Subject : Alien Humanoid Guyver like beingsCode Name : JY-TAKI

Height : 305 to 396 cm (~10 to 13 Feet)

Weight : 546 to 888 kg (~1204 to 1957 Pounds)

Status : Extremely dangerous, servants of the Creators of an alternate reality.

Description: The Jy-taki are parallel world counterparts to the Kavzar and were the protectors on the Creator Home world even during the time when they created humans, just as the Creators in our dimension created us.  After they completed their experiments on the people of that world and perfected the Zoalord and Azathoth (near mindless drones created from standard Guyver units) processes, the Jy-taki reached power that they had never possessed before.  They now form the major factions of those alternate world Creator Armies, the Jy-taki are deadly Fighters, Assassins and any other thing their creators wish them to be.  This combined with a power level rivaled only by the Warrior Kavzars, of the Warrior Guyver 2 home dimension, makes them an extreme threat if any should find their way into our dimension.

Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength level is approximately equal to about 600 men, but they do not possess unlimited stamina since all their power comes from bio-energy and is not suppplimented with something like an HSL like both the Kavzar and Warrior Kavzars possess.  These beings nevertheless possess significant energy reserves and can fight continuously for up to an hour, unless they use a “Bio Energy Doubler” that basically doubles their power at the cost reducing their stamina to 1/3 normal. The “Bio Energy Doubler” also has a turbo mode that increase subjects power an additional factor for a total of 3 times normal power level but at the cost of nearly exhausting subject bio-energy reserves within a matter of seconds.

-Speed range is 0-400 MPH on land and 0-1200 MPH in flight, use of “Bio Energy Doubler” allows them to double or triple their top speeds.

-Durability of the Jy-taki is extremely impressive. Their body armor alone will protect them from anything short of a Gigantic Guyvers Full Mega-Smasher. The only theory that can explain such incredible durability is if every cell in their body produced a powerful bio-energy field that combined to form a natural shield at the cellular level. The Jy-taki also use a powerful psionic shield that effectly doubles their durability, although the shield can only be used for short periods of time. The Shields can also be boosted with the Bio Energy Doubler to twice or triple its normal power.

-Telepathic Abilities have shown to be similar to Zoalord type but, due to alternate world origin, they cannot control any beings from this universe.  But they can control anything up to a Creator made Mark II (see special note 1 below) unit from their own universe.

-Mental Status and Stability are much like that of humans. Although it seems the Jy-taki brains are only made for Battle and Survival, their learning ability is amazing and they can think at six times the speed of a human being. This allows quicker reflexes and shorter times between decisions.

-Head and Forearm Lasers approximate 16 times the power of a normal Guyvers. Whether these can be boosted with the “Bio Energy Doubler” is unknown.

-Hand Beams are 6 times that of a normal Zoalord. Whether these can be boosted with the “Bio Energy Doubler” is unknown.

-Pressure Cannon and Gravity Bullets have been shown to be 8 times that of a Gigantic and Zoalord respectively. Both weapons can be used by themselves or both at once. Whether these can be boosted with the “Bio Energy Doubler” is unknown.

-Zoalord Cyclone Attacks and Sonic Emitters have shown to be 8 times that used by High Level Zoalords and Standard Guyver Unit models.  Whether these can be boosted with the “Bio Energy Doubler” is unknown.

-Mega-Smashers and Black Hole Attacks are 6 times more powerful than those possessed by a Guyver and Zoalord respectively. But the weapons can be combined to create an extremely destructive blast more powerful than the power of a Grakkens full four celled Mega Smash. When boosted by the “Bio Energy Doubler”, this maximum is increased to up to 30 times the destructive power of a normal Guyvers Mega Smasher.

-The Bio Wave is fired in a similar fashion as the Pressure Cannon, but the release is quite different.  The formation is made by focusing surrounding Bio Energy into a small ball and then releasing it in a wave like form that expands at a rate of 1 foot/10 feet fired.  The Wave itself can cover many enemies and relies on heat instead of force to damage. Though a limited range weapon, at close range it easily can cause as much damage as a Gigantic Guyvers pressure cannon on average, its true power depends on how much energy the subject can charge up before firing. This can range from a low of a Guyver Pressure Cannon to a “Bio Energy Doubler” max of 18 times the power of a Guyver Mega Smash.

-The Being possesses Bio Swords instead of the normal Vibrational Swords.  Exact power and tolerance levels are unknown but presumed to at least equal that of a Gigantic Guyvers.

-The Sonic Cocoon is an advance sound weapon that surrounds the enemy in a Sonic Wave.  It is often a defensive used weapon rather than an offensive one.  Although they have shown the ability to use the Sonic Emitters to increase Sonic Pressure and cause serious Force Damage.

-The Gravity Crusher is a gravity weapon unique to the Jy-taki.  By creating an immense Gravitational rift around their target, the Gravity Crusher can shrink the target to 1/8 of its normal size. The Gravity Rift is then suddenly released and the target snaps back to their normal size in 4/100 of a second. The body does not have time to compensate, and the effect is a deadly combo implosion/explosion.  The weapon has shown to be deadly to any and all unshielded targets and even those with shields have been effected in drastic ways.  Control Medals and Zoacrystals can be shattered with incredible ease with this weapon, along with massive damage to the targets body.

-Special Note 1: ‘Mark II’ is some sort of advance Creator Unit upgrade that automatically improves the technology of any armor it is applied to, with varying results, by infusing armor with all advance technologies available to the Creators.  Any chance for acquisition of this technology and that of the ‘Bio Energy Doubler’ is of extremely high priority.


-Special Note 2: Reports also indicate there may be a more powerful version of the Jy-Taki known as Orobouras. The most powerful form the Jy-taki can take, approximate 4 times their normal power. It requires 8 Jy-taki head crystals to form one. Orobouras is immensely powerful and was even able to battle W’Kar Guyver, Fighter Guyver II and Zertax at the same time without too much complications. The Only two ever encoutered have been destroyed. Height is between 19 and 22 feet and Weight is in excess of a ton.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.