Subject : Humanoid Warrior Guyver UnitCode Name : WARRIOR GUYVER C

Host Name : Max Steiner

Sex : Male

Age : 20

Eyes : Brown  /  Hair : Brown

Human Form Height : 174 cm (~5.7 Feet)

Armored Height : 204 cm (~6.7 Feet)

Human Form Weight : 70 kg (~154 Pounds)

Armored Form Weight : 350 kg (~772 Pounds)

Status : Declared enemy of Chronos and member of the Canadian ACTF.

Subject in his
Standard Form
Description: The subject was originally a standard Guyver, Guyver C, but was nearly killed before his unit was upgraded by the ‘MATRIX’ to a Warrior class Guyver. Unit now possesses many of the same powers as the Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2 but the use of the Cyclone Matrix has been altered to produce an extremely powerful fiery blast field around subject that allows it to attack like a living comet and at supersonic speeds.
Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject has four times the strength of a normal Guyver, equaling the approximate strength of 400 men. The Subject also possesses unlimited stamina due to an HSL(Hyper Space Link) power system that gives subject unlimited energy reserves. No additional increase in strength occurs with use of the Cyclone Matrix, since all of that power is directed to producing destructive blast field of Subject’s Comet Attack.

-Speed: Running=0-450 MPH with a max. of ~600 MPH / Flying=0-770 MPH with a max. of ~3,750 MPH. Use of Power Blast Field increases flight speed to 7,500 MPH.

-Durability: Subject’s bio-armor is twice as durable as a standard Guyver’s, with the ability to adapt to attacks such as Enzyme acid, and is enhanced by a body shaped shield aura, an extra secondary shield protects subject’s Comtrol Medal, that allows subject to survive anything short of mega smash level attack and can reinforce subject’s physical integrity when necessary. Unique to this subject is his blast shield, which subject can channel the total power of his Cyclone Matrix in addition to the normal blast field energy, and can produce an incredibly powerful destructive barrier that will destroy anything it contacts with the effectiveness of a Mega Smasher. Allowing subject to withstand anything up to 4 kiloton explosion of TNT.

-Comet Attack: Subject’s ultimate attack, utilizing subject’s blast shield to channel his total power to produce a fiery ball of destructive energy around him, which he can use simply by ramming his target like a living comet. Destructive energy released on impact can easily equal the power of a 3 to 5 kiloton explosion of TNT.

-Infrared Laser Orb: Subject head beam orb has exhibited an energy output ten times greater than that of a normal Guyver’s and can be lethal to even hyper class zonaoids.

-Gravity Control Orb: Subject has three gravity control orbs and can rapidly fire single handed Pressure Cannons at rate approaching that of a Zoalord Gravity Bullet attack, or double handed Pressure Cannon blasts of up to 4 times the power of a standard Guyver’s. Subject can also focus his total gravitational power into a single Pressure Cannon with ten times the power of a normal Guyver’s.

-Hyper Smashers: The Subject’s Mega Smashers now function like a Gigantic Guyver’s Hyper Smashers and are able to generate an equivalent blast, but can also fire in half the time and maintain beam for a full ten seconds per blast.

-Vibrational Swords: The Unit’s two pairs of retractable arm swords has been upgraded to Warrior unit type vibrational swords that are composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at the user’s will. Unit also has extendable knee blades. 

-Sonic Busters: The Unit’s sonic weapon emitters have also shown greater versatility and power than a standard Unit’s. Radius of attack can range from 15 to 160 degrees and intensity can range from a low hum to four times that of a normal Guyvers.

-Hyper Sensors: Subject’s hyper sensory perceptors have a range slightly greater than a Gigantic Guyver type and have been inferred to give host a wider range of sensory enhancements. The exact range of these hyper sensors have been estimated to be around 500 meters (~1640 Feet).

-Control Medal: Unit has a pyramid shaped Control Medal that is composed of four partial C-Units that have been combined to produce a more powerful parallel processing Unit. This explains how unit can function at such high power levels without the added C-Unit layers utilized by the Gigantic type.

-Other Phenomena: Subject has the ability to turn invisible, or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything, as well as project holograms. The Unit has also shown the ability to enter Hyper space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle, even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized.

-Special Note: Subject has acquired an Aceaer like Creator experimental Giant Unit that can bond to his unit like a Gigantic Unit. Subject’s Giant Unit enhanced form has been code named “Ultimus“.

            Subject’s Giant Unit Enhanced
                               ULTIMUS Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.