Subject : Extra dimensional Humanoid Prototype Guyver Unit.Code Name : GUYVER XT

Host Name : Unknown

Race : Unknown

Home World : Unknown

Sex : Male

Age : Exact age unknown

Height : 259 cm (~8.5 Feet)

Weight : 544 kg (~1,200 Pounds)

Previous Status : A Powerful Alien Prototype Guyver from an alternate universe. Details unknown.

Present Status : Subject is now in our universe and has allied himself with the Nova Guyvers, a sworn enemy of the Creators.

Description: The origin’s of this unit are largely unknown, but from data revealed to our CRTF counterparts, it is a prototype of the Guyver unit itself, but specially designed to be joined to a being made mostly of Plasmoid like energy, having very little of what we would call a ‘physical’ form. It was believed the Creators experimented in this way as a forerunner to giving the unit the ability to give themselves the same material form. The details of subjects past and how he arrived in our universe has yet to be revealed, but it is believed he somehow bypassed the “Great Barrier” through something called the “VOID”, for lack of a better name. Where he came in contact with a mysterious object of power that granted him the power to enter our universe before it disappeared back into the void, stranding the subject in our universe. Damaged in the events that occurred just after his arrival on our world, the subject is not as powerful as he once was but still retains a power level on a par with a Warrior Guyver type 2 unit. Thus making the subject a powerful ally to the Nova Guyvers. 
Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength: The Unit’s strength has altered radically since it was first encountered. Originally with the strength of 1650 men, The unit has been damaged and now the subject only has the strength of 400 men. Though this figure is the subject’s present maximum, it can be raised by the use of a Plasma induction field. The use of which will be explained later, but can more than double subjects’ strength to that of 1,000 men. Stamina varies according to subjects ability to maintain energy reserves in battle.

-Durability: Characteristics of subject’s durability are grouped into three separate factors of Physical, Energy, and Regeneration.

Physical: Subjects’ armor, though appearing similar to a standard units, is far from being the same. Beneath a relatively thin outer casing, the armor is actually a composite of  bio-booster material and an unknown crystalline substance with multi-dimensional properties. It is theorized that this unique composition is what allowed the unit to bond itself to a primarily energy based life form, forming a containment suit of sorts that allowed subject to exist outside his native environment and granted subject a physical form. The armor’s unique nature is the primary reason the subject can easily regulate the rate he can absorb, or release energy of nearly any type, as well as redirect and control complex energy fields. This consequently makes the subjects armor approximately three times harder to damage than standard Guyver armor, but that is only a base rating as subject can easily manipulate energy to vastly enhance units durability factors. The most notable advantage of this unique armor is its tendency to regulate all ambient energy, including the emissions of the ‘ Perceptual sense’ of the Guyver organism, right through itself without alteration. This limits an opponent to direct Sight and Energy monitoring. If the unit is not in direct sight and is not actively radiating an energy signature, then it is very difficult for any being to detect Subject. Why the unit developed this passive cloaking feature is unclear, perhaps an addition made by the AI when it became clear that the host would encounter hostile ‘children’ units, but grants subject a natural advantage in battle that is only surpassed by beings capable of attaining total invisibility, like the Warrior Guyvers.

Energy: The multi-dimensional properties of the armors’ crystalline structure not only allows it to manipulate nearly any form of energy but also allows unit to store vast amounts of energy, without affecting subjects mass density and with incalculable efficiency that has only been rivaled by the equally mysterious MATRIX from the Warrior Guyver 2 universe. It is this amazing ability to store and manipulate virtually all forms of energy that gives the XT unit its unheard of energy management potential, even of that produced by hostile energy weapons. The only limitation appears to be the host tolerance for handling the immense power of his unit. Considering the subjects previous high power level, this may change.

Regeneration: Since subject was originally a mostly energy based being, the units ability to regenerate was split between the host and itself. This limited units regenerative ability to its own limited potential, unlike a normal Guyver which uses its biological union with its host to generate a regenerative potential equal to the level of the host/unit bio-boost. Consequently subject has always had a limited regenerative ability that has impaired his ability to recover from damage in battle, but unit can use its energy manipulating ability to tap the regenerative potential of a nearby, friendly, Guyver to both enhance its own regenerative potential and that of the Guyver being tapped. Whether this limitation will change, is unknown at this time.

