Subject : Humanoid Guyver UnitCode Name : Primitive Guyver

Host Name: Unknown

Sex : Male

Age : Over 12,000 years

Height : 205 cm (~6.7 Feet)

Weight : 310 kg (~684 Pounds)

Status : Unknown.

Description: Subject is an ancient Guyver from the time of the Gen.  The details of his origins are unknown but is suspected to be linked to the last days of the Gen time on Earth when they battled the Guyver Zoalord and has secretly lived among humans ever since.  Though subject is only a standard unit, he has lived as a Guyver longer than any other Guyver, as even Guyver 0 remained dormant for most of his existence, and possesses skills and abilities far above the norm for a standard Guyver. An unknown the Primitive Guyver should be considered a possible ally until we are certain of his motives. 

Present estimates of Guyver abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength: Subject possesses the standard Guyver strength of approximately 100 men, though it has been noted that the subject seems to have greater stamina and hidden reserves that can temporarily increase his strangth by a factor of 200%.

-Hyper Sensors are same as a Standard Units, with a range of 100 meters (~328 Feet), but subject has demonstrated an almost psychic ability to detect danger from even cloaked enemies.

-Durability is the same as a standard Guyvers, but subject can focus his units bio-energy to regenerate certain parts of his body faster then normal.

-Speed: Subjects has a reflex speed that ranges from 5 to 40 times normal, a top ground speed of up to 250 MPH, and a top air speed of 300 MPH. 

Note: Subject has mastered every form of hand to hand combat ever created by man and can temporarily increase his reflex speed to 100 times normal. 

-Subject Head Beam functions at standard power levels of a normal Guyver.

-Subject has a standard pair of Guyver Vibrational Swords.

-Subjects Mega Smashers function within normal parameters of a standard Guyver but do not seem to drain the host as much as other standard units do.

-Sonic Emitters are the same as a Standard Guyvers.

-Gravitational powers are the same as a Standard Guyvers, but subject seems to have better control and can shield parts of his body at will as well as focus his power to increase the effectiveness of his hand to hand combat attacks.

-Unconfirmed reports also indicate subject may have developed a new unique symbiosis with his Guyver unit that is separate from the normal one induced by the Control Medal interface that makes subject highly resistant to unit removers and may provide host with additional abilities not yet discovered. 

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.