Subject: Natural Zoalord

Name : Elera Zelliot

Race : Asian Zoalord hybrid.

Age: 101 but appears to be 16 due to her zoalord heritage, which has started to slow her aging. Subject has indicated that some of her people have lived for thousands years.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Black    /   Eyes: Green

Height : Ranges from 171 cm (~5.6 Feet) in human form to 212 cm (~7 Feet) in Zoalord form.

Weight : Ranges from 50 kg (~154 Pounds) in human form to 1500 kg (~1.5 Metric Tons).

Status: Targeted by Chronos for termination and under the protective custody of Dreadnought.

Description: Possibly the last of her kind, the subject is a descendant of the “Ancients”, a.k.a. the Kindred. They are all descended from a common ancestor the son of Kron to a human mistress. Though it is unknown even to Elera how many generations removed from the original Zoalord she is, Elera’s people had retained a significant level of their powers, but it is not fully known why they where listed extermination by Chronos. The only thing Alkanphel himself ordered their systematic destruction. It was only through the intervention of the Warrior Guyver 2 that saved the subject from certain death and was under US ACTF protective custody. In appreciation, the subject assisted the ACTF scientific and historic research projects. Expanding our knowledge of ancient events and zoaform development. The subject has since left ACTF and has joined Jason O’Conner, aka Dreadnought / Warrior Guyver.
Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength is limited due to subjects young age and underdeveloped zoalord powers, whether this will improve over time is unknown, but the subject has shown herself to possess some enhancements at her present stage of development. In human form, the subject has a base strength equal to two men but can boost this to that of twenty men for short bursts without resorting to her battle form. In subjects battle form, her strength increases to that of 50 men but can maintain this form for only five minutes before completing exhausting herself, this is reduced to a mere 30 seconds in combat as use of her Zoalord powers put an enormous strain upon her energy reserves. So great is this strain that it would take a week or two before subject can again transform herself into her battle form.

-Speed is farely limited for a zoaform enhanced being. In Human form, the subject is only slightly faster than a normal human and has a max running speed of 25 MPH, but can use her powers to fly as easily as a bird and can reach speeds up to 45 MPH. In battle form, subject can reach a top ground speed of 160 MPH and a top flight speed of 300 MPH, but subjects limited stamina severely limits her range. Even in human form, subject can’t use her powers for more than two hours before needing to rest.

-Sensory perception is a few times greater than that of a normal human in subjects human form and over twenty times greater in subjects Battle Form. All augmented with apprentice zoalord level telepathy but can not control any zoaforms from Chronos since all  have been reprocesses to be immune to none Chronos based telepathic control.

-Durability is limited, despite her zoalord heritage. In Human form, subject basically human except for her strength and enhanced healing and immune system that lets her heal ten times faster than a normal human and makes her highly resistant to diseases and toxins. Subject is consequently unable to regenerate a lost limb and can even succumb to wounds that are fatale to humans. Even in subjects battle form, she is barely more durable than a standard zoanoid but can use her powers to shield herself from anything up to a hyper zoanoid level attack.

-Hand Beam blasts are a combination of subjects bio-energy and ambient electro static energy. This allows subject to fire blasts approaching the destructive power of a normal Guyvers pressure cannon and can be focused to shield subject from similar destructive attacks, but can only be accessed in subjects battle form, which can’t be maintained for very long.

-Elemental: Though subject has very limited Zoalord powers, she can draw upon and focus the natural ambient power of nature to enhance her abilities. This can range from using the wind to help her fly to focusing the power of a storm for a devastatingly powerful attack.

-Ultimate Attack: With the subjects ability to draw upon the power of nature to enhance her limited powers, the subject can draw upon the destructive power of a storm to form a directional blast with the destructive power of a Guyver Mega Smash. 

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.