Subject : Humanoid Guyver UnitCode Name : EDUTSOL GUYVER

Host Name : Marian Selfridge

Sex : Female

Age : 24

Height : 198 cm (~6.5 Feet) armoured;  167 cm (~5.5 Feet) human 

Weight : 136 kg (~300 LBS) armoured;  50 kg (~110 LBS) human 

Status : Declared enemy of Chronos and the ACTF.

Description: Subject is one of many who acquired a Guyver Unit in the Amazon Jungle of South America, during an experiment by the Creators for an unknown purpose. The subjects unit seems to be designed for long range combat and the unit lacks any close range abilities of the Guyver like the Vibrational Swords. But like so many of the Mercenary Guyvers she has since left ACTF, but it is rumoured she is very unhappy with this choice since the death of the Lostude Guyver who’s host was her husband. 

Present estimates of Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength like all Guyvers approximate that of 100 men.

-Durability approximates standard levels for normal Guyver types and consists of extremely durable bio-armour and total regeneration ability from all but major damage to Control Medal. The subject also has enhanced shielding based on the design of the Kavzar, which seem to be emitted by the crystal on her chest which allow the host to survive anything up to a full mega-smash from two Guyvers. 

-Hyper Sensors are incredibly enhanced do to the subjects need for picking up targets before they can sense her and is one of the only test units to have hyper-sensors with a greater range than the old Warrior Guyver. The subject can sense motion even through obstacles and with a range approximately equal to 1000 meters (~3280 feet).

-Sonic Emitters are and enhanced from of the standard Guyver type and produces an intense sound blast that can shatter a human skull and is very effective as a shield against air borne projectile weapons. But can also be used to form a sonic pulse allowing the host to extend its range up to a mile away. 

-Speed approximates standard Guyver levels: Run=0 to 250 MPH / Fly=0-300 MPH.

-Head infrared laser orb power output approximates that of the old Warrior Guyver at ten time that of the standard level for normal Guyver type.

-Subject does not possess vibrational swords or traditional mega-smashers. The subject can use her mega-smashers like that of a normal Guyver, which equal the destructive power of two times a normal full Guyvers mega-smasher but can also use the mega smasher cells, which have been reconfigured to channel the total raw power of unit through two energy cannons. One mounted on each forearm, in place of the normal vibrational swords, that converts the subjects power into a special psionic plasma that responds to the host will. Allowing subject to perform a variety of special attacks, ranging from telekinetic energy plasma whips to mega smasher like energy blasts. The full range of these weapons have yet to be discovered but appears to be similar to the weapons emitters utilized by the Creators Enforcer Kavzars and may be a test to determine if weapon can be used by less powerful beings.

-Gravitational powers are similar to that of a standard Guyver but are controlled by a crystal on her abdomen. This allows the subject to not only have gravitational powers equal to the levels of the old Warrior Guyver but has also given her the gravitational abilities of Kavzar and is capable of using the Zoalords Black hole attack, but as is the nature of this attack the crystal on her abdomen would be removed and the host would lose her gravitatiol powers for 15 minutes until her gravity control crystal was regrown. 

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.