Subject : Prototype Mobile Particle Beam Cannon

Status : No longer in active use by Canadian and US ACTF.

Description: In the ever increasingly difficult war against Chronos, it became increasing apparent that a weapon besides the Guyvers would be needed if the war could ever be won. Fortunately, the major tech advances granted by the backwards engineering of alien technology in the US Area 51 base has allowed for the development of a particle beam weapon nearly as power as a Guyver Mega Smasher. This is the first ACTF weapon capable of countering the threat of the Chronos hyper zoanoids and, when several are combined on a single target, the more powerful Zoalords. Unfortunately, all the original prototypes where destroyed when tested during an ACTF attack on a Canadian Chronos base, but proved itself a viable weapon and the design has since been upgraded with a defensive energy shield, to counter its vulnerability to enemy attack, and put into  mass production.

-Energy Output: Approximately 646 Giga joules, equal to the explosive power of 154 tons of TNT, or approximate to 60% of the power of a single Guyver Mega Smash.

-Effective Weapon Range: ~1 to 5 miles, depending on target durability.

-Cannon Rotational Range: 360 degree horizontally and 0 to 90 degrees vertically, fifteen feet above ground level.

-Power Source: Dimensional coupler, provides enough power to fully charge the cannon in five minutes. The newer model is equipped with a defensive energy shield system that draws its power mainly from the dimensional coupler and cannon energy capacitors, allowing cannon to withstand significantly powerful enemy attacks like multiple Vamore laser blasts or one or two Zoalord hand beam blasts, but doing so depletes cannon energy reserves and increases cannon charge time accordingly.

-Platform: Modified twelve wheeled military intercontinental missile transport truck.