-Bio Boost: The method by which a Guyver Unit, bonded to an organic sentient host, generates energy. Essentially a form of biological cold fusion, the Bio Boost is directly proportional to potential energy generation this process can induce in an organic being. A standard, unenhanced, human host can generate up to 6,000 giga joules of energy before host life becomes threatened. Zoaform enhanced beings have a much higher energy generating potential and thus can produce a much greater Bio Boost level when bonded to a Guyver Unit. Generator able energy is also limited by host mass, though this is partly offset by Units ability to regenerate itself and host.

-HSL (Hyper Space Link): Power Generating method developed by the Creators that links a being, or device, to the energy filled void of hyper space. In a Guyver Unit, this allows Unit to augment the Bio Boost process to quadruple the normal energy generating potential of host.

-CPM (Cyclone Power Matrix): A self contained variant of the HSL power system that was developed by the Creators in the alternate reality that Warrior Guyver 2 originated from. This method creates a limited siphoning of hyper space energy and channels energy according to user’s will. The unstable nature of this device limits produce able energy to a rate equivalent to that produced by a standard human hosted Warrior Guyver HSL system.

-Dimensional Coupler: A method of generating energy that draws upon some of the core principles of an HSL. Device is essentially a micro fusion reactor augmented by a zero point quantum energy field that shifts the fusion plasma into a higher dimensional state with a controllable collapse to a normal dimensional state. Once initiated this process is self sustaining until an outside influence destabilizes it. Energy thus produced is virtually limitless, requiring only an initial critical power level to initiate process. This process is not to be confused with an HSL system as power generated is created using dimensional physics and does not directly draw power from a higher dimension like the HSL system does.

-Micro Fusion: Extremely compact fusion generators. Energy generated by Deuterium fuel = 6.2E14 J/kg.

Hyper Micro Fusion: Fusion reactor modified with a quantum field modulator, increasing ability of affected matter to convert into energy. This doubles the normal matter to energy conversion ratio from ~6.2E14 J/kg to 1.24E15 J/kg.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.