Subject Classification: Zoaform enhanced Prototype Battle unit
Designation – Code Name: PSI GUYVER  /  Host Name: Jennifer O’Conner
Subject  – Sex: Female  /  Hair: Red  /  Eyes: Blue  /  Age: 19
Nationality: American
Human Form – Height: 177 cm (~5.8 Feet)  /  Weight: 66 kg (~146 Pounds)
Armored Form – Height: 202 cm (~6.6 Feet)  /  Weight: 302 kg (~664 Pounds)
Armored Zoaform – Height: 212 cm (~7 Feet)  /  Weight: 332 kg (~730 Pounds)
Previous Status: Turned into Crystallite, Enemy to all life

Present Status: Unit removed by Dreadnought

Description: Prior to the circumstances that transformed the subject into the present being known has Crystallite, subject was the host to the Guyver Turbo unit type that was an earlier prototype of the Warrior Guyver unit. The unit was capable of going into what can only be described as a ‘Turbo’ mode in which her power levels were doubled but this reduced her stamina to mere minutes and left her near total exhaustion afterwards, at which point subject’s power level was reduced to 25% of norm for as much as 5 minutes before returning to normal power levels, with another 30 minutes before she could go into ‘Turbo’ mode again. Subject also had access to her proto Zoaform, while in Guyver form. This resulted in a doubling of subject’s power levels, in both normal and Turbo modes, as well as giving subject the added range of abilities provided by her proto Zoaform.
Psychological Profile: The younger sister to Jason O’Conner and was a teenager when at her brother’s wedding, all of her family was killed by an attack by Alkanphel. Her unconscious body was captured by Chronos to be used as blackmail against Warrior Guyver. The subject had little time to process what had happened to her between becoming a prototype Overlord and then a Guyver. Being pressed into service as a powerful Guyver caused her to become overly stressed until she became Crystallite. Her age and her circumstances even though she is now Black Nova 2, has shown that she should be limited in combat situations until she can come to terms with her past.

Previous estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


BIO ENHANCEMENTSSince bonding with her unit, subject’s zoaform abilities had been suppressed to point that subject could no longer access her battle form without the simultaneous use of her Guyver armor, this was primarily due to subject’s incomplete processing that would have resulted in her death within a week if she had not been bonded to the Guyver Unit by her brother. So in human form, subject possessed a mere fraction of her Overlord powers. This still gave the subject the strength, speed, agility, stamina, and dexterity of five men as well as limited telepathy that could have done little more than confuse nearby zoanoids, but allowed subject to communicate telepathically with non-Guyvers. An ability presently only confirmed to be possessed by the Warrior Guyvers and Guyver 0.


Base level strength was twice that of a standard Guyver with the Bio Boost process being slightly enhanced to complement the unit’s enhanced nature. Subject was able to access her proto-zoaform to double her base strength to equal the strength of 400 men.

In her proto-zoaform, she had psionic powers on par with her physical strength allowing her to lift or push objects up to her own strength.

The unit had a ‘Turbo’ Mode in which the unit’s design allows additional energy from the gravitational control orb to empower the unit to twice it’s normal limit at the cost of draining more energy than it can provide. The mode can last only for a few minutes before the unit de-powers itself down to 25% it’s original power level. This mode lasted for up to a half an hour and the subject could not use the ‘Turbo Mode’ for another five minutes.


In Base mode, subject was able to reach a maximum ground speed of 450 MPH and a maximum flight speed of 1,250 MPH. In her proto-zoaform, her ground speed was 600 MPH and flight speed was 3,750 MPH though she was able to psionically enhance her max. flight speed to 4,500 MPH. Reflex speed in base mode is 10 to 80 times normal and in her proto-zoaform, her reflex speed is enhanced to 20 to 200 times normal.

In ‘Turbo’ Mode, her ground speed is enhanced to 1,200 MPH and max. flight speed up to 7,500 MPH with her max. reflex speed up to 400 times normal.