-Speed: Ground Speed = 0 – 800 MPH at normal base power level. Flight Speed = 0 – 3,600 MPH at normal base power level. Reflex speed ranges from a norm of 40-200 times normal, but can be enhanced by AI and units ability to sense opponent(s) energy to make subject appear to have a reflex speed of 1,000 times normal. The use of a Plasma induction field can double subjects speed.

-Head Beam Orb is unique in that it passes energy through a plasma lens to create an ultra high focused beam of plasma energy to damage targets. The beam still functions like a standard units but it seems to be only effective against lower level, unshielded, enemies only, as the beam is ineffective against most beings equal or greater than a Guyver. However the subject can use units energy manipulating ability to turn the beam into a MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) of sufficient power that it can cause most unshielded targets to either melt or explode. Granting subject the ability to affect an opponent indirectly, if too powerful to affect directly with this weapon or just as a tactical option. The XT unit also possesses two additional emitters nodes on the forearms

-Hyper Sensors: This unit’s hyper sense abilities range more toward the detection of energy fields than material objects, while subjects can detect physical objects about as well as a standard Guyver, his true talent appears to be the detection and analysis of energy phenomena. Consequently, the hosts natural affinity for plasma and other energy types allows the unit to understand more about the nature of it’s own energy systems and those of others than would otherwise be possible. This lets the subject easily detect and identify the presence of all but the most advanced cloaked being.

-Plasma Swords: Instead of Vibrational Swords, unit has specialized focussing crystals in various locations throughout the body. These crystals generate and focus a stream of multitransphasic plasma energy into blade like columns, with amplitude and length that can be adjusted by either the AI and/or host at will. The unique nature of these energy blades allows them to be used in a similar manner to standard vibrational swords but that is where the similarities end. Subject can alter the properties of these blades at will to produce a variety of affects ranging from simple blocking to explosive contact discharge, the full range of these weapons have yet to be determined. Some blades, most apparently the forward facing pair along the wrists, create a more powerful, highly refined, variant that compresses the energy usage of the larger emitters, along its arms, into a smaller and more tightly focussed blade. These blades can vary in power according to the units needs, but have been recorded to be able to easily slice through an opposing blade of vibrational type, and are effective at blocking all but the most powerful close quarter weapons.

-Gravitational Powers: Subject does not possess a gravity control orb but can still use its energy manipulative capability to affect ambient gravitational field. Allowing subject to shield or deflect gravity based attacks and to affect his local gravity enough to greatly reduce the affect of gravity and momentum on the physical mass of his body. Actual flight is achieved by a energy charge field affect that produces an extremely efficient propulsive force that the subject can direct at will to fly. This later ability is not to be confused with the much less efficient ionic based propulsion utilitied by such beings as the Hyper Zoanoid Elegan type. Consequently, combined with the subjects mostly energy based host body, the subject has the ability to move with incredible speed and agility. 

-Plasma Sphere: Using units energy manipulating ability, subject can create an electromagnetic field that he can channel and compress plasma energy. The plasma is an extremely volatile mixture of positron and electron charges, seperated only by the electromagnetic field used to contain the plasma. The plasma conducts and sustains the electromagnetic field, thus ensuring containment of the weapons charge until it strikes its target. The charge itself can vary but can easily equal the power of a standard Guyver pressure cannon. Though the blast generated by this weapon is more explosive in nature and can produce secondary ionic radiation damage upon affected target.

-Phase Ability: The XT has the capability to throw itself, and the host, into a phased state. Theoretically this is an example of the unit taking advantage of the multi dimensional properties of the crystalline material integrated in units armor. Thereby removing the threat of physical attacks. In such a state, subject is only susceptible to damage from energy weaponry, which will effectively short out the phase effect and leave him slightly dazed from the power backlash.

-Shield System: Once more, using the native Plasma abilities of the host, The XT can utilize a power plasma shield. Though presently in an apparently crippled state, the XT unit can still utilize the Plasma Induction capability with the shield system for a variety of effects, these will be explained in further detail, at the end of the data file.

