Subject : Alien Assassin Cybernetic LifeformCode Name : HUNTER

Age : Unknown

Initial Contact Height : 244 cm (~8 Feet)

Final Contact Height : 305 cm (~10 Feet)

Weight : Varied but maxed at ~1814 kg (~2 Tons)

Former Status : A rogue Grakken bio-weapon that became an enemy to all sentient life.

Present Status : Deceased

Description: Subject was a sentient cybernetic lifeform of extreme power. However, the exact origins of this being are vague. Apparently an ancient crystalline object, simply labelled as dangerous by the Creators, was stolen from them by the Grakkens and integrated as a power source for one of their experimental weapons. This weapon eventually fell into the Creators hands and was upgraded before they realized that it contained the crystal originally stolen from them, the subject then became fully sentient and escaped to Earth, where it proceeded to hunt for a Warrior Guyver Control Medal. Supposedly this would have granted the being even more power but it is unknown what the creature ultimate goal would have been if it had succeeded. Though it is suspected the creature intended to hunt and kill all sentient beings it encountered.
Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength was hard to gauge as subject kept on getting stronger the longer it fought but was easily stronger than a standard Warrior Guyver when it first confronted ACTF forces and finally peaked at the equivalent of 1500 men before it was finally terminated. Stamina was unlimited due to the mysterious Creator crystal that continuously produced energy, in a process not fully understood but analysis indicates the crystal was composed of a material that defies the natural physical laws of our universe and may mean the crystal originated from another dimension or was composed of a form of matter our science has yet to even theorize about.

-Speed: Subject was exceptionally fast and agile, having easily out maneuvered all but coordinated attacks by the Canadian ACTF Guyver team that first encountered the being. Making the being at least twice as fast as a standard Warrior Class Guyver when first encountered and nearly 5 times faster when finally terminated. It is unknown whether the subject had the abilities to teleport but may have gained the ability if it had not been defeated.

-Sensory perception of this being was quite extensive and may have included the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Allowing subject to perceive its environment in great detail and observe targets at ranges up to several miles with pin point accuracy. Hyperspectral vision may even have allowed the creature to observe objects otherwise invisible, such as a cloaked opponent.

-Durability, like its physical strength, kept on increasing the longer it fought. Granting subject the ability to withstand extreme levels of damage, resulting in its complete regeneration if any small part of it was left after an attack, ultimately requiring the combined firepower of Ultimus and Promethius to finally destroy this being. Even its base level was durable enough that it required Warrior Guyver level weaponry to even damage this being.

-Subject was heavily armed with laser weaponry, hidden within openable compartments within its right arm and chest plates, along with the few crystals visible on its body. These weapons have been rated to have 10 to 50 times the power of a normal Guyvers head beam, each. The lasers within the chest plates operated in a similar manner to Guyver Mega Smashers and had roughly the same level of destructive power.

-Ultimate Attack: Presumed to be a byproduct of the mysterious alien crystal that powered this being, the subjects anti-proton cannon more than rivaled the power of a Warrior Guyvers Mega Smashers. Like the rest of subjects abilities, this weapon steadily grew in power until subjects termination. The maximum recorded power level for this weapon was equal to the power of a 1 Megaton nuclear bomb, due mainly to the anti-matter affect the blast had on its target.

-Shadow Self: A psionic ability the subject demonstrated that allowed it to clone itself and operate the body by remote. Providing both power and consciousness to the clone. This allowed subject to handle two battles simultaneously but split his total power between the two bodies. The destruction of the clone, or Shadow Self, instantly returned subject to his full power. This ability became even more powerful before the creature was destroyed, allowing it to transfer itself between bodies if either one was destroyed and was the first sign the being was developing the power to teleport.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.