Subject : Guyver Emulating Cyber Battle UnitCode Name : ROBO GUYVER

Purpose : Combat Exo-Suit

Height : Varies according to User (Adds 4″ to wearer)

Weight : 114 kg (~251 Pounds) plus weight of user

Status : Discontinued by Canadian ACTF, in favor of mass produceable US armors like the Wolf series.

Description: A Chronos prototype battle armor, designed to counter the wave of new battle armors from the US, was stolen from the main Chronos Canadian base, prior to its destruction, and the death of the inventor of the battle armor, by a joint US and Canadian task force.  Designed after the Creator Guyver unit, the battle armor was superior to both the Red and Blue US battle armors. The armor was analyzed to make a team of Robo Guyvers that complemented the existing Canadian defenses against Chronos. Unfortunately the design proved difficult to reproduce and the few units made were all destroyed with the exception of the original prototype, which has been enhanced by the Cyber Guyver, to be more Guyver like but with powers that rival those of a normal Guyver.

Recorded estimates of Battle Armour type abilities have been compiled and summarized below

-Physical strength varied according to units power levels but was noted to average that of about 50 men, which made the armor about three times stronger than the US Blue V1 Armor type.

-Stamina was limited to wearers but armors own limits were enhanced by the addition of a dimensional coupler, a device similar in principle to the Warrior Guyvers HSL power system, and allowed wearer to use all of the armors abilities indefinitely short of needs such as repair and maintenance as armor possessed no regenerative abilities.

-Units Durability, despite units small size and armor thickness, was slightly superior to Blue Armor type but could be augmented by an energy shield projection ability that temporarily rendered unit invulnerable to conventional weapons short of anything equivalent to a half powered mega smasher, thanks to a shield technology similar to that used by US Green armors.

-Unit possesses a wide range of sensory enhancements that are channeled through a H.U.D. system and through units cybernetic interface to provide users an extensive flow of data about changing battle conditions and has a range of up to 5 miles, depending on detail requirements and sensory enhancement being used.

-Unit cybernetic interface gave wearers slightly superior reflex speed and allowed the average user to run up to 60 MPH (~97 KMH) for short bursts and with the assistance of thrusters, put in strategic parts of armor, that allow user to fly at speeds up to 300 MPH (~483 KMH) for several minutes at a time, unless augmented by an optional jet back pack for extended flights.

-The units primary weapon was a system of high powered laser projectors that allowed a user to fire a barrage of laser fire in virtually any direction at will and each exhibited a power level about equal to a Guyver head beam laser. The user also had the option to focus laser power, through elbows, to form laser swords with approximate cutting power of a Guyvers Vibrational sword and had been augmented by units shielding ability so swords could be used to block as well as attack.

-Unit did not possess the ability to produce a pressure cannon but can focus shield energy to produce a ball of plasma with equivalent range as a pressure cannon but with only 80% the destructive power.

-The unit could focus total laser power through chest plates in a similar manner to a Guyver using a mega smasher, to produce a pulse laser beam blast with nearly the destructive power of a Guyvers single mega smasher. A Gigantic armor upgrade was developed for the Robo Guyver armor and nearly doubled all of the armors abilities and power.