-Plasma Smasher: A primitive megasmasher that does not utilize the later particle beam technology of its counterpart. Instead, it creates a focused beam of raw plasma energy. Similar to the plasma sphere in composition, the plasma stream produces enormous destructive power upon contact with a target. However, unlike the plasma sphere, the interaction of positron and electron charges accurs even as the beam is being fired. The resulting energy release within the plasma stream produces an EMP field that is itself channeled through the beam to the target. This intense EMP radiation can effectively damage shielding of most types, up to the W’kar class. Against targets resistant to the EMP affect, subject can effectively tune the plasma stream to convert the EMP energy to convert nearly entirely into the microwave spectrum, creating a MASER affect that greatly enhances the beams ability to cause an unshielded target to either melt or explode. This weapon can also utilize bio-energy generated by subject, exactly how and why such energy is generated by subject is unknown at this time, but allows subject to unleash a massive pulse of bio-energy upon command. The normal red color of the beam will shift to a deep emerald green, this alteration will happen either on command of the host, if Bio energy would be a more effective weapon, or if the unit’s plasma stores are drained to a level that they cannot support the beam alone. This weapon is very draining on the unit’s energy reserves, so repeated usage can leave the unit desperately low of both Plasma and Bio energy. Resulting in an inability to function. Though subjects present condition greatly weakens his ability to use this weapon, the subject can still generate a destructive blast potential greater than that produced by the Hyper Smashers of a Gigantic Guyver.

-Portal: Using a latent ability in the host, subject can channel negative energy from another dimension to open up stable quantum wormholes on command. Granting the subject the ability to travel nearly instantly to anywhere in the universe.

-Bio Rhythmic Cannon: The subjects’ ultimate weapon. Its function is the perfect melding of Plasma and Bio-energy technology. Using a miniature version of its own Plasma shielding, the XT unit can charge a new form of energy attack. This new type of energy has been referred to as “Bio-Plasm”. By injecting this Bio-plasmic energy into a small energy shield sphere, the Unit can create a weapon of unrivaled power. The truly unique effect of bio-plasm is that it is self sustaining, in that as long as it can find other forms of energy to drain into itself that it can maintain and even grow in power. Consequently, this weapon will also drain a target of all energy on contact. Boosting its own power level, even as it destroys the target. Normally this energy might be lost after it strikes a target, but, by using its own shielding to contain the weapon, the unit has developed a method of control that lets it direct this attack to whatever ends its host desires. Though a severe backlash results at the moment the weapon is either dissipated by the will of the host, or by an even more powerful attack. This backlash will burnout and fuse *all* of the Units weapons systems, and most of its general systems as well, leaving subject nearly helpless while it heals itself, which, considering its slow regen rate, makes this a weapon of last resort.

-Plasma Induction: Simply put, the unit charges the Plasma Smasher cells as if it were going to fire them. The weapon then converts and tunes the plasma charge into a highly refined and energetic state. The unit then siphons this energy back into its systems, which can be used for a variety of effects. Most notable of these being concentrating the energy outputs of all its Plasma Sword emitters into one emitter, doubling and trebling the weapons fearsome destructive power. The energy can also be transferred to the shield system, enhancing the shield barrier and allowing it to be pushed out in a single rapid flare which will disintegrate any unshielded material that it passes through. Also using the Shield system, the XT can collapse the barrier in on itself, increasing its durability tremendously, and also enhancing strength and speed. Utilizing the induction in this way, surrounds the unit in a distinctive aura of plasma energy. These basic attacks can be altered to form other effects, such as the Plasma Tsunami technique, which compresses the shield flare attack into a single pulse that expands out in a 360 degree ring shape from subject, increasing the range of the flare to nearly half a mile.

Subject Using Plasma Induction

-Additional information: AI (Artificial intelligence) System. Though all Guyver units have a limited AI system, this is the first unit to have a fully sentient AI. This was probably originally intended to help the Creators with their experiment but even they must have been surprised when the AI achieved true sentience and allying itself with the host in opposition to its former masters. Since the subject originates from a parallel universe, it is unknown if a similar circumstance caused the Creators of our own universe to set the present limitation on their Units. It is also hypothesized that this units high level of sophistication, even though it was a mere prototype, is because of the AI’s ability to adapt the armor. It is unknown to what extent this adaptability works, or what truly triggers the change, but it is reasonable to assume that the AI is at least partially responsible for it.

-Unconfirmed reports indicate the XT unit has supposedly been active far longer than any other known Guyver. In that time the host has gained immense knowledge of himself and the unit. The knowledge is also part of the AI intelligence as well, thus allowing the host and AI to work together as a perfect melding of separate intellects. The XT unit and its host are a viable and unavoidable danger to the Creator race. Approaching near agelessness, the XT is a warrior of experience beyond the ken of many younger races. If the subject ever considers us as an enemy, as have the Grakkens, then have no fear of overestimating his abilities. Fear instead, ever underestimating this dangerous individual.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.