Subject : EnhancedHumanoid Guyver UnitCode Name : REAPER GUYVER

Real Name : Kazuma

Sex : Male 

Age: 18

Height : 212 cm (~7 Feet)

Weight : 350 kg (~772 Pounds)

Status : Mercenary, extremely dangerous

Description: Subject is one of many who acquired a Guyver Unit in the Amazon Jungle of South America, during an experiment by the Creators for an unknown purpose.  The subjects own unit is of an enhanced type and is equipped with a vibrational scythe like reaper weapon that when combined with its ability to drain life energy makes this subject extremely dangerous.

Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength of subject ranges from that of 200 men to that of 400 men depending on power level and how much life energy unit can drain from its surroundings. 

-Subject speed varies according to his power level but has a top ground speed of 0-450 MPH and a top flight speed of 0-600 MPH.  Reflex speed also varies but usually ranges from 40-100 times normal.

-Durability: Subject appears to have standard Guyver bio-armor but with its energy absorbing ability and the ability to generate shields, the subject can easily withstand anything up to a full single Mega Smash from a normal Guyver before taking on any damage.  This ability is further enhanced with units scythe like reaper hand weapon that can generate a powerful field that can bend such powerful attacks around subject for sort periods of time but this can be overcome with either multiple simultaneous attacks or prolonged Mega Smasher level attacks.  It should also be noted that any bio-energy based attacks are more likely to increase subjects power level rather than damage him due to his life energy absorbing power.  Even the subjects shield can absorb energy to reinforce itself and help empower subject.  Consequently subject will regenerate more quickly when fighting an opponent that he can drain power from and has been estimated to go up to 20 times normal for a Guyver.

-Hyper Sensors range varies according to subjects power level but has a maximum range of 500 meters (~1600 Feet) but is further augmented with the ability to sense life energy and can track a subject from up to hundred of miles away, depending on how powerful their life force is and how much energy the target radiates.

-Subject has a pair of vibrational elbow swords that appear the same as those used by standard units but has the ability to drain life energy on contact, weakening an opponent with every blow.

-Subject does can use his scythe like reaper weapon to fire either a powerful Mega Smash like bio-energy blast that can equal the destructive power of twice a normal Guyvers full double Mega Smash, varies according to subjects power level, or fire a black energy beam that leaches target life energy directly into subject and can quickly reduce target to a lifeless husk.

-Subjects does not have standard Mega Smashers, instead subject possesses Dark Smashers that fire a blast of black, life draining, energy. The destructive power of this weapon is approximately the same as a full powered blast from subjects scythe weapon.

-Subjects head beam seems to be based on the units scythe like reaper weapon and can fire either a laser like head beam, which varies from 2 to 4 times a normal Guyvers, or a black life draining energy beam, though less effective than the Reaper weapons, the beam can still seriously weaken a target and can be fired on multiple targets very quickly.

-Subjects Pressure Cannon is also enhanced and is a combination of normal Gravitational energy and a black life draining energy pulse.  Allowing subject to both damage his target and drain some of its life energy.  The destructive power varies but ranges from two to three times a normal Guyvers, not counting the drain on targets life energy.  The drained life energy of target in this attack takes the form of a ball of energy that shoots back from target to subject, allowing subject to fire this weapon indefinitely without tiring as long as target has life energy remaining to be drained.

-Other phenomena observed is the subjects ability to drain life energy with physical contact and that the unit itself seems to alter hosts mind so he has no moral restraint from killing a target with extreme prejudice.  The subjects life energy absorbing ability also has the side effect of cloaking subject from a wide range of detection methods and can even blend in with shadows to render it nearly invisible.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.