Subject : Humanoid Warrior Aceaer Unit Code Name : Warrior Aceaer

Host Name : Joseph MacDonald

Sex : Male 

Age : 26

Hair : Blond

Eyes : Green

Height : 201cm (~6.6 Feet) armored, 

Weight : 136 kg (~300 LBS) armored, 

Status : Member of the EDF and declared enemy of Chronos

Description : Subject is one of three EDF members who received new Creator prototype Aceaer units during the now infamous massive seven day Australian campaign to secure the remains of an alternate reality Creator vessel, a.k.a. the 7 Days of Hell war. Subject’s unit appears to be the Aceaer equivalent of a Warrior Unit. Providing its host with near Warrior Guyver power and abilities as well as being able to add its power to an already enhanced host.

Present estimates of this Aceaer Unit type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Hyper Telepresense: In a significant divergence from any previous Aceaer Unit, the neuro link device of this unit actually bonds with the host spine and cerebellum. Providing unit with a bond to the host that is nearly as efficient as a Guyver Unit’s but remains removable and avoids the bonding factors that can produce the Guyver effect. This not only allows a partial Bio-Boost of host but allows the host to remotely operate the Armor as if it was a physical extension of the host body. To this end the unit takes advantage of this strong link and while the armor is in use the host body is stored in a cocoon within hyper space. This in turn grants the unit the near indestructibility of a Warrior Guyver since only weapons capable of effecting hyper space can even endanger the host and allows the Aceaer to be full regenerated even if it had appeared to have been vaporized in normal space. This combined with the increased space within the armor that storing the host in hyper space allows means the Unit can operate at a power level equivalent to the base level of a standard Warrior Guyver.

-Power System: Subject’s unit has an Enhanced Hyper Space Link (EHSL) power system that thanks to the unit’s more advance neuro link with host allows for a partial Bio-Boost. This combined with the telepresense factor allows unit to generate and operate at four times the normal power level of an Aceaer Unit. 

-Physical Strength: Subject is 4 times stronger than that of a normal Aceaer, equaling the approximate strength of 400 men. Unlike a standard Aceaer, the subject also possesses greatly enhanced stamina due to unit’s Enhanced Hyper Space Link (EHSL) power system that gives subject unlimited energy reserves and allows subject to go up to 72 hours beforing feeling any fatigue.

-Speed: Running=0-450 MPH with a boosted max. of ~600 MPH / Flying=0-3,000 MPH with a boosted max. of ~3,750 MPH. Reflex speed average is 10-40 times normal, with a max. of 100 times normal.

-Durability: Subject’s armor utilizes Warrior Guyver type body aura shield to enhance armor’s natural durability to easily withstand even Pressure Cannon level attacks. The fact the host is stored in hyper space means that unless the attack effects hyper space the armor can take 100% damage and still fully regenerate from the host cocoon in hyper space. The unit is also equipped with a Gigantic like bubble shield that allows unit to withstand anything up to a Guyver Mega Smash before taking on damage. Rate of regeneration is about ten times faster than a standard Guyver. If an attack that effect hyper space is encountered the Unit can regenerate host from as little as 50% of normal mass, short of instant brain death, and can regenerate the unit from as little as 5% of normal mass.

-Head Beam: The Unit’s Bio-Laser Pyramid can fire either a single pulse 60 times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s head beam or fire a continuous beam nearly 4 times as power as a standard Guyver’s head beam. 

-Gravity Weapons: The Subject’s Pressure Cannon is roughly four times as powerful as a normal Guyver’s but can be combined with the energy of unit’s shields to produce a destructive blast equal to a normal Guyver’s single Mega Smasher, but doing so temporarily leaves the subject without any shielding during the few seconds it takes to fire this attack. The unit has also shown the ability to rapidly fire single handed mini pressure cannons at a rate approaching the capacity of a Zoalord Gravity Bullet attack.

-Fusion Mega Smashers: Subject’s unit is equipped with a fusion enhanced Mega Smashers that utilize a fusion reaction to boost the energy output of these weapons, in a controlled power overload, to generate a blast equivalent to twice that of a standard Guyver ‘s Mega Smashers. Due to Subject’s Aceaer nature the Fusion Mega-Smasher must be charged using the HSL, so subject must wait until using these weapons for the same length of time as a normal Guyver. Beam intensity and radius is equivalent to twice that of a standard Guyver’s.

-Polymorphic Plasma Swords: The unit is equipped with a pair of polymorphic vibrational swords, similar to the Warrior Unit type, that are enhanced with an Aceaer type kinetic-plasma energy field. The full range of these weapons abilities have yet to be determined but they have shown superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other standard vibrational weapons and appears at least equal to a Warrior unit’s.

-Pulse Busters: The unit’s sonic plasma weapon emitters have also shown greater versatility and power. Radius of attack can range from 15 to 160 degrees and intensity has ranged from a low hum to four times that of a normal Guyvers and has been known to kill any unprepared zoanoid up to hyper class. The nature of this attack makes it effective even in the airless void of space.

-Hyper Sensors: Since unit is still an Aceaer it still has to process sensory information before passing it on to the host but range has been estimated as slightly greater than standard Guyver type. Unit’s more advance neuro interface has also been inferred to give host a wider range of sensory enhancements than a standard Aceaer. The exact range of these hyper sensors have been estimated to be around 400 meters (~1312 Feet). Subject’s sensory system works much like a normal warrior units, but uses a temporary connection to the hosts cerebellum to compensate for the Aceaer nature.

-Other Phenomena of new Unit type is the ability to turn invisible or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything as well as project holograms. The Unit has also shown the ability to enter Hyper space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized.

-Hyper Armor: When bonded to a standard Guyver, the Warrior Aceaer Unit functions much the same as a standard Aceaer would except its enhanced neuro interface links to the CM to combine its systems with the host unit. Producing a Gigantic like enhancement with Warrior Guyver like capabilities and a combined doubling of their power level. Unit does not store host in hyper space in this configuration but maintains the cocoon in hyperspace and will auto teleport host CM to it if it is endangered, granting a standard unit Warrior Guyver like survivability. When bonded to a Warrior Unit, the Warrior Aceaer increases in power and efficiency. Thus allowing it to grant an additional 25% to the combined Warrior Guyver’s power level.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.