Subject : Enhanced Humanoid GuyverCode Name : NINJA GUYVER

Host Name : Classified

Age :Classified  /   Sex : Male    /  Hair : Classified  /    Eyes : Classified

Human Height : Classified

Armored Height : Classified 

Human Weight : Classified

Armored Weight : Classified

Former Status : Freelance Mercenary

Present Status : Classified

Description : Classified
Present estimates of this unit type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

Please Note: Data File out of date for this unit.

-Normal Strength is about twice that of a normal Guyver, with slightly above normal stamina, but activation of the power sword increases strength to four time a normal Guyvers, nearly rivaling the Warrior Guyvers 400 men rating, and stamina becomes unlimited due to HSL provided by the power sword.

-Subjects normal Speed range is: Running=0-384 MPH / Flying=0-600 MPH, and use of power sword increases subject speed to: Running=0-600 MPH / Flying=0-3750 MPH

-Durability of Unit is about the same as a normal Unit but has been equiped with a cloaking, time dilation phasing, field that allows unit to move more quickly than normal and puts it slightly out of phase with normal time and renders unit invulnerable to most attacks except for energy fields that affect space/ time such as a Zoalords or Guyvers gravity attacks.  Use of the power sword adds a Warrior Guyver type body shield and the ability to project a Gigantic Guyver type force field, making subject invulnerable to all but the most powerful of attacks. 

-Subjects vibrational elbow swords are same as a standard Guyvers except they can be swept forward for extra reach and stabbing attacks.  When using power swords, subjects vibrational swords are locked into normal elbow position and are slightly enhanced due to power boost from power sword HSL.

-The units Mega Smashers are standard for a Guyver, but use of temporal phasing ability allows blast to partially penetrate energy shields, and use of power sword boosts power level to that of a Gigantic Guyvers Hyper Smashers but fire duration remains the same and cannot be maintained for a full ten seconds like the Warrior Guyvers Mega Smashers.

-The head beam infrared laser Orb is twice as powerful as a standard Guyvers.  Combined with Units more advance targeting system, allows subject to accurately hit targets up to a hundred miles away.  The power boost from activation of power sword raises this weapons power to 10x a normal Guyvers and rivals the Warrior Guyvers.

-The Unit possesses more advance sensory enhancements than a standard Guyver and is rivaled only by the Warrior Guyvers.  This allows unit to accurately track single or multiple targets and avoid most detection methods.

-The units Gravity orb has been enhanced to allow subject to create a time dilating phasing field that puts subject out of phase with normal time space (visually this creates a blurring and after images of subject) and renders subject undetectable to all but the most advance sensory systems, allowing subject to move almost like a ghost and an average of four times his normal speed due to the time differential caused by the field. Though use of this enhancement normally puts a strain on host, use of the power sword allows subject to use this ability indefinitely as well as enhance its otherwise standard gravitational powers to the level of a Warrior Guyvers.

-The units sonic weapon emitters appear the same as a standard Units but can be tuned to affect the metabolic functions of a single living being, allowing unit to selectively assassinate a given target without leaving obvious signs of attack.  This also allows Unit to kill subjects normally resistant to Guyver sonic attacks by focusing all its power to a single vital organ.  Use of the power sword increases the power of this weapon by a factor of four.

-The units Control Medal is of standard design but has an improved host interface, providing host with more advance sensory enhancements and improved control over Units weaponry.  Activation of the power sword adds an additional thin ring to the Control Medal and allows subject to control the power of the power sword whether subject is in physical contact with the sword or from a distance. The actual range that the subject can maintain control over the sword is unknown.

-Additionally it has been discovered that the unit has several special attacks that can instantly kill most opponents in either battle or in its originally designed capacity as a ninja like assassin unit.  These special attacks include the ability to use his cloak/phase power to phase parts of himself through a target and thus fatally disrupt his targets molecular and cellular structure, another is the ability to focus his gravitational power to magnify the power of his punch, unit can also focus his mega smashers into almost laser like energy attack that allows him to accurately hit a single taget, even if that target is miles away.

-Subject can also extend his cloak/phasing field to another subject temperarily and can use this to either protect or kill by releasing the subject from the field while still phasing through a solid object.  Additional analysis also suggest subject may also be able to temperarily increase the power of his cloak/phasing field so he can increase his speed by around ten times his norm but would deplete all his energy reserves unless power boosted by the power swords HSL.

-Analysis of the Creator made Power Sword, indicate it is a recent creation of the Creators and has two distinct parts.  One part seems to have bonded onto the host Unit, in a similar manor as a Gigantic unit, and provides host unit with a HSL as well as complete control over the power sword itself. The second part is the power sword which appears to be combination of a Warrior Guyvers polymorphic vibrational sword and an Aceaer type plasma sword. The sword also can be used to channel the power of host unit and HSL for either attack or defence. Known attacks include zoalord like energy cyblade, and an energy attack similar to the Warrior Guyver 2 cyclone blast. The sword can also change shape like the Warrior Guyver swords and split into two seperate swords. Known defences include the ability to project a directional energy shield that combines and boosts subjects normal pressure cannon shield, and the ability to simultaneously or seperately generate a weaker but still powerful omnidirectional energy shield.

-Strategic Note: The reason subject does not constantly use the power of the Power Sword is because he seems to have a rather un-ninja like code of honor that forbides using more power than is needed against his enemies. 

-Additional note: Though the power sword can be destroyed, it should be noted that the host unit would still have the HSL enhancements, due to the part of sword that bonded to host unit, and will eventually regrow a new sword to replace the one destroyed.  Exactly how long that would take is unknown.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.