creators, the subject has been known to strike fear into both his enemies as well as his friends. A violent personality which often resorts to brute force to get things done. Not a good trait for one of the most powerful units, ever made, to have. He has at times pushed the limits of his Guyver unit beyond the expected parameters and each time it has had far reaching and deadly effects. This aggressiveness has resulted in the subject having very little time for friends. He currently only associates with his now resurrected fiancé Cassandra, Alkanphal and his time displaced brother, Jarrod Lucas (Fighter Guyver II). He is also known to have slight friendships with someone named Philip and, at times, with an alien code named XT Guyver. The subject himself has gone through many phases as a Guyver. In his first phase, he was called Pre Warrior. This is the stage where he was not much stronger than a Gigantic Guyver. In the second phase, he was known as Warrior Guyver, where his power was almost 16 times that of a normal Guyver. His most recent form, called ‘Warlord’, is his most powerful form yet. Although his weaponry and strength is equal to his Warrior Guyver form, the newly learned ability to create weapons out of other beings energy, has allowed him to match wits with the strongest opponents. Now physically aged by a mysterious collection of hyperspace dwelling beings known as the ‘Kregen’, Greg has become even more powerful from an increase in his bio energy reserves. Since he was originally merged with his unit at age 16, the ‘Kregen’ overrided his units immortality factor so he could have a more adult body that is more capable of generating and storing bio-energy. Known as W’Kar to all, he has grown even more of a threat to the Creator race. A enemy he considers so great that he has allied himself with Chronos in order to defend his world from a fate similar to what befell the alternate world that Warrior Guyver 2 originated from.
Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength: Subject has the estimated strength of around 1700 men, but can focus both his internal and any external energies to double his strength to a maximum of 3400 men. Stamina of subject nears that of a Warrior Guyver due to the apparently limitless power of the subjects W’Kar element, though this is limited in his present stage of development and relies mainly on his immense bio-energy reserves, and his ability to draw energy from his environment. 

Speed: Subject has shown the ability to reach speeds approaching 3,300 MPH on land and up to 20,000 MPH in flight. Although in an unobtrusive environment, such as space, W’Kar can max half the speed of light. Reflex speed has been estimated to be well over 500 times normal, with an approximate max of 1000 times normal.

-Durability: The subjects bio-armor is incredibly resistant to damage and can withstand a normal Guyvers Mega Smasher with little to no damage. Rate of regeneration is near 100 times normal for a Guyver and can adapt to biological attacks as quickly as a Warrior Guyver. Shielded max can block anything short of something 30 times the power of a normal Guyvers Mega Smasher attack and with extra energy provided by the attack, due to subjects energy absorption ability, can block an additional 15% to 20% his normal max.

-Hypersenses: Subject is believed to have a full range of sensory enhancements and can perform a detailed scan of an area of approximately 1 mile. Subject can also scan another units built up bio energy level, showing units approximate power and strength, and can also scan areas of Hyperspace for certain signatures.

-Infrared Head Beam Orb: Approximately 12 times the power of a normal Guyvers. Weapon shows improved range, accuracy and overall function.

-Pressure Cannon: Comparable in power to a Guyvers Mega Smasher. This weapon is very large when fired (approximately 3 feet in diameter) and the subject has shown the ability to mentally control the trajectory of the gravity ball after firing. Weapon can track targets, split into multiple pressure cannons and other uses. The Pressure Cannon can be fired nonstop, at a rate slightly faster than a Zoalords Gravity Bullet attack, although this drains him and forces W’Kar to immediately recharge his energy reserves.

-Sonic Emitters: 4 times stronger than a normal Guyvers. Weapon is more versatile than average sonic emitters and can be used to create the Sonic Cocoon the Jy-taki, Creator warriors that serve in the same basic capacity as the Kavzar serve in this universe, have originally been known to use, but is primarily used defensively however.

-Plasma Swords: Vibrational swords infused with Plasma energy. This allows them to easily cut through any vibrational sword equal to or lower than a Gigantic Guyvers.

-Mega Smashers: Essentially the same as a normal Guyvers but with 20 times the power. Though originally very draining and damaging to hosts body when used, the subject has overtime lost this defect. Weapon can now fire for as long as W’Kar can keep his energy level up.

-Energy Draining: The most versatile and powerful of W’Kars attacks. By draining surrounding energy of any type or form, W’Kar can create weapons up to 50 times the power of a Guyvers Mega Smasher. Versatility of this ability is amazing in the fact that virtually any form of energy based weapon can be made. Including, but not limited to, Energy Balls, Plasma Blasts, Bio Energy Bladed weapons, Time and Proximity bombs, and standard energy blasts. Since energy for this weapon is supplied by outside supplies, such as any biological organism or even electrical systems, its true potential has yet to be discovered.

-Control Medal: Subjects Control Medal is separated into three main parts. The Bio Control System, which controls and regulates the power distributed by the subjects Energy Draining system and/or by the W’Kar Element. The Energy Draining System, which powers most of the units functions. By draining surrounding energy of any type into subject, as well as creating weapons from that energy, and the W’Kar Element (see below). The Bio Control System also copies the hosts mind into the medal so even in Self Defense mode the host can be in control. If the Bio Control System is damaged, the medal activates the backup Friend or Foe mechanism, which uses the host previous memories to attack only aggressors.

-Cloaking: The unit can make the armor appear as anything. So it can give a chameleon effect, or keep the armor on and appear as clothing.

-Warrior Rage: Warrior Rage is the most powerful of W’Kars abilities. Although it can’t be controlled in the subjects present stage of development, the Warrior Rage gives W’Kar a 3X boost for as long as necessary to complete his task. Shown only when W’Kar is in an extremely angry state, this is due to the unit feeding off his emotions to increase its Bio Energy Reserves and further evolve itself.

-W’Kar Element: Created only when a life sustaining planet, like Earth, forms. A protomatter like metallic organic Element with multi-dimensional properties, has the potential to take a living beings power and boost it over 100 times. When this was merged with the original W’Kar Unit, it did just that. Originally merged with a Creator, it created a being with 50 times the power of a normal human Guyver. Since the unit was designed to completely merge with the host to produce an entirely new lifeform of extreme power. The removal of the W’Kar unit resulted in damage that forced it to revert to a dormant state similar to a normal Guyver unit. Now merged with a human host, the unit is slowly repairing itself and slowly evolving itself and the host into a new and extremely powerful lifeform. The ultimate potential of which has yet to be discovered. 

-Hyperspace Orb: The subject has an orb that grants it an ability similar to this universes Warrior Unit in that it can send the host into Hyper Space to recover from battle or to teleport. A battle backup transports the control medal into hyper space so it can remake the host’s body without interference. The host must activate this system, it never does so automatically like the Warrior Guyver units.

-Vulnerabilities: Hot and Cold environments prove detrimental to the W’Kar control medal. This is due to the W’Kar Elements current unstable state. When exploited, it weakens the subject by acting against the subjects Bio Control System and disabling his body’s ability to recharge itself. Forcing the subject to rely completely on his immense but limited bio-energy reserves. An act similar to disabling the HSL power system of a Warrior Guyver.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.