In base mode the subject’s hyper sensors functioned with the same capabilites as a standard Guyver but with a greater active scanning range estimated to be 250 meters (~820 Feet) with ten times that range in passive scanning. In her proto-zoaform, her zoaform’s natural psionic powers allowed her active scanning range to be tripled while passive scanning range remains the same, though she can pick up additional information at that range. Unit’s ‘Turbo Mode’ had no effect on the hyper sensors.


Unit’s armor appeared to be twice as durable as a standard Guyver’s with twice the regeneration rate. However, in her proto-zoaform, regeneration rate was enhanced to ten times the speed of a standard Guyver and in ‘Turbo Mode’ her max. regeneration speed is equal to twenty times that of a standard Guyver.

In her proto-zoaform, the subject was able to create a psionic shield that allowed her withstand up to the energy equivalent of ten combined standard Guyver’s full double mega smashers when combined with the pressure cannon she could withstand double that due to the energy being directed around the subject. The ‘Turbo Mode’ enhanced the power of this shield to withstand a maximum of fifty times the power of a standard Guyver’s full double mega smashers or the equivalent to a Gigantic Guyver’s single Giga Smasher.



The Infrared Laser Orb ranged from twice the power of a standard Guyver in Base Mode, to five times the power of a standard Guyver in her proto-zoaform. In ‘Turbo Mode’ the power was doubled. In addition, the range of the infrared laser appears to be doubled as well which allowed the subject to fire a beam well over 2 kilometers (~1.25 miles) away.


KINETIC/PSIONIC ENHANCEMENT: In Base mode, the kinetic momentum organs allowed the subject to enhance the power of her physical blows by a factor of twenty. However when in her pro-zoaform, she was able to further enhance her physical blows by using her psionic powers with her physical blows by a factor of two hundred times their effectiveness.

In ‘Turbo Mode’, the subject was able to enhance her physical attacks to create extremely physical blows to equal the half power of a Gigantic Guyver’s gravity knuckle attack.

PRESSURE CANNON: Subject’s pressure cannon operated within the same parameters as a standard Guyver but at twice the power in Base Mode. In her proto-zoaform, her pressure cannon was four times as powerful as a standard Guyver. In ‘Turbo Mode’, her pressure cannon was effectively doubled as well.


Subject possessed similar mega smashers to a standard Guyver but at 50% the power in Base mode. In her proto-zoaform, the power of the mega smashers was enhanced to eight times the power of a standard Guyver.

In ‘Turbo Mode’, the mega smashers were enhanced to the equivalent of 25 times the power of a standard Guyver. However the use of the mega smashers in this mode reduced the time limit down to seconds.


Unit possessed a standard pair of elbow mounted vibrational swords that functioned at a slightly higher level than a standard Guyver. In her proto-zoaform, the vibrational swords remained the same but the subject could channel some psionic power into the swords for added power.

In ‘Turbo Mode’, the vibrational swords remained the same.


Unit’s sonic busters operated within the same parameters as a standard Guyver but at twice the power. In her proto-zoaform, the power and range of the sonic busters were doubled and subject was able to use her psionic abilities to use them in space at a few meters.

In ‘Turbo Mode’ the sonic busters were doubled in Base Mode and tripled in her proto-zoaform.



When the subject ran out of time with the ‘Turbo Mode’, the unit went into a power saving mode. Most likely the ‘Turbo Mode’ was pushed past the unit’s normal limits and the time limit was to prevent the unit and host from burning out. As such the natural siphoning of the gravity control orb was limited as the unit allowed a cool down period. This period was 30 minutes and a further five minutes after that until the subject was able to use the ‘Turbo Mode’ again. While in the mode, the subject was at half the power of a standard Guyver in Base mode, and twice that while in her proto-zoaform.


The subject while in her proto-zoaform was able to teleport psionically wherever she wished on the planet. She was able to psionically phase herself through solid objects as well. Her telepathy allowed her to talk to non-Guyvers telepathically with ease and even was able to confuse zoanoids if a zoalord was not actively monitoring the situation.

Subject’s Previous Overlord Battle Